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Saturday, September 26, 2009

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

medical update.

Once again I'm slacking in the blogging world, but real life has just been crazy with no time to blog.. I'm sorry.. one day life might slow down again where I can get some time to blog.. In any case I wanted to update you all on the cyst that was removed a week ago and my Blood pressure that they had me monitoring for the last two week.

The cyst came out much bigger then they thought but the good news in the pathology report came back saying it was benign.

My blood pressure on the other hand not so good, there was only two days in two weeks that it was with in a normal range and even when the top number was normal the bottom was till a tad high.. Monday night it was 161/107. Yesterday I saw the doctor and she started me on a once a day pill for this.. So now I"m taking blood pressure meds daily.. I will go back in a month for a recheck on that.

So there is that update..
since i"m typing ... Sweet Pea ear infections and Bronchitis are all cleared up.. However now Little Man has the bronchitis..

So far Mr Man and Princess are doing well.

DH ~sigh~ got hurt at work last night.. He was driving a forklift and had to take something out to a back building.. the lights at the dock were not on and it was dark they opened the garage sort of door for him and he drove out it.. ONLY the ramp was not there so down he went fork lift and all. Thankfully it wasn't a big drop just about a foot and a half.. He sprained his neck and his left knee and his back is sore.. the xrays from the hospital last night didn't show anything broken.. so he is off work a few days to heal a bit.

guess that is it for medical updates.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

A First and also a Last..

On September 10, 2009 we had a 1st and a last sort of day.. Little Man started his very first day ever of preschool.. In doing this it was a last for me.. it was the last day ever that one of my children will be starting there very first day of preschool ever :-(
We did good though, no tears by anyone.. :-)
On September 8th he had his open house to go see the class room and meet the teachers something that parents stayed with the kids at.. Here are a few pictures of open house

Then on Thursday Sept 10th, he was a big boy and went to his 1st day of school. here he is outside the school before heading in
here he is getting started for the day inside his class room .

After this I left but I still peeked though the tiny window in the door to get a few more shots.

At pick up time I got there a bit early to get a few more though the window shots.
When they open the door and dismissed them by name.. Little Man came running out of the room yelling "MOM" and gave me a big hug.
and that was Little Man's 1st day of preschool, and the last day I will ever have one having a first day of preschool ever again.

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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Getting Caught Up, Thursday 13 style.

It has been forever since I have found time to post.. So I figured I better get all caught up and what better way then to do it T-13 style.. The last day I posted was August 30, 2009 so we will start on August 31, 09

#1 Aug 31, 09

Started the morning getting a phone call from the school district sub hot line, wanting me to work at the 5th and 6th grade school, So I jumped out of bed rushed around getting everything ready, Thankfully DH was home and able to watch Little Man, then I got my kids up, dressed and feed, dropped them off at school and went to work myself. After school I came home cooked dinner feed everyone got there homework done with them right away, dropped the 3 younger ones off at my Grandma's house and DH and I went to Princess's 1st 8th grade volleyball game.. Right after the game DH took off to work and I stayed at the school for Princess's open house for parents to meet there kid I got out of there at 8:30pm picked up the kids and got them ready for bed and went to bed myself

#2 Sept 1, 2009

to be honest I'm drawling a blank of what I did this day, I know it was alot of running around and cleaning of the house doing laundry and dishes.. but there was some reason I was gone 1/2 the day and I can't for the life of me remember what it was LOL.. but that evening.... DH, Mr Man, one of Mr Man's friends and the friends dad all went to The Q. to watch WWE smack down live.. Mr Man had won tickets to the show by answering 10 questions correct and was then placed in a drawling and he won. They left about 4:30PM and I got home after they left, I did take Princess that evening out to watch her friend C. play soccer in the next town over(he is on the varsity team there) I got everyone in bed early but no one fell asleep..until after DH and Mr Man was back close to midnight.. This made for a long morning Wed.

#3 Sept 3, 2009

did the normal get the kids off to school thing, Then took Little Man over to the hospital for his speech therapy, after that did some more cleaning(one would think as much as I clean, that my house would look like it but sadly it doesn't look like I did anything ever..~sigh~) It was about that time I got called to go into work at the Jr. High school for Thursday so I started rushing to get the work I planned to do Thursday done. I cooked dinner before going to pick the kids up from school. As soon as they were home I had them eat dinner and do there homework.. Then I packed the 3 younger one cloths up to spend the night away.. I dropped them off at my grandma, where Mr Man and Sweet Pea was going to spend the night because I had to be at the Jr High by 7:30am and they normally don't wake up for school until 7:45am, so my grandma offered to keep them over night and get them off to school for me.. But I dropped all 3 of the younger kids off at grandmas while DH and I went to Princess's 2nd volleyball game.. DH had to leave for work before it ended and I had to leave before it ended also to rush over to Little Man's preschool for the Parents orientation meeting that night. My mom and grandma was at the game still(grandpa stayed home watching the kids) So Grandma took Princess home after the game and dropped her off and my mom picked up Little Man and took him to her house to spend the night(she doesn't live in the same town as I do, but grandma does that is why my grandma kept the middle two over night and mom took the youngest who didn't have to be at school the next day) I got home around 9pm again that night. I took a shower check my facebook and climbed into bed.

#4 Sept 3, 2009

Got up at 6:30am(which for me is still the middle of the night YUCK) and woke up Princess we both got dress and was out the door by 7:05am since Princess needed to be at the Jr high by 7:15 and I had to be there by 7:30am

I worked till school was over at 2:30pm Princess had to get right on the bus to head over an hour away for her 3rd volleyball game, I headed home. I wanted to go to the game but I couldn't because once again I had another parents meet the kids teachers night, this time at the elementary school where Mr Man and Sweet Pea goes to school, so no v-ball for me Thursday night.. I got home got dinner read to make, then went and picked up the middle two from school(they don't get out till 3:15pm.. Got them home did there homework with them, cooked dinner, woke DH up and we got to sit down for dinner.. But then he had to leave for work at 5:30pm that night.. My parent got to my house about 6:30pm bringing Little Man back home from spending the night and my mom watching him while I worked that day.. and my mom and dad stayed at my house to watch the kids while I went to the elementary school b 7pm.. I was there till 8:30pm, but while I was there Princess bus got back from v-ball so I had to have her call grandma to pick her up at the jr high at 8pm that night.

When I walked though the door at something till 9pm I said thank you and good bye to my parents. I was hungry and so were the kids so I left Princess baby sit and I ran to taco bell and got us all are 4th meal LOL. we all ate and went right to bed afterwards.. I just crashed I tell ya.. I don't even think I had any dreams I was so wore out.

#5 Sept 4, 09

woke up Friday morning to the normal run everyone to school thing.. Got home was home for 30 minutes before I had to pack Little Man up again and take him to the hospital for his occupational therapy. When I got home DH was waiting for me to help set up camp in the yard.. We had decided to stay home this holiday weekend but still go camping.. you know the staycation.. So we put up the tent and the screen tent, brought out the camping chairs and the fire pit.. found all the campfire cooking stuff and ran the extension cord into the tents and blew up the air mattresses.. and got everything ready.. it was pushing 2pm by the time we had it all set to go. Next we came in the house, DH cooked dinner while I took a shower, nothing like crawling around in a hot tent blowing up air mattresses to make you want a shower. We picked up the younger kids from school, then got Princess from v-ball practices.. came home cooked dinner ate outside, played a bit out there and then started the fire and kept it going till after midnight.. a few of the kids(as in Jr High age boys) in the neighborhood saw the fire and stopped by a bit.. it was fun.. That night the boys stayed in the tent and us girls came in the house.. Not because we don't like camping but goodness it was cold and even with the little heater out there it was freezing.. and Sweet Pea was still sick and on and antibiotic so I didn't want her out freezing at night, and Princess didn't want to stay out if we weren't going to. It must had been too cold for the men also because about 4am I heard them dragging pillows and blankets into the house and camping in the living room.

#6 Sept 5, 2009

Saturday my plan was to clean my bedroom it really needed it and it was an all day job. Though we did all sleep in until close to 10am ate breakfast and I got started right away on the room.. while DH kept the kids company and out of my hair. He made us lunch and I took a break from the room to eat lunch and then went right back at it.. I got done around 4pm and was in need of another shower LOL.. I did get clear out 5 trash bags(the big 30 gal. size ones) of stuff out of my room, 3 of them went into the trash and 2 of them I still have sitting here waiting for me to take to the clothing bank. I almost forgot around 12:30pm Saturday I dropped Princess and her friend off in the next town over(about 5 minutes from my house) to go to hang out with a friend who lives there and walk around the festival that was going on in that town.. DH picked her up at that night around 9pm In the mean time we needed to get groceries the kids didn't feel like going, so they went to my grandma and about 5:30pm DH and I headed out to get groceries oh the exciting life we live dating at the walmart on Saturday night. We got home about an hour later, put the stuff away, DH cooked dinner(yes folks he cooked twice in one day LOL) and I went and picked up the kids from grandma. We ate dinner, the kids ate outside but it was already getting cold so I ate inside LOL.. Then around 8pm we started the fire but it was freezing out even with the fire so we only did a 2 hour fire and we all slept in the house Saturday night.

#7 Sept 6, 09

Sunday we got up and went to church after church we came home changed cloths.. dropped Princess off in the next town over at her friends house again where a big group of kids were spending the day at the festival there.. While the rest of us packed it up and headed into the town DH and I grew up in for there Labor day festival. We spent about 4 hours letting the kids ride rides and such then we headed over to my inlaws house and had dinner and visited a bit then went back out to the festival for another hour or so when it was time to leave to go back home and over to the town next to ours to pick Princess and her friends up. We got home at 9pm Sunday night and started a fire and had it going till after midnight.. it was much warmer out then it had been so the boys tried the sleep in the tent thing again, and this time made it all night.. I still didn't want Sweet Pea getting sicker so I kept her inside and princess came in also.

#8 Sept 7, 2009

Labor Day 09

We slept in that morning.. I don't think the guys made it in from the tent till close to 11am, so we had a late breakfast.. at 2pm DH took Princess and her friend to mine and DH's town we grew up in to the festival there... I planned to meet him there but Mr Man and Sweet Pea had friends going also and we had to take both cars(well van and a car) only Sweet Pea's friend wasn't able to leave till 4pm.. So the plan was leave at 4pm get back after 10pm since there were fireworks being shot off there at 9pm Things were going well we were all the the festival all the kid having fun riding rides with the friends they brought with them.. and my brother was there with his girlfriend and her son, who rode the rides with Little Man.. but at 6pm the skies turned black and it poured and poured and poured.. thankfully I was able to get everyone in to the van before it started to rain.. We waited it out about 40 minutes before I left the fair and headed to my moms(who lives one street over) Thankfully my mom doesn't mind alot of kids taking over her house LOL.. Mom fixed us all a pizza and homemade fries and we all ate dinner there. When 8pm rolled around and it was still raining we figured fireworks were going to be called due to rain and we headed home.. dropped off the 3 extra kids we had and got everyone into bed for the night..

#8 part 2 something I didn't mention that I wanted to share.. was that back in Feb 09 I found a lump of sorts under my left breast sort of around the bra line.. I had it looked at, at my yearly gyn. appt in March and the doctor told me it was nothing don't worry about it, so I stopped worrying about it.. well on Friday I was having alot of pain in that area.. That night I took my bra off and the lump which was the size of the end of a pencil eraser about that round and not something you could see you could only feel it.. had grown to about an inch and a half oval shape and it was a pinkish color on the skin and you could see it just by looking at it.. so I was just a little freaked out all weekend about that.. I'll tell ya all more about this in my #9.

#9.. Sept 8,2009

Got up got the kids off to school.. I was to work at one of the elementary schools this afternoon. but as I was driving home from dropping my kids off at there school I got a call asking me if I could be there as soon as I could.. I felt bad but I had to tell them the soonest I could be there wouldn't be till 11pm.. I had a full morning ahead of me.. Little Man had his open house for preschool where he got to meet his teachers which was at 9:30am and then Sweet Pea was to have a recheck on her ear infection and cold at 10:30am.. So I had to say the soonest would be 11am which was only an hour earlier then I was set to go in. They said thank you just try to make it there when I could. ONLY the 1st thing on my to do list was to call my doctor about the lump(which was still very tender and sore and growing) They said we can see you today at 10:20am but not in the office here in town, it would be at there office in the town next to our town.. I didn't know how I would pull this off so I asked if they could see me after 3:30 or on Wed.. and they said the 10:20am appt was the only time they could get me in this week with the doctor I wanted.. they could get me in with the other doctor..but I don't trust that doctor at all. So I took the 10:20am appt. and called Sweet Pea doctors office to see what I could do about changing her appt. They were wonderful as always and got her set up to go in at 4:40pm that evening. So at 9:30pm I drove across town to the preschool with Mr Man, stayed there till 10am and left to drop him off with DH and I got home didn't even turn off the van just dropped him off and took back off I only had 10 minutes at this point to get to the doctors.. I got there right at 10:20am but then had to wait and wait and wait in the waiting room.. it was 10:45am and I hadn't been called back yet.. I grabbed my cell phone and called the school I was to work at and told them I'm sorry(once again) but I was still sitting in the doctors office waiting room and there was no way I would make it by 11am ~sigh~.. The lump is a cyst of some sort, it is infected and needs to come out.. and to top it off it was my 3rd time in the office that my blood presser was high 140/90 so they are wanting to watch me for two weeks with me checking it twice a day charting it and I go back in for a recheck on that on the 22nd.. I got the times all set up for the cyst to be removed and tested also.. and I left the office at 11:20am.. I stopped by taco bell grabbed a taco ate it stopped at home to brush my teeth and use the restroom(less then a 5 min stop) and took off to work. I worked till 3:30pm and got home about quarter till 4. got the kids finished up with there homework(dh had picked them up from school and once I got home he went to bed) at 4:20pm we loaded up the van drove to the Jr High picked Princess up from v-ball pract. at 4:30pm and headed right to the kids doctors.. I had called ahead to see if I could get all of them there flu shot while I was there and had them all with me.. so they all were being seen, 3 just by the nurse and Sweet Pea by the doctor. ONLY when we got there the doctors were all way behind, not just my kids doctor but all of them.. we waited at least an hour in the waiting room.. and then longer back in the exam room. We didn't get home until 7pm. and DH had to leave for work at 7:30pm I had no time to get dinner ready or lunch packed for him.. So I ordered a pizza for dinner and packed him PB & J for work..

Princess, Mr Man and Little Man was able to get there flu mist while at the office.. but Sweet Pea was not.. she is worse now then she was back on the 4th when I had her in.. her ears while not red anymore both still have fluid behind the ear drum or something like that.. the graph they did on them are both still coming out flat line, on both ears.. and her cold had turned into Bronchitis and her left lower of her lung has fluid in it. will the fun never end.. ~sigh~ so she is now on a new A/B to clear up all the stuff not only the ears.. I was so tired this night I was sound asleep by 10pm and that is normally unheard off for me.

#10 Sept 9, 09

My oldest daughter was sure to point to me this morning at it was 09/09/09 she said at 9:09am she was going to yell "it is 909.09.09.09 in the middle of her class.. but I forgot to ask her if she did it LOL..

did the normal run everyone to school thing except.. I went in with Sweet Pea to ask if they could give her, her prescription cough med at 12:30pm which is her lunch.. forgetting that the school is not aloud to give anything to them.. if I want her to have it during school hours I have to be the one to take it in and give it to her even with a prescribed from the doctor sort of anything. So I left with medicine in hand.. loaded Little Man back into the car seat and headed on to the hospital where he had speech.. I did get an hour of reading in while sitting in the waiting room.. came back home and worked on some of his homework for speech and occupational therapy.. and then it was time to head back to the school to give Sweet Pea her med. next it was home to cook lunch for me and Little Man and I started cleaning the boys room.. and before you know it it was time to get the kids from school.. did the normal homework cook dinner pick up Princess from V-ball send DH off to work.. and I finished up the boys room pretty much I still have 4 bags of cloths I need to sort though and fix up there closet a bit better. Got all the kids to bed and sat down at the computer to type out my Thursday 13.. I have pictures to go along but I'm tired so this might not get pictures.

#11 Thursday Sept 10, 09

I might spend sometime crying.. Little Man goes to his very 1st day ever of preschool.. and seeing how he is my last baby ever.. there might be tears..

he will be gone for 2 1/2 hours in which time I plan to get the kitchen, dinning room, living room and bathroom all clean then pick him up from school.. eat lunch play with him a bit.. then start cleaning the girls room.. pick the kids up from school get there homework done quickly feed them food, take them over to my grandma(OH WAIT.. NO!!! dad and grandpa are going fishing tomorrow I won't have a babysitter during the game,eek!!) OK change in plan.. take them all with me to Princess's volleyball game.. which should be over at 7:30pm DH isn't making it to this one because he has to leave for work early again(which is was for over time but they just keep messing with hours something about saving energy or something I don't know what) I should get home close to 8pm get all the kids bathed and ready for bed.

#12 will be Friday Sept 11, 09

WOW has it really been 8 years already... :-(

I don't only remember 9/11 on this day.. but my grandfather passed away on Sept 9 that year and his viewing was on 9/11 and his funeral was 9/12.. I really do miss my grandpa.. and it has been 8 years.. He never got to meet Sweet Pea but he knew i was PG with her, and Little Man wasn't even thought of.

This day is going to be a busy one.. I have an inspector from the gas company coming to check out my furnace at water heater.. he is also going to check the insulation in the house and the windows and doors to see what we can do to make the place more energy effishent.. which sounds all nice and dany for the eviorment.. but I'm just looking forward to way to save me money in my winter heating bills which right now are insain.. He is getting here at 8:30am and they said it should take about 3 to 5 hours for this.. somewhere in the middle I'll have to leave and let Barry stay home.. to take Little Man to his OT.. then maybe later friday night get groceries.. I don't know.. maybe do a fire in the fire pit friday night we will see.

This brings us to #13

Saturday Sept 12,09

THE BIG OSU game is on.. I plan to make DH hot wings and stuffed potato skins.. I was going to watch the game with him.. still might.. but those fireworks that got called off on monday they are going to be shooting them off saturday night insteed.. and the kids want to go see them.. so I might run them out to my parents town pick up my mom and head over to watch them.. we will see..

There ya have it folks what I have been up too and what I have coming up..

OH I forgot.. This coming Monday is when I go in to have this lump removed..

Happy Thursday ya'll... I guess I'll add pictures later on.. because it is after 11:45 and I need some sleep..

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