Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Time Travel Tuesday(our birth story)

Today August 7, 2007 Annie our wonderful host of Time Travel Tuesday wants us to travel back to when we gave birth.
OH Goodie, :) this is one of my favorite topics to talk about and relive. it was 4 of the most wonderful days of my life and always will be. There is no better feeling in this world then to look into your child's eye for the very 1st time.

How do I pick just one story to share with you all. 1st let me share with you that I hate, HATE being pregnant. I love feeling my baby move and kick and seeing there tiny self on ultra sound and love playing games with the baby as they grow in me, and singing to them and such.. ONLY I don't do well while I'm pregnant. I get extremely sick with morning sickness and it last the whole 9 months. I'm worse when I'm carrying boys then I am with the girls, but with both sex I'm just plain sick for 9 long months. With Princess I lost 15 pounds before I started gaining weigh, with Mr Man I lost 25 pounds in 15 of that was lost in one month while PG with him, With Sweet Pea and Little Man I did a little better only losing 10 pounds with both of them I was still puking my guts out all the way up till the day all 4 of them were born. So I don't like being pregnant.
Now my birth stories I love.. Each and everyone was so different

Princess was my 1st baby. She is the one who changed my world forever well each of them changed my world, but she is the one who made me a mom. Her birth was pretty uneventful.. But she was also the only one I had back labour with.. UMMMMMMMM I would take front labour over back labour anyday. Here is Princess just a few minutes old. The bottom photo is Princess at a day old
I'm not going to share her whole birth story today because I shared alot of it just a few weeks ago when I did the mothers meme post.. to read about Princess birth you can click here to go to that meme.

The shot above is Princess hospital picture.. Princess was born January 18. 1996

My next baby I will share his birth story because I have yet to do this on my blog. Mr Man was baby #2 This is his hospital picture. He was two days old in it. Mr Man was due November 30, 1999. Like I said I was sick my whole PG with him, He was my worst for morning sickness. and I felt and looked awful though out the whole 9 months... Something I didn't mention is that I also start getting Braxton hicks contractions around 7 or 8 months with each of the kids and with each kid they came sooner and more often then the next.
One November 14 1999. I was having a pretty good day only puked like 5 times wasn't having contractions at all, and Mr Man was still high in my belly no dropping yet for him. My grandpa's birthday is Nov 14. and we were at his house for his birthday dinner/party.. and grandpa kept counting hours, like Only 12 more hours left for you to have this baby on the day of my birthday.. and I just giggled and said, "sorry I don't think this one is coming early(princess was 15 days early) I'm just not having contractions at all today" well when he did one of the count down times my grandma said to him "look at her she is still carrying way up high this baby isn't coming for another two weeks"
That night I went home, we had been remodeling our bathroom and had just finished up all that was left was to hand all the new shower curtains and drapes.. so me in all my pregnant huge as a house glory climbed up on the bathtub and hung the shower curtains DH walked in and yelled at me for standing up there and he hung the valance for me.. Then I got Princess to sleep and started doing laundry.. I had pills of folded cloths from one end of my livingroom to the next. Then I though.. well I guess it would be a good time to pack a hospital bag, I mean I had a little one packed already just in case since Princess came early.. but I finished up packing the hospital bags and I went to bed. Princess climbed into our bed and was sleeping in the middle of us and she kept kicking me out of the bed so I covered her up and went and to sleep in her bed in her room. Just as soon as I rolled over and closed my eye Princess was climbing in bed climbing right over my big ole belly. I tucked her under the covers with me thinking good I'll get her to sleep in her bed and I'm move back in mine.. I laid next to her and put my arm around her.. just then I felt the hardest kick I have ever felt in my life(even not it was still the hardest kick) it wasn't in my tummy either it was down between my legs sort of like Mr Man was trying to put his foot right out of me. At that point my water broke all over Princess bed. I thought at 1st that Mr Man had kicked my bladder and i had peed.. then I went into the bathroom and found out it was indeed not pee but My water had truly broke. This was at 3am.. I got out of the bathroom and got to do what you see in movies and on tv I got to turn on the bedroom light and wake up DH saying "Honey It's time" and yes he acted all frantic just like you see in the movies.. he was rushing to get dress and I was calling the doctor, We also had it planned that we would call my grandparents if I went into labour in the middle of the night so they could come and stay with Princess. Grandma lives 5 minutes away from us.. ONLY we called there house 4 times and noone answered there phone.. Guess they were deep in sleep. So we called my parents who live 30 minutes away.. So they meet us at the hospital. Silly me thought I could change my wet cloths and use a maxi pad to stay dry on my way to the hospital.. UMMMMMMMMMMM no.. when we got there I had soaked though the towel I was sitting on and looked like I peed myself as I walked into the hospital.
We got there just around 3:30am. I was still not having any contractions that I would have counted as labour. Honestly if my water wouldn't have broke I never would have known i was having a baby.. my contractions were not regular they were coming about 15 mins, then 20 mins then 25 mins then 15 mins then 25 mins then 20 min then 15 mins.. They never once got closer then 15 mins apart and they were not extremely strong. This ended up being a very good thing. You see with every contraction I had Mr Man's heartbeat would drop to 50 or lower, If I stayed on my back it wouldn't come back up, so I ended up having to stay on my leftside thoughout the whole birth. To speed this story up.. yes I did have an epidural around 7:30am and when the doctor checked me at 11:30am I still was not ready to push, so the doctor left the hospital to go back to his office. by noon though the nurse checked me and I was there, she said go ahead and give us a push.(the doctor was not there) I gave a push
and Mr Mans head came 1/2 way out. The nurse starts screaming "OMG STOP PUSHING" and she takes her hand and pushes Mr Man back up in me and tells me whatever I do DO NOT PUSH. They get on my phone and they are screaming at the nurses at my OB's office to get him over here now there is no time he needs to be here now. All sorts of nurses and doctors are running in and out and all around my room they were bringing a little incubator and I was scared out of my mind. What was running though my mind is "no I can't lose this baby it took me to long to get pregnant with him, he has to be ok"( think I forgot to mention it took us over 2 years and a year of that on fertility pills each month in order to conceive Mr Man in the 1st place. When my doctor got there he was in a suit getting ready to go to some doctor meeting or something he was all decked out and he was ticked.. He was ticked that they didn't call him before the nurse had me push the nurse was trying to throw a grown on him and he took it and smacked it to the ground used a few choice words and said he didn't have time for that. he ran right over to me and told me to push with that push Mr Mans head came out and he had me stop and he was rushing around and then the nurse said "did you get it" and the doctor said "yes two of them" AT that point My DH fell over onto the chair and said "twins" The doctor started LOL and said "no the cord was just around his neck twice" Then I gave one more push and his arms were out the doctor had me reach down to touch him because he wasn't crying and i was freaked out. He then had me put my hands under his arms and pull Mr Man out of me.. Talk about an odd feeling, pulling your own baby out of yourself. but that was all i got to see or touch of Mr Man because he was barely breathing and they had to rush him off and get him breathing and put on oxygen for about 30 to 40 minutes.. But after that Mr Man was perfectly fine
This if Mr Man at about 30 to 40 minutes old, if you see he was starting to get color back in his face and hands when he was born he was pretty much blue. This is the picture of when they brought him back to me and placed him in my arms for the very 1st time. This picture is of big sister Princess with Mr Man when he was about 4 hours old.
OH yeah.. Mr Man was born at 12:10pm on November 15, 1999(15 days early just like his big sister was) he was 6 lbs 2oz and 20 inches long.

My Next baby was Sweet Pea.. I'll type out her whole birth story on a different day. this was her hospital picture when she was 2 days old.
A quick recap of her story is I ended up in labour with her 4 weeks early was in the hospital for 12 hours with contraction every minute to two minutes lasting over a minute long and I started to dilate and they were able to stop my labour and sent me home on bedrest. For the next whole week I was having contractions pretty much every 5 to 10 mins apart.. On January 28, 2002 around 5pm they were every 2 minutes apart for 2 hours at which point I had to go back to the hospital.. I got there about 8pm After a long but not very hard labour they ended up having to give me pitocen at 8am on January 29, 2002 around 10am they went ahead and broke my water and Princess was born after only 2 pushes at 2:10pm on January 29, 2002 She was 6lbs 3 oz and 19 inches. Making her my biggest baby weight wise and shortest baby height wise.. and she was my longest labour of all 4 kids.. but since I just wrote out the big long story of Mr Man.. I'll save all the details of her birth for later. :)
Since I don't have a scanner and I didn't have any new born naked at the hospital picture online that i can find the next two pictures of her was on the day I brought her home from the hospital..
This is Sweet pea laying next to Princesses baby doll.
Here is Sweet Pea with her big sister Princess 6 years old big brother Mr Man 2 years old and Sweet Pea was 10 days old.

My last birth story.. I have already wrote a short version of it in a post from the past. You can read about Little Man's birth Here.
Here is Little Man at about 20 to 25 minutes old
He was born May 14, 2005 He came 15 days early. but he was 7 lbs 9oz and was 21 1/2 inches tall.
This is Little Mans hospital pic at three days old.

he was my biggest baby and the only one who wasn't delivered vaginally, he ended up an emergency c-sect.. This also made him the only baby I had to be cut with. with the older 3 I didn't tear or need cut at all so there was never any stitches until the c-sect.

So there you have my 4 birth stories..

To travel back in time with other and there birth stories.. go over to My Life As Annie and join us.


Midlife Mom said...

Wow! Four deliveries! That was fun reading about them, especially the one when your water broke so unexpectedly! Yikes! What a blessing to have four healthy children! I was only able to have one and he came LATE and weighed 10 and 1/2 lbs! Ouch!

Litter box story is a hoot, but probably wasn't as funny at the time! Ewwww!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Man's story was unbelievable! Exciting, but scary too! I did have to smile when your husband said, "Twins?" That would have been a huge surprise!

annie said...

Wow, amazing stories KC! Loved reading this!
All these birth stories makes me want a little newborn (kinda :o)...

Marz said...

Awesome pics!!!! Almost makes me want to have another one, for just 1 split second, lol.
Wow, amazing birth story as well.

Barbara H. said...

Those hospital pictures are some of the cutest I have ever seen. I can imagine your husband would have been pretty bowled over to think you were having twins at that point!

Jodi said...

Great birth stories!! All the hospital pics are too cute!!

Heather said...

You know I love to hear birth stories. We were looking at the pics and Natalie loves, loves, loves babies I was telling Ethan who the kids were and when I said little man was Natalie's age, Ethan asked her if it was her boyfriend and she says "yes." It was funny! Thanks for sharing your stories, I enjoyed reading all about how your kiddos came into this world.:)

Melanie said...

Birth stories always make me cry! Thanks for sharing.

Stayllo said...

Thank you for sharing the birth stories! I love reading them.

Coach J said...

I liked reading all about your babies. I had to laugh at your hubby when he said "twins?" That was my first thought, too, when I was reading this. And if I were that dr, I'd be mad at that nurse, too! Who did she think she was? She hadn't been to OB school? :) (Never mind all that on-the-job training!) But just in case something was wrong, he really needed to be there.

Anonymous said...

How sweet. thanks for sharing,

LoveMyStarr said...

Wow!! All so different! And I can't believe you pulled Mr. Man out! What an awesome story!

palmtreefanatic said...

This was fun to read KC! I like to hear this stuff! Adam was born 1 wweek early 9lbs 15 oz and 23 1/2 inches long...I will never forget his birth! His was the only one I was ot induced with! I went to grandparents gathering Nov. 6th and then I ate soooo much food! like 7 plates worth! I gained 50 lbs! anywho, I didnt feel anything till I went home and went to bed, my DH had to work at 1am so imagine when I went to bed at 9 I felt somethng, being 1st baby I wasnt sure? so called my mom, she said she be right over and made me walk that baby out, basically! finally 2 min apart we called the Dr. he said to come in. You see my grandma had 15 of them and was sure it was best to walk, as you lay in the bed everything slows up she is right! so 7 Cm later no water broke, they thought I looked to good till they seen I was 7 cm dialated, so they broke my water and wow, wierd feeling! anywho, 3 hrs, 40 min later from start to finish, Adam was born! His is the only one we did not video tape and his will still be the strongest one in my mind! what an experience, you cant explain childbirth till you go through it!
i loved your stories of your 4 precious deliveries!
thanks for sharing!