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Wordless Wednesday (Day 4 part 1 of the July 2008 TN vacation)

Today for my WW post, I'm going to share the photos of what we did on Day 4 of our family vacation to TN back in July. That morning after breakfast we went into the mountains and was going to go tubing, but the water was way to low for that.. so we ended up just swimming in the place we would normally tube.. and was getting a kick out of the people who were trying to tube but ending up walking there tubes most of the way.. Even with out the tubes we had fun.. This slide show if of how we spent the morning between breakfast and lunch.. I'll make another post sometime soon to show what we did between lunch and dinner that day..
If you haven't been following my family vacation July 2008 post and you want to get caught up you can click on the day you want to see and it will take you to that post.
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Day 3 of the July 2008 TN trip.

Since I have a minute I thought I would play catch up again and get another one of our TN 2008 family vacation post up. Today I'll post about Day 3 of our trip. You can read and view pictures from Day 1 and Day 2 by clicking the day you would like to view.

Day 3 was sort of a relax and do nothing day after Dollywood on day two. Only Princess had ripped a hole in her bathing suit on Day 2 and we need to go buy her a new one.. So that was the plan for the early afternoon on day 3.
We started the morning with breakfast in our hotel room.
Though Little Man and Sweet Pea thought they would have there breakfast with a view of the creek from out on the balcony.
After they were done eating they went down to the creek and spent the rest of the morning playing in it.
This is the creek and covered bridge that is out behind our hotel.
Here is Mr Man on the bridge
Sweet Pea climbing down the rocks.. the water was really low
Little Man who was still up on the balcony of our room. But it didn't take long to get him dressed and out into the creek. There is a really nice sitting area with fire pits and chairs and swings on the other side of the creek after you cross the bridge so this is another view from our balcony.
Mr Man likes to move rocks around to make the water flow differently so that is what he is doing in this shot. Sweet Pea was watching him.
Little Man enjoying himself
All my kids down in the creek. This is how Mr Man arranged the rocks so the water would go on either side of them.Princess had had enough creek time and was wondering "can we go look for a new bathing suit yet???"So that is what we did.. We got everyone changed and headed into Sevierville for an hour or so of hitting store after store after store.. ONLY to find they didn't have much of anything to choice from. I was trying to avoid bikinis and that is all they seem to have, and then if I was going to let her have a bikini where her belly would show I didn't want it to be a string one and that is all they seem to have.. so we didn't get one But it was time to meet my IL's for lunch. So we had to head into Pigeon Forge for lunch.

We meet up with the inlaws at the Old Mill for lunch
One good thing beside it being so yummy.. is they give you chowder and fritters before your meal and when your food comes your not all that hungry.. so you can pack up most of it and take it back to the room for dinner.. two meals one price... that is the way to go :) and look how yummy this looks. That was after I ate 1/2 of it.. this is what I was taking back to eat for dinner that night.
After lunch the kids feed the ducks and we hit a few of the old mill shops.. Then it was back on the hunt for a new bathing suit for Princess.. this time all the stores in Pigeon forge.. Well they had a few that would be decent.. If I wanted to spend $100 for a suit.. UMMMMMMMMM No thank you.. I did end up buying her some shorts to swim in though.
We gave up on the swimsuit hunt and headed back to the hotel where the kids went swimming while Little Man took a nap.. Then it was time to get Mr Man and Sweet Pea dressed, they were going to spend the rest of the night with grandma and grandpa going to the Comedy Barn.. While DH, Princess, Little Man and I walked Gatlinburg(and still looking for a bathing suit) But after getting the kids dress they were looking so cute I pulled out the camera and started taking there pictures.. here are the pictures I took at that time.

After the middle two left with my IL's we went and walked the streets of Gatlinburg. While there we gave up on finding a really cute suit and just bought something that would tie her over till we got home and could replace her cute suit.

Here are the pics from that night.

And that was Day 3.

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekend Recap Sept 26-28, 2008

To start this weekends recap.. I want you all to take a good look at the picture above.. see the beautiful lake?? Well take a mental not at how still that water is.. that is what a lake should look like Right.. now just keep that in mind for some of my later pictures I show.. Now onto the Recap.
Friday September 26, 2008.. Started the day with a list of things I needed to get done. The last of Princess laundry to take with her on the Jr High church youth retreat, running to the bank, a few stops to drop off payments here and there.. back home to make sure Princess had everything she needed packed.. before you knew it, it was time to go pick Princess up from school.. she got home showered, while I got dressed a little nicer(as in combed my hair again LOL) Then It was time to run and pick up Mr Man and Sweet Pea from school.. Mr Man had show and tell and took his gold fish in so I needed to make sure he didn't drop them down the school stairs as he was exiting the building.. We got home and they changed into some play cloths.. We loaded up the van and the the 5 of us jumped in.(Little Man wasn't with us, he had spent the night with my mom after Princess's volleyball game on Thursday night and had spent the whole day Friday with my parents) We drove across town to pick up Princess's friend K.D. and we were on our way to drop the girls off at the boat dock to head over to the Island for there youth retreat weekend. We needed to be there at 5pm and they were to get on the 5:30pm boat. ONLY when that boat came it was the ferry with no cabin or seats.. Normally this isn't a big issue they just have the campers stand around the sides of the ferry and ride across the lake.. BUT on Friday the wind was so strong and the lake was so choppy That when the captain got off the boat and our kids were about to board.. he told them to stop he didn't think it was going to be safe enough to have the kids standing on that ferry seeing how the waves were splashing right over the walls of the boat. So they had to wait for the 6pm ferry which has the little cabin and a place above for the kids to sit..
This is a picture of Princess and K.D. with some of there Friends from youth Group.
I took this picture while sitting in my van.. I heard Coop say to Princess.. Hey look your mom is taking pictures.. LOL then he waved and she yelled "Mom stop"
Here is a shot I got after I gave Princess and K.D hugs goodbye.

Here they are in a waiting area after they were told they couldn't get on the 5:30 ferry.
This is Miss O. She is one of there youth leaders and there counselor for the weekend.. She was also Mr Man and Sweet Pea's kindergarten teacher. We got to the boat dock before she did and when she stepped foot out of her car, Sweet Pea spotted her and took off running across the parking lot with her arms wide open Yelling "Miss O" and she wrapped her arms around her and gave her the biggest hug ever.. what you don't understand is Sweet Pea has never done that to anyone EVER.. she is the most shy child I have and she just has never in her 6 1/2 years of life ever ran and gave an adult a hug before.. It almost brought tears to my eyes and made me wish Miss O was her teacher again this year. she has a wonderful teacher Miss B this year who was Mr Man's 1st and 2nd grade teacher so we know she is a wonderful teacher.. but Sweet Pea has come to love Miss O. Here is a shot I took while waiting for the next ferry to come.. OH yeah.. this is the lake I was about to send my baby out on.. So after they left I went to another part of the lake where I could watch the ferry cross from main land to the island. Here is Princess's ferry when it was 1/2 way to the Island.
Here is a short slide show from dropping Princess off to head over to youth retreat on the Island.

After we left the boat dock we took a 5 minute drive over to one of the kids favorite parks to let Mr Man and Sweet Pea play for a bit. I love this area.. it is sort of like a summer resort town, so in the summer you have to pay to get into it, so we normally go in the spring and in the fall.. you know when it's free LOL.. The kids enjoyed there time on the play ground and I enjoyed my time on the lake.. The Lake was just Wild.. the waves were crashing and the wind was blowing.. it was beautiful..
Here is Sweet Pea and Mr Man at the park.
Here is a shot I took from the park that little orangeish red thing you see out between the tree's is Princess's ferry still on it's way to the island. Here is a little closer look at the lake
The kids climbing on the rocks.
Mr Man and Sweet Pea posing for mom.Here is a picture of the pierAnd here is a shot a tad bit later of my kids standing on the pier..look how wet it is.. mind you it wasn't raining.. that was just from the waves splashing across it.I have so many more pictures to share from our time at Lakeside that I'm going to show them in two slide shows.
Here are the pictures from playing at the park

and here are the rest of the pictures from our time at Lakeside.

Here is a short video clip of the kids on the pier.

After we got home from the lake on Friday we ate dinner and my parents brought Little Man home and about 8pm Mr Man and Sweet Pea went and spent the night with my grandparents. I got Little Man down and DH went to bed since he had been up over 24 hours and I laid down to watch the debate but ended up falling asleep like 5 minutes into it when I woke up the late shows were on so I went to bed.
Saturday September 27, 2008
Princess was still on the Island at the youth retreat, I did text her asked if is was ok and having fun.. the response I got back was short and sweet she wrote "yeah" and that was that.
Mr Man went out on that lovely lake on my dads boat along with my dad and grandpa to go fishing they were out all day again they didn't make it back till about 8pm.
Sweet Pea I asked her if she wanted to go with us, but she wanted to go garage saleing with my grandma and then play with her friend who is grandma's neighbor.. so that is what she did all day.
DH, Little Man and myself.. we got up and dressed and went to my IL's and visited with them for an hour or two. then stopped by and said hello to my mother. Next we stopped at the park in our parents town and let Little Man play on the playground.
I had forgot my camera, but I had the cell phone with me..

Then we went grocery shopping and came home and put groceries away.. Little Man took a nap, DH watched football and I watched Greys which I taped but didn't watch on Thursday. Then Little Man woke up, we had dinner, I took a shower and then I got a call from my dad saying they were leaving the lake and he wanted to know if Mr Man and Sweet Pea could spend the night.. So at that time I went and got there stuff packed for church and around 8pm They dropped grandpa off at home and Mr Man and Sweet Pea was off with my dad on there way to my parents house.. At that time I got Little Man bathed and ready for bed.. and started to work on getting the weekend pictures loaded into the computer, did my two Saturday post and started working on my weekend Recap post.. About 11:30 I saw that both DH and Little Man were asleep so I headed off to bed myself.
Sunday September 28, 2008
Sunday started much like any other Sunday.. get up, get dress, eat.. Sunday school, Church. Though I had to leave church by 11:30am to get to the boat dock to pick up Princess by 1pm.. It's good to have your Grandpa as your Pastor, LOL.. At about 11:20am I started to fold up my Bible, and get my stuff to quietly sneak out of the service to take off on time, when Our Pastor(Grandpa) looks at me and says in the middle of preaching. "if you wait 5 more minutes I'll be done" SNORT!!!!!!!!! At least I didn't have to leave church early.
After church Mr Man and Sweet Pea went with my parents who were going to go shopping then bring the kids back to my place.. And Little Man kept asking my grandma and grandpa if he could go to there house, So they took him.. So I was without any kids for the drive to the boat dock.
I got there before 12:30pm thinking there boat was to be there at 1pm.. ONLY I found out I was wrong.. There boat wasn't getting there till 1:30pm.. When they got off the boat we were told while our children made the ferry, there luggage did not.. So we had to wait for the 2pm boat to come to get there stuff.. Here are some pictures I took of Princess while we waited for there luggage.

And here are a few photos from the youth retreat that I found on Princess's cell phone. We got back home about 3pm and grabbed some taco bell for lunch and at 3:30pm I went to my grandma's to pick up Little Man.. Got back home a little after 4pm and at 5pm my mom brought Mr Man and Sweet Pea home we got cleaned up and dressed and it was off to PM church/awanas/youth group. Church got over early a little before 7pm Awans's got out on time 7:15pm but youth group went till 7:30pm So we didn't get home till 7:45pm..

Little Man was the only one of us who ate dinner before heading to church and it was a good thing because he fell asleep before we got home and has been sleeping ever since.. After getting home the other kids changed into PJ's while I cooked dinner, then we ate and watched the new suit life or whatever it is called where they are on a ship for school now. Then I put the kids to bed.. They don't have school in the morning but they have to wake up an hour earlier then they normally do for school, because they have 1st thing in the morning dentist appointments and our dentist is an hour away.. Then Princess has to be back to the school tomorrow afternoon to hope a bus to her volleyball game and Sweet Pea has gymnastics... busy busy..

OH YEAH!!!! my sports update for the week.. In gymnastics Sweet Pea is just about there doing a cartwheel by herself.. but doesn't have it yet.. Her hand stands are coming along nicely.. and she can do a perfect backbend, just working on the walk over from it now. On the Volleyball front.. Last week Princess had two games.. Monday was away and they lost, Thursday was home and they WON..... and Princess played the best game of her life... it was WONDERFUL... and I didn't have the video or snap camera with me.. :(

And before I post this... I just saw that this post will be my 805th post.. WOW have I really typed out 805 post.. crazy.. but fun..

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.. blog about it and let us all know what you were up to this weekend, then stop back over and sign the Mister Linky so we can all head over to your blog. and don't let how long my post is scare you off.. not ever weekend has this much stuff in it :P If you don't have a blog or you don't feel like blogging about your weekend.. tell us about your weekend in the comment section.. and feel free to grab the Weekend Recap photo at the top if you want..

See you all at your blogs.
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