Wednesday, September 23, 2009

medical update.

Once again I'm slacking in the blogging world, but real life has just been crazy with no time to blog.. I'm sorry.. one day life might slow down again where I can get some time to blog.. In any case I wanted to update you all on the cyst that was removed a week ago and my Blood pressure that they had me monitoring for the last two week.

The cyst came out much bigger then they thought but the good news in the pathology report came back saying it was benign.

My blood pressure on the other hand not so good, there was only two days in two weeks that it was with in a normal range and even when the top number was normal the bottom was till a tad high.. Monday night it was 161/107. Yesterday I saw the doctor and she started me on a once a day pill for this.. So now I"m taking blood pressure meds daily.. I will go back in a month for a recheck on that.

So there is that update..
since i"m typing ... Sweet Pea ear infections and Bronchitis are all cleared up.. However now Little Man has the bronchitis..

So far Mr Man and Princess are doing well.

DH ~sigh~ got hurt at work last night.. He was driving a forklift and had to take something out to a back building.. the lights at the dock were not on and it was dark they opened the garage sort of door for him and he drove out it.. ONLY the ramp was not there so down he went fork lift and all. Thankfully it wasn't a big drop just about a foot and a half.. He sprained his neck and his left knee and his back is sore.. the xrays from the hospital last night didn't show anything broken.. so he is off work a few days to heal a bit.

guess that is it for medical updates.

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Fantastagirl said...

I hope your husband recovers quickly - and doesn't have any lasting effects.

Hope the kids are feeling better soon! ear infections/bronchitis.. yuck!

Carol VR said...

I hear ya. Being sick is the pits.

I happened off work yesterday, barely able to take my head my head from the pillow.

Get better soon!!!

Midlife Mom said...

So glad your Hubby wasn't injured more then he was!!! God was looking out for him, that could have been really a lot worse!

Glad your cyst came back okay. That is a scary thing isn't it? Take that blood pressure med, it will bring it right down into a good range.

Take care of yourself KC, you and your beautiful family! xoxox

Adam Cervelli said...
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palmtreefanatic said...

Darn it! Adams account again, grrrr.I really need to check that 1st
as I was saying...

woweee, sounds like it has been busy and crazy there! hope your whole household is in complete health in no time!

Glad to hear Hubby has nothing broken and pray he heals quick!

glad to hear all is well with you now and that your taking your meds;)