Monday, February 28, 2011

Winter Jam 2011 post #1

In my facebooking my blog post I mentioned that on 1/30/11 I took Princess and her friend Crazy J. To the Winter Jam concert... We had the best time ever.. So I thought I would take a moment and post all about it.. I think it might take a few post not that I have alot to say just I took alot of pictures and alot of videos and I want to share them all. :-) We will start out with the two hour wait out in the freezing cold. :-)

We got there at 2:30pm the doors weren't opening till 4:30pm but we wanted to make sure we were able to get tickets and good seats. Not to mention I follow Sidewalk Prophets on facebook and twitter and I knew they came out to hang with the fans and I didn't want to miss them...


Did i mention me and my bible study girls went to their concert back in December also.. if not here is a picture from back in Dec 2010 Ok back to Winter jam and freezing before the shows.. Oh my goodness I lost feeling in my toes, after getting into the building it took just over an hour before they weren't painful anymore, it was COLD...

Princess saw a group of teens playing ninja and jumped right in with them... think I'm mentioned before she is NOT shy. LOL.. here are some of the Ninja shots. After the Ninja game broke up and Princess and Crazy J started freezing again.. I took pity on them, handed them the keys and told them they could go back and sit in the van for 30 mins and stay warm and I would hold our spot in line. They jumped all over that and took off to stay warm. BOY did they miss out though..

Just after they left Jon Micah Sumrall and Nick DePartee of Kutless came out to hang with the freezing crowd a bit.. So me being just about as shy as Princess asked if I could get my picture with them. They were both so super nice..

To get this picture I turned to a family with a few teenagers who was in line behind me handed them my camera and said here can you take our picture.. After Jon Micha and Nick left the father asked me who was it I just had my picture taken with, when I told them it was Kutless, the teenagers got all excited and started screaming and jumping up and down for them to come back.. Jon Micha did while Nick went on to say hello to others in line.. One of the teenage girls was screaming "can I have a hug" Jon Micha said "how bout a hand shake" The girl was all like "Noooooooooooooo I want a hug" He said "sorry I only do hand shakes" I LOVED that... it showed what sort of character he has and that just stuck with me.

After they moved on I went back to freezing and wishing I could feel my toes... some time passed and we had another visitor come to keep us company, and i was extremely happy I was close to the front of the line because when the circled formed I was right there in the front of it. Chris August came out to perform his new song for us.. Said he was trying to help keep our mind off how cold we were. I wanted to txt the girl in the van and tell them all they were missing but then I wouldn't have been able to video tape this.

After he sang and passed out stuff to the fans, everyone had crowded us in that there wasn't really a line anymore and me being so short I did not see the the Sidewalk Prophets had came out and set up the stool that they had out for people to sign.. :(

I wanted to sign it but didn't see them until it was too late. They must have got there around the same time that Princess and Crazy J came back to join me..

I"m going to post this now and start the next winter jam post because blogger is acting up and I can't seem to load anymore pictures onto this one..

BRB in a 2nd post.

Monday, February 07, 2011

The Girls family Birthday Party 2011

Princess birthday is 1/18 and Sweet Pea's is 1/29
so on 1/29/11 we had a combined family birthday party for them.. These are the pictures from that party.

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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Facebooking my blog #5 January 2011

Happy 1 1 11
January 1 at 12:28am

Just waking up from the long but fun night.. I would say I feel old for sleeping in so late.. but seeing how me and my boys are the only ones awake at my place I'm not feeling that old.. the teenagers or stilled sound asleep as is Sweet Pea and DH.
January 1 at 10:53am

Waiting for Heather to come hang a bit.. the kids keep asking when are they coming????
January 1 at 1:15pm

Relaxing in bed watching v and playing with my nook
January 1 at 8:20pm

Home from church today :( with 3 sick kids.. DH was staying with them while Mr man and I went to church.. that was until Little Man started puking and crying his eyes out for mom.. So I turned around and now here I sit.
January 2 at 10:28am

Rhett just cam from the bathroom "mom did you know diarrhea is made out of poop?"
Hahahahahahaha... oh being a mom to a 5 year old boy is so much fun..:-)
January 2 at 2:00pm

I'm sort of finding it funny that my boys are sitting next to each other playing tag... Yes tag, like in your It.... but they are playing it on the wii...
January 2 at 8:25pm

Sleeping on the couch tonight since both my sick babies want to sleep with mom and since I don't feel like sleeping between two sick kids I made doggie beds on the livingroom floor for Sweet Pea and Little Man and ill take the couch.
January 2 at 11:28pm

I found about 10 christmas cards that I signed, addressed and stamped but never got around to mailing out... WOW I'm so on the ball.... Oh well hey if you get a Christmas card like a month late from me just know I was thinking of you before Christmas..
January 3 at 12:48pm

The plan is for all 4 kids to make it to school tomorrow.. fingers crossed there will be no more sickness tomorrow.
January 3 at 9:59pm

Alone at last... :-) DH went back to work today and all 4 kids are at school. Now to figure out where to put all the stuff they got at christmas.
January 4 at 9:00am

cooking dinner.. kids are playing wii.. later tonight OSU football.. but between 9-10pm its all about V.. with football during commercials.
January 4 at 5:41pm

this is not a good thing.. my poor tummy is killing me :( I was really hoping to avoid the bug the kids had... YUCK....
January 4 at 7:58pm

feeling better just a bit on the tired side.. Only now I have Princess home sick.. That only leaves Mr Man who hasn't had it. Then it should be out of my house... Yea!!!!
January 5 at 9:18am

Don't worry that is just me screaming nothing to worry about and don't freak out if you see my computer flying through the window. I tell ya if this thing turns off on me one more time......
January 5 at 1:00pm

Why are my children still awake and bickering in their beds?? I just found myself saying "DON'T MAKE ME COME IN THERE" LOL... That ranks right up there with the worst saying in the whole wide world "Because I said so" Look what these children make me do... :-)
January 5 at 10:35pm

Its Mr Man's turn. He is theone home from school today. my kids share really well. On a good note i didn't have to go to my dentist appt this morning since I have a sick child who I can't leave home alone. See there's an upside to everything:)
January 6 at 9:14am

thinking I should find something healthy for lunch seeing how my breakfast was a bottle of water and sno-caps :-)
January 6 at 12:18pm

Im so glad the doctor office moved my appt up an hour only 2 tell me they r running way behind
January 6 at 8:16pm

‎3 cases of strep and an ear infection... As soon as I got home from the doctors at 9:30pm with Princess, Mr Man and Little Man.. I packed up Sweet Pea and took her to my grandma to spend the next 24 hours... I tell ya when her PANDAS symptoms started to flare over the last two days I knew she had been around strep.. It just didn't hit me till this afternoon that it could have been her brothers and sister who had it..
January 6 at 10:35pm

I just tested pos 4 Strep :( now im waiting 4 my z pack 2 be ready think i should see he they will call something in 4 DH
January 7 at 2:29pm

In my pj's, on the couch layingdown with my blanket,pillowand nook. Hopefully I don't have to move tne rest of the night. Barry is in charge of dinner and child care from this point on.
January 7 at 5:59pm

Why is it the 15 yrs old(well almost) and the 5yr old fight the most?? I think it has something to do with their personality being alike but its rather funny to listen to and watch
January 8 at 10:44am

I love my nookcolor ereader. It has been extreamly useful as I lay here not feeling like moving I can read and. Check facebook without getting out of bed if one has to feel sick cool toys are the way to do it
January 8 at 1:47pm

Think I might putt the nook away, feeling a little tired of reading. Time to pull out the dvd's Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse sounds like a good way to spend an evening in bed.
January 8 at 6:04pm

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death Your perfect love is casting out fear And even when I'm caught in the middle of the storms of this life
I won't turn back I know you are near
January 8 at 10:33pm

My hubby is the best he just brought home my favorite comfort sick food. KFC mashpotato bowl
January 9 at 12:12pm

My parents just left, they stopped by and gave Princess her birthday gift 9 days early..
January 9 at 7:47pm

So am I like the only person who still has their christmas tree up
January 9 at 8:01pm

Post strep infection!!!! can't my kids just get normal things like a cold or something.. Mr man was in extream pain lastnight with his knee killing him, that and stomach pain and vomitting.. took him back to the doctors to be tolad it's like a secondary strep infection which is bringing on these symptoms.
January 10 at 12:59pm

Maybe just maybe I might finish this weeks Bible study before we meet tomorrow night.. you know the plan of one of day this week sort of got messed up when I got sick.. feeling better now and just finished one days study..:-) two more to go...
January 10 at 7:48pm

ornaments are now off the tree.. but dang it one of my favorite hallmark keepsake ornaments has gone missing.. I put it on the tree this year cuz the keepsake box is empty but it's not on the tree or under the tree.
January 11 at 12:31pm

off to the school for a meeting for Rhett.. It's snowing really good out there ..
January 11 at 2:49pm

Thought I was feeling all better till I went out to shovel the driveway so that Barry wouldn't have to do it when he got home.. My goodness did that take every bit of energy I had.. guess I'm not back to 100% yet..
January 11 at 7:41pm

Man there better be a two hour delay in the morning cuz I can't sleep even though I'm extreamly sleepy...
January 12 at 12:45am

yea baby 2 hour delay :)
January 12 at 5:36am

After getting the kids to school had to spend a good amount of time calling to change all the plans for the month.. One thing gets changed and I have to change 4 or 5 other things to work around the 1 change... Will no longer be going to Akron tomorrow won't be going till the 18th.
January 12 at 1:06pm

Thank you Lord for a wonderful neighbor who suprised me by useing his snowplow on my front sidewalk.. After doing the driveway lastnight I wasn't looking forward to having to get the sidewalk cleared today.. Think I'll leave the snow in the driveway for DH ;)
January 12 at 1:15pm

UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! doctors.... UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
January 12 at 6:54pm

my soon to be 15 year old is amazed at the fact that if she sticks a blue cup inside of a red cup that they turn purple
January 12 at 7:11pm

Looks like Sweet Pea has the next 6 days off school.. Think being around all this sickness is getting to her also, being on a daily antibiotic for the last 8 months has kept her from getting a full blown case of strep but she is sick today. No school friday and monday for the kids, and tuesday she will be at the childrens Hospital seeing the immuneologist..
January 13 at 9:19am

There you will all be happy to know the Christmas tree is now down and out of my house.. shhhhh we won't talk about the fact that all the other christmas decorations are still up around this place :P I also happy to report that the missing christmas orniment has been found.. laying deep in the branches down in the middle of the tree.
January 13 at 10:49am

Since it's now after 1am.. I think I'll head of to read and then go to sleep.. night all.
January 14 at 1:09am

Taking Princess out for any early birthday dinner with Gabby and Shayanna tonight then dropping them off at a youth group party
January 14 at 2:44pm

Been shopping with Princess for the last 4 hour she didn't think I would find a store with wifi but I did :)
January 15 at 6:50pm

today is just flying by.. church this morning, then went grocery shopping, just finished lunch.. I heard i miss a great game this morning, but didn't feel like dragging kids who are just starting to feel better out that early. Princess High School softball team beat the Elyria Sundogs 2-1. She pitched 6 innings, striking out 9 and 1 walk. Also she went 2-3 with a double
January 16 at 2:10pm

OH NO!!!!!!!!!! I'm two cups away from being out of my Tim Hortons hot chocolate... No other hot chocolate will do... UGH... There needs to be a Tim Horton around here..
January 16 at 8:43pm

housework coming along slowly.. keep getting distracted with such things as children and internet :)
January 17 at 11:45am

At this time 15 years ago, I was sitting in an exam room for my 1st weekly OB visit, He did the exam looks up at me as says "Do you know your in labour?" I was like "WHAT?!?!?!?!" I knew my back was killing me but I had shopped the whole day before and figured i just over did it.. It was only Jan 17, I wasn't due Till Feb 2nd. He said 'yea, you might want to start timeing these pain"
January 17 at 11:54am

At this point in time 15 years ago I had been in the hospital for about an hour and 15 mins.. Thinking my baby girl should be hear any soon... goodness was I wrong.. Princess loved just taking her old sweet time.
January 17 at 7:47pm

It was at this time 15 years ago I was begging for pain meds.. didn't get the epidural until 1:30am though.
January 17 at 11:12pm

‎15 yrs ago at 610 Am my little 6 pounds 2 oz 21.5 inches baby girl was born happy birthday Princess
January 18 at 6:27am

Long long day very sleepy. About to take Princess friends home and think ill crash. Spent the day with aniston at the akron childrens then came home had dinner Princess had a few people over for cake and that was my day
January 18 at 8:44pm

Why am I still awake... Must get sleep... Night
January 19 at 12:08am

Two hour delay :)
January 19 at 5:33am

No school :) :) :)
January 19 at 7:27am

My house is crazy school so the kids have there friends over. Got 4 extra. T
January 19 at 1:56pm

Sweet Pea lost a filling... UGH.... another trip to the dentist is in order... Only she if driving herself crazy with the way the tooth feels without the filling... It's going to be a long night.. Praying I can get an appt tomorrow for her.. and then praying the roads are ok for me to drive from Norwalk to Medina for that appt.
January 19 at 7:30pm

Thanks to facebook my procrastination skills have reached a new high
January 19 at 8:52pm

Took Princess, Mr Man, and Little Man back for a recheck today, all seems to be going well. After I got them back at school Had lunch with my SIL Shannon and got to play with T-man and hold and feed K who is now a month old and 8 pounds.. Sweet little thing is growing like a weed.. continue in comment section....
January 20 at 2:25pm

here was the comment part of it.
Manage to get a shower in also :-) Now getting ready to pick Sweet Pea and Little Man up at 3:15 from school, Princess up at 4pm from softball lifting, Mr Man up at 4:30pm from skating, do homework, feed kids, take Sweet Pea to gymnastic at 6-7pm take Princess to volleyball at 7:30 pick her back up at 9:30.. WOW thursdays are busy... As for Sweet Pea and the dentist.. they were not in today but the call has been made so hopefully they will call me tomorrow and set something up to get that tooth fixed... Happy Thursday all.
January 20 at 2:28pm

Thought I would sleep in this saturday since I had no place to be this morning.. That did not happen, Got woke up bright and early by two boys who were freaking out with a Major emergency... The Wii wouldn't work.. no power light of any kind red or green... After messing with it for an hour I now have the power back to it and too happy boys.. ONLY I'm wide awake while my lucky girls are still sound asleep..
January 22 at 9:23am

Very long day but I have one very happy steelers fan tonight. Mr Man is over the moon. Going to bed now have to get this house in order this week got two birthday parties to get ready for one Friday one Saturday and then winter jam next sunday
January 23 at 11:05pm

Two cans of my favorite Tim Hortons Hot Chocolate was just delivered to my door. :-)
January 24 at 12:48pm

Ok did not get the workout in this morning and did not get the house work done.. Did make phone calls and talked with people at the National Institutes of Health, now we wait and see what comes of that.. and Did get my hot chocolate :-)
And in other fun news only 6 more days till Winter Jam!!!!!!
January 24 at 1:21pm

not finding it fun at all that my throat is starting to hurt really bad, Didn't I just get over strep throat, I SOOOOOOOOOOOOO don't need it again
January 24 at 11:45pm

Throat doesn't seem to be hurting today and I don't feel sick so I think we might be ok. MUST clean the house this place is so cluttered and there are toys and cloths everywhere.. Sweet Pea friend party is Friday and Then Saturday is the girls family birthday party so I not only need to get it clean I need to figure out what I'm making for dinner that night for everyone.. guess I should go get started.
January 25 at 10:06am

Sigh I was looking forward to watching V at 9 not so much to hearing the president
January 25 at 8:41pm

Guess I'll go lay in bed and read some before passing out.. Another long day ahead tomorrow.. Taking Sweet Pea to Medina for an appt, afterwards going birthday shopping with her, Then rushing it back to take Princess to the doctors. Got one room in the hosue totally clean top to bottom today. wonder if I'll get the rest clean before the parties this weekend :-) Night all
January 25 at 10:29pm

feed kids breakfast, take kids to school, go to Medina for kid dentist, feed that kid lunch, pick kids up from school, take another kid to doctors, feed kids dinner, take kid back to school for softball, pick kid back up when it's over, in there somewhere bath them and do homework with them and then go to bed... sound like a normal day for a mom.. Happy Wed all.
January 26 at 8:20am

I know they say antilock brakes is a safty feature but I am not feeling to safe everytime I try to stop at a stop sign and end up in the middle of on coming traffic because the brakes aren't stopping me..
January 26 at 8:57am

Sitting at the hospital with Princess waiting for lab work to be done... testing for mono but she really doesn't seem that sick to me when annie had mono she was really really realyy sick but doc wants to check so here we sit
January 26 at 6:30pm

Well that's it for me.. I'm going to bed.. another full and busy day ahead tomorrow.. night all.
January 26 at 11:10pm

Just spent all morning doing one of my favorite things.. Playing with the twins. Now about ready to head off with my mother in law.. Later will be pick kids up from school and Mr Man from roller skating, then gymnastics for Sweet Pea and volleyball for Princess.. and some where in there I still have 1/2 the house to clean for the parties this weekend... later all..
January 27 at 12:30pm

I am NO WHERE near ready for this weekend.. Still so so much to do.. but at 6pm tomorrow night is Sweet Pea's sleep over birthday party, 6pm Saturday is the girls birthday party here at the house(which is soooo not clean at all) and Sunday will be my day of rest except it won't be LOL softball(high school) Church, softball(travel), then Winter Jam... I"m sure it will all pull together i just don't know how LOL.
January 27 at 8:47pm

clean, decorate, party, repete... party tonight, party tomorrow, Winter Jam sunday.
January 28 at 11:11am

Some people cant sleep because they have insomnia i cant sleep because i have internet connection :)
January 29 at 12:47am

Good night only one girl still awake and that is Sweet Pea so i can just tell her 2 in 2 bed :)
January 29 at 2:56am

Today my baby girl turns 9 years old... WOW 9 years old already.... Happy Birthday Sweet Pea... I love you more then life.
January 29 at 12:35pm

All birthday parties are over for the weekend. Bring on Winter Jam. Guess I should go shower seeing how I know I'm not going to bring myself to wake up one second sooner then needed for church in the morning.. g
January 29 at 11:30pm

Winter jam was the best at Taco bell in brunswick about b head home this was the best lots of pic 2 come
January 30 at 11:08pm

Morning is going to come way to soon my eyes r burning like I need sleep but to pumped up form singing dancing and screaming at winter jam. Ugh going to be dead trying to get the kids off to school
January 31 at 1:07am

Wow not the best day first I broke a tooth that is now fixed but took up the whole afternoon now my computer has a virus and I don't know how to fix it blah
January 31 at 6:10pm

Picking Princess up from softball at the moment but im excited God is good i think i was able 2 remove the virus :)
January 31 at 10:08pm

I give up spent way to much tjme trying to figure out what is wrong with this computer I found the virus fixed it. But can't get internet explore to work since tomorrow is another day I'm going to bed
January 31 at 11:29pm

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Sweet Pea's 9 year old Birthday Party

Sweet Pea turned 9 on 1/29/11 She had her birthday party with friends on Friday Jan 28,2011

Sweet Pea turned 9 years old...

And while I may be slacking the the blogging world missing her birthday and not getting her some really sweet birthday post.. it was because I wasn't slacking in the real world LOL..
On Saturday Jan 28,2011 she had a big hotel swimming and sleep over party with her friends and then On her birthday Jan 29,2011 We did a birthday party with the family.. so hopefully in years to come if she reads my blog and see i didn't do a birthday post on her birthday she will remember the fun times she had at her party and forgive me..LOL..
I love you Sweet Pea.. Happy 9th Birthday baby girl.

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