Monday, August 27, 2007

What do you think of this mom?

My kids got back from TX today.. Boy did I miss them. While in TX Princess did some shopping. She spent a good long time in her room putting all her cloths away and trying to make up her mind what she wants to where to school tomorrow.. Tomorrow being the 1st day of school. She came out and asked.. What do you think of this one mom?
Ok Well lets take a look at this out fit and see if it will work for the 1st day in the 6th grade. The shirt looks good to me. Oh my goodness, I love these shorts.. You have some great taste there Princess.
I'm thinking this is a good outfit for ya baby.
OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH NO NO NO... what is this?????
LOL LOL LOL... Well honey.. I love these shoes(and BTW I can wear them even though they are just a tad big on me) They are extremely cute.. and if you were going to church sure wear your new cute shoes you just bought.. BUT unless you want to break your neck running up and down the stairs at school with hundreds of kids pushing you though the hall way.. These shoes just won't do. The rest of the outfit is cute though.. To be honest I don't know what the girl has laid out for the 1st day of school she bought so many things, Plus my grandma got her a ton of stuff and my mom got her a ton of stuff.. she can go months and not wear the same thing twice.
So this may or may not be the outfit you see in the 1st day of school pictures I'll be posting.
But she looked cute so like all good mommy bloggers I had to grab the camera and blog about it.


MomOf3 said...

Such a very pretty girl and I love her outfit! (I would love a pair of shoes like that too - cute!)

Frdgrl27 said...

I don't have that fashionshow stuff at my house with all boys! SIGH! THey did get matching SKETCHERS and they were showing them off/breaking them in the last two days!

Lori_N said...

Such a pretty girl, you're going to have to beat off the boys.

Pretty shoes, but I have to agree, not for school...yikes!

Anonymous said...

What a pretty little girl she is. I hope her first day of school goes well.

annie said...

Emelia wears shoes like that to fourth grade! She can even run in them lol!

annie said...

Princess looks very pretty!

palmtreefanatic said...

very cute! your daughter goes way beyond her years;)
she is such a model!!!;)