Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Weekend Recap Aug 29 - Sept 1, 2008

Tuesday already.. No matter how much I try to remember it is Tuesday in my head today is going to be Monday all day long.. Happens to me every time we have a long weekend.

Because of Labor Day being on Monday my Weekend Recap post is coming to you a day late.
I started this weekend with no plans at all, except maybe our normal plans of going back to the home town DH and I grew up in and going to there festival on Monday and then watching the fireworks there. That was the only plans.. Then the weekend took a turn and I found myself busy as always or so it seemed and We never did get to the festival on Monday and we never did see the fireworks which seems sort of strange to me since that has been a tradition for DH and me both since we were little kids sort of ending the summer for us. BUT we had just as much fun if not more with what we did.
Friday was a slower day for me. The kids got out of school and went to play with there friends until dark. Princess had volleyball till 5pm came home and then went to the football game, While she was at the game I stayed home and worked on getting the Washington D.C slide show up for viewing.. Went and picked Princess up from the game and then everyone went to bed. That was my Friday.
Saturday I played mama taxi service most of the day other then that I stuck around the house. We did get the grocery shopping done in the morning, and then after lunch had to drive Princess over to her friends J.C. house where she and he planned and invited people to there other friends I.L. surprise birthday party that I.L. mom called Princess up on Thursday and asked her to help plan. Then I picked Princess up and Dropped Sweet Pea off at my grandma's where my dad and Mr Man was going to pick her up so that Mr Man and Sweet Pea could spent the night with my parents. Then I had to take Princess over to I.L. house for the party, making a few extra stops to pick up other of Princess's friends to drive them to the party also. Then came home watched some tv got Little Man a bath and then it was 10pm and time to pick Princess and the girls up and drive everyone back home. Here are a few pictures from the party that Princess took(yes I have trained them well LOL, they know mom is going to want pictures so they take them for me when I can't be there)
I mentioned that My dad and Mr Man was picking up Sweet Pea over at my grandma on Saturday evening.. the reason my Dad and Mr Man was heading that way was because Saturday morning at 8am Dad, Mr Man and my Grandpa went fishing and they were dropping grandpa off , this was about 6:30pm The guys had a GREAT DAY OF FISHING!!!!!! pulling in over 33 perch
Mr Man pulled in a 13 inch yellow perch
after registering it, Mr Man received this certificate for Outstanding Catch.
Here are a few more pictures of Mr Man's outstanding catch.

And that was Saturday.
Sunday started off with church. We had a guest speaker who had 3 kids one of them princess's age and another Sweet Pea's age, and they got along great. Little Man was acting up and wouldn't stay in his class and wouldn't sit quietly up in service so I ended up in the nursery with him.
After church Princess went to lunch with my grandparents, and DH took Mr Man and Sweet Pea to our parents town where they were having a festival. Mr Man has never been to a demo derby and has been asking about them so DH thought he would take him.. and Sweet Pea aka "Me too" wanted to go along also.. you know as in "me too daddy" So the 3 of them left.. My ankle was hurting pretty bad, Keep thinking one day it might stop hurting but who knows when. So I passed on going.. Plus Princess had plans that I needed to see her off on. Once Princess got home she had to change and then head off with the youth group for a end of summer swimming party they were having in place of youth group Sunday night.
I thought DH would be home around dinner time but they didn't get home till close to midnight.. The derby turned into riding a ton of rides and they were also having a Big Time wrestling match also, which my kids have never seen but DH use to watch growing up all the time.. DH brother and youngest son was going to it, and about 30 minutes into it DH and the kids thought they would go and watch also.. They enjoyed it..
here is a slide show from DH time with the kids on Sunday(see I trained him well with the camera also LOL)

That was Sunday
Since this post is getting really long.. I'm going to save how we spent Labor Day for tomorrows post.. OH boy was it a blast.. and I have a ton of beautiful pictures to go along with it. Here are a few to tie you over until Wednesday.
Do hope you all had as much fun as I did this holiday weekend.
can't wait to share with you all what all we did on Labor Day.. until the next post. take care.

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Heather said...

Natalie just asked me if sometime can Rhett come over here? It amazed me what she remembers. That day when we drove by your house and waved she said "that's Rhetts mommy" I guess she sits in my lap while I am on here more than I think :)
I had to LOL that you have trained your family to take pics. That is awesome!
That looks like a fun party and how awesome about mr mans big catch!!
Looks like another fun weekend for your family!

I don't get to be at the kids school today:( I have to go to the HS today.

Kristi said...

Those perch are awesome...now I'm hungry for some.

Courtney said...

Nice fish that Mr. Man caught. My post is really long too so I ended it after Saturday. I figure I'll finish it tomorrow.

annie said...

Looks like a great day!

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

Perch is so yummy--now I want dinner ;)