Thursday, June 26, 2014

Graduation Party part 2

Ready for a party??  Take a peek into Princess Grad Party from last Sunday night.. June 8,2914
It really did turn out nice.. For me throwing it together last minute and all 😜
Princess & The SIL
The SIL's Family
A few pics of mine and DH families and our friends 
Meanwhile out in the yard
Back in the house
And back outside
The kids all had fun and the adults did also..

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Graduation Party part 1

Princess didn't want a huge party, so after Graduation we invited a few family and friends back to the house for food and fellowship... I didn't go all out but here are a few of the decoration I did throw out..
And here is the cake and cupcakes which my mother made for the party
Still can't get over that my baby girl is no longer in High School, but a College Freshman 

After Graduation pictures

Thought I would share a few more pictures from graduation 

Walking out after graduation
Hugging her great grandma, my grandma
This is her boyfriend, hmmm what should we call him on the blog?? What about "The SIL" that should work.. Anyways here is the SIL giving her a hug
And here they are posing
Back at the house here is a pic of me and Princess
And last one for this post will be my favorite girls, Princess, Sweet Pea, and my Little Princess 

Princess Graduated !!!!

  I know I said I would do updates to get you all caught up, sorry about that just been way busy..

One of the things keeping me busy is my baby girl #1, Princess had Graduation..
She had it last Sunday June 8,2014
So proud of her she has became an amazing young lady who has so tremendous strength and courage over the last year.. 

I love you Princess and Praying Gods will for you in the rest of your life