Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Princess and Sweet Pea's birthday party 1/27/07 to view more of the girls family birthday party pics click here and for more wordless wednesday photo's visit here and here
Happy Wednesday :)

more funny kids stuff

Wow 3rd post of the day. You know if I would plan my post instead of just sitting down and typing I might have been able to combined the last post and this one in some clever way, but I'm not that organized and I just blog when things pop into my mind. This new mind popping post came to me when I was over reading a post from Fantastagirl today. That girl walked for an hour yesterday. I was thinking man i need to do something like that, you know something to work my butt off..NO really I need to work *my butt* off
That reminded me of a little chat Princess and I had on the way home from basketball last night.
It is freezing here with windchill it is only 2 degrees outside and it was even colder last night when we had this talk. We were walking to the car and I said to her " I'm freezing my butt off out here" then jokingly added "maybe i should stay out just a few minutes longer" She didn't miss a beat and without a thought added " it would take days" LOL LOL.

Take this add it to Mr Man's post from below and your all thinking what a bunch of rude kids .. no not really we are all just a bunch of jokers, so my kids come by it honestly and they would never say anything to hurt someones feelings.. but they know we can joke with each other like this.

and since I"m on funny kids stuff. I have been meaning to post something that happened the week that Little Man was sick.. It was something that Sweet Pea said, only unlike her older Brother and Sister she wasn't trying to be funny, she was just talking in a preschool total honesty sort of way but I got a good giggle out of it.

To set the scene a bit, Little Man had rota virus and was going though diapers left and right and I was about out of diapers, My grandpa was on his way over to my side of town so before he left his house I asked him if he would stay with my kids as I ran to the store to pick some more diapers up. This is my grandfather, not my dad, so we are talking the kids Great Grandpa(he turned 74 years old back in November and he and my grandma are active parts of mine and my children's life, grandma will be 74 in March) After getting off the phone with grandpa, Grandma kept talking to me and she said something about grandpa being grumpy all day that day. I was just giggling inside hearing grandma talk about grandpa being grumpy.
While we were waiting for grandpa to come Sweet Pea jumped up into my lap and here is the conversation we had
Me: "you are going to need a bath tonight"
SP: "let take it now"
Me: "no Pa(my kids call him Pa) is on his way to watch you while I run to get diapers"
SP: "Pa can bath me"
Me: "no Pa can't give you a bath"
SP:" why not"

me: said in a joking tone "because he is old and grumpy"

SP: "grandma(talking about great grandma) gives me bath and she can be grumpy at times, and the only reason you don't think she is old is she pays someone to dye her hair"

Snort!!!!!!!!!!!! Pa got a kick out of that story don't think grandma found it as funny as me and Pa :)

I'm done I'll let you all move on to bigger and better blogs now.

Can't have spaghettie without the meatballs

A week ago today I started my shape up challenge. We won't get into how I'm doing so poorly at it, but last Tuesday I was all set and ready to get in shape. Mr Man, my 7 year old said he would be my personal trainer because he knows all about this stuff, after all he's a boy and boys stay fit(LOL Ok whatever son)
So I have myself my own personal trainer, bet your all so jealous of me now.
He started me out with jumping jacks, then push ups and on to sit ups.
and then we had to do it all over again. Little Man my 20 month old thought he would get in the act. He plops himself right on my tummy and I had to finish doing my sit ups with him on me.
For fun when I was done I laid on my back with my knees bent and feet up in the air and Little Man on top of my feet. I started lifting him up in the air and back down, up in the air and back down. Come on now which one of you never used your child as weights. We did about 100 of these and my legs just couldn't take anymore.

I tried to stand up and said "boy my legs are like spaghetti" then my wise personal trainer comments "that's ok mom your belly is like a meatball" LOL LOL LOL

Gotta Love Him..


The other night I read this. I felt that I needed to make a post about it.
In real life I would never take the name of the Lord in vain, that holds true for the cyber world also, BUT I have and do from time to time type out those three little letters *omg*. I try not to use them in public sites such as the blogging world because most people use those letters to mean oh my god, but when chatting with my group of cyber friends who know me well(we have been chatting and posting together for over 7 years) They know that when I write it out I mean Oh my Goodness. They just know me well enough to know that I love my Lord and would not turn His Great name into phrase like that.
After reading this little devotional on Sunday I thought what if I had typed that out in my blog and people read that and thought i just said what the 3 little letters are meant to say.. Even though that isn't what I meant, I don't want people who don't know me thinking it is what I meant.. I'm not going to go back though all my post to see if I did ever say that, but I will think before I type and overcome my laziness and type out * Oh My Goodness* from now on instead of trying to save a few seconds and using omg(goodness). This way there is no mix up or no mistaking what I did or did not say.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Menu Plan Monday(1/29/07)

It's Monday again and time to plan those menus. I thought about not doing this, this week. Sometimes I feel that my blog is getting filled with all these little memes and wonder if that makes it boring to read. Oh well this is fun and I like reading other peoples so I'm going to play also. Though I do have another post that was laying on my heart last night. Maybe I'll do that later today or tomorrow.
This week I have two dinners that was on my plan last week that we never did eat(really I think they both have been on the plan for the last 3 week )
Laura plans her meals Monday- Sunday, but I shop on Friday or Saturday and plan up till the next Friday.. so I'm going to start my list this week with Saturdays Meal
Saturday: We had the girls birthday party here and feed all our family sloppy Joe's, green beans, Nachos and cheese and salsa, potato chips. chex mix, cake and Ice cream.
Sunday: for Lunch we got take out, but for dinner had left over from the party.
Monday: Today is Sweet Peas birthday so she got to pick whatever she wanted for dinner so we are eating junk yet again. totinos pizza rolls and cheese sticks Then for dessert cake and Ice cream Oh so healthy this will help me a lot with the shape up challenge
Tuesday: angle hair Pasta, with spaghetti sauces and a Salad and some garlic bread.
Wednesday: Meatloaf, Mash potatoes and gravy, and apple sauces
Thursday: Chicken breast, Mac n cheese and green beans
Friday: Steak, bake potatoes, and corn.
there you have it what I plan to eat for dinner this week. To view other menu plans stop by I'm an organizing junkie and if you played Let Laura know.
I'm sending out a thank you to dcrmom for showing me how to use the Hyperlink, I always wondered how you all made links out of words :)
Update: after reading Laura's menu I'm changing my Wednesday meatloaf to her Marvelous Mini Meatloaves they look yummy easy and more fun for the kids.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Sweet Pea

Today is a day I feel happy and sad. It's my little Sweet Pea's 5th birthday. She was born January 29, 2002 at 2:10pm she was 6 lbs 3oz and 19 inches long. Making her my biggest baby(to that point little Man was bigger) Sweet pea was due Feb 14, 2002 but like all my kids she came early. She wanted to come earlier then she did and I spent all night in the hospital about 8 or 9 days before she was born in labour with the doctor trying to stop it, which he did. Then I got sent home and was placed on bed rest for the rest of the time, The contractions never did stop so I spent that whole week and a few days in bed timing contractions thinking, I'm so done I just want this kid out of me.

photos from Sweet Pea's 1st Birthday 1/29/03
On January 28, 2002 my contracts kept getting closer and closer and closer and hurting more and more.. after 3 hours of timing them at about 3 minuts apart I went back into the hospital this was at 8pm she was one long labour seeing how she wasn't born until 2:10pm the following afternoon.. BUT it was an OK labour.. drugs were good and no need for any stiches.. Lucky me I gave birth to 3 kids and didn't tear or need cut at all(#4 was a different story we might go into in May when he turns 2 )
These were at her 2nd birthday party
This next one was on the day of her 2nd birthday 1/29/04

After she was born I got to try something I didn't do with the 1st 2 and that was breastfeeding.. she took to it like a pro, I was so lucky. Though that 1st night she wouldn't stop nursing and I didn't get any sleep at all.
I was so tired from being up the whole night before giving birth to her and at 10pm I took her to the nursery and I went to sleep at 11pm they brought her to me because she wanted to nurse and she kept nursing and nursing and nursing. Every time I though she was asleep and tried to lay her back into that little glass bassinet she would wake up screaming and crying and wanting to nurse some more.. this went on until 7am.
Sadly at the time I didn't know how to nurse laying down.. I did learn this quickly though after a few more sleepless nights.
Here we have her 3rd birthday 1/29/05

WOW I can't get over that was 5 year ago already.
A little bit about my Sweet Pea, she is a sweetie for sure, but she also has an sneeky side to her but because she comes across as so sweet No one ever thinks she would ever be the one starting the trouble between her older sister and brother, no not sweet pea she would never do that. She is very very shy at times and at other you would think it was a different kid because she also can be really out going.. BUT I would say shy wins out the 1st and 2nd and 3rd time she meets anyone new, after she gets to know you well you never would have guess that it's the same child.

(the morning of her 4th birthday)
Did I ever mention that the 5th birthday seems to be the hardest on me as a mom?? I don't know why this is, maybe it is because in my mind 4 years old is still a baby but 5 year old are big kids getting ready to head off into the world of school and then college and then marriage. yeah I know she is only turning 5 not 25.. but 5 still makes me sad :( sniff sniff My baby is growing up too fast.
Durning her 4th birthday party 1/29/06

Since I can't stop her from doing this to me, I guess we will just celebrate the 5 years of pure joy she has brought into our life and Pray for many many many more years to come.

Happy Birthday Sweet Pea Mommy love you very much.

Sunday Six(1/28/07)Numbers

This week Kelly the creater of sunday six had this for us

As per the special request of Nik DallasK, we'll be asking about Numbers this week, because numbers are COOL!In case you've never played before, click here to see the rules. Here are the questions for this week:
1. What's the biggest number in the world?
2. What does it mean to add and subtract numbers?
3. What is your lucky number?
4. How do we use numbers?
5. Why are numbers important?
6. What is the number of questions do we ask each week?
Princess(11 years old) didn't get to play(yet) this week after chruch this morning she and DH took off to a pitching clinc and they won't be home till close to time to go back to church tonigh so I didn't want to wait for her. Maybe after church tonight she might like to play then i can do an update to this. who knows.

Mr. Man(7 years old)
1)there isn't one because it can keep going
2)add means get more subtract means get less
4)like in order
5)so you can count
6)ummmmm you call this sunday six so duh six.

Sweet Pea(turning 5 tomorrow)
2)I don't know
5)I don't know

Little Man(20 months old)
1)holds up 1 finger
2)num-er hahaha
(he repeated the word number and the started to lol)
3)LOL runs away from me turns around and says daddy
4)walks up to me clapping his hands and says "clap"
6)runs away from me again LOL
(I guess laughter is much better then dropping to the floor and screaming like he did last time he played)
Happy Sunday

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Disney On Ice

On Monday January 15, 2007 I took Sweet Pea, my mom and Little man to see Disney On Ice(Princess Wishes). It started out with just me and Sweet Pea going as part of her birthday present from me and DH and my mom was going to babysit Little Man for me, but then Sweet Pea wanted grandma to come also so I just bought the extra ticket and held Little Man in my lap. It was a good thing we planned it this way because he got sick a few days before the show and wouldn't have stayed with grandma anyways as he became a little cling-on and wouldn't let me leave his side. Here are a few of the pictures from that day.

This top one is Belle while they were doing the Be Our Guest song.
This bottom one I look awful in, just over look how bad I look and look at the kids LOL. I was up all night the night before this with Little man who kept throwing up all over me. So I look butt ugly(and old UGH) in all the pics of me this day.
Anyways.. here is a picture of Sweet Pea in her new Tinkerbell shirt(also part of her Disney on Ice birthday present), me and the sick Little Man

Here is a shot of Tinkerbell herself. Sweet Pea is a big Tink fan this year and I'm not even sure why she has(up until now) never saw anything with Tinkerbell or have any Tinkerbell stuff, but for her birthday theme this year she is wanting Tinkerbell.

Out of all the Disney Princesses The Little Mermaid has always been Sweet Peas top pick. So here she is with her $10 snowcone in her new favorite cup.

Here is Ariel while they were doing the Under the Sea song.

As part of her Disney on Ice birthday present I also got her a collection of light up Disney Princess pens Here she is showing them off. She got a Tinkerbell one, a Little Mermaid one, Cinderella and Bell.

Sweet Pea had a blast getting to see each and every Princess while we were at the show. Here is a photo of some of them at the Left bottom you can see part of Belle in her yellow gown also in this shot is Jasmin, Cinderella and Sleeping Beautie

The other princesses that were there was Mulan and Snow White(wonder now if I'm forgetting someone, I don't think I am)

Mickey and Minnie mouse was there along with goofy. and each Princess got to tell her story or her wish/dream of finding love and her handsome Prince so they had all the princes
While Sweet Pea was eating her snowcone and her Nachos and cheese I had her take off her new Tinkerbell shirt, I'm glad I did as you can tell from the front of her pink shirt she didn't do well not dropping stuff on herself.

We all had a wonderful time
If you would like to view all the pictures we took while at Disney on Ice you can view them in my album here

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Way Back Wednesday

Wednesday, January 24, 2007
Think of this week as free therapy...
we're looking for pictures and the accompanying stories of traumatic events...you know, the top of an ice cream cone falling off, someone throwing up on your favorite shoes, etc...
the really deep stuff...

The above is what The Kept Women at http://pinktangerine2.blogspot.com/ had for us this week.

I tried hard to think of a photo of me in a traumatic event but I couldn't come up with anything. I didn't get a chance to call my mom to see if she could think of a photo she might have had, so I changed my thinking to pictures I have of my kids.

These were photos of Sweet Pea's 1st pee pee in the potty. When she is older and sees I have shared these with the world she might need therapy LOL.
She was exactly 18 months old these were taken 7/29/03
Looks like I'm falling a bit behind on the potty training thing seeing how Little Man is now 20 months old and I haven't even showed him a potty chair.

Wordless Wednesday

Little Man on New Years eve 12/31/06

Sweet Pea on New Years ever 12/31/06

Mr Man on his Christmas gift the day after Christmas with him is My Grandpa and My Dad 12/26/06

Princess's traveling tournament fastpitch softball team 1/5/07 after there weekly practice. Princess is in the gold and blue basketball outfit as she had just got done with her basketball practice before softball started.

So much for me being wordless. LOL. Next week I'll try to keep it wordless and stick to just one photo but I felt guilty putting a picture of one kid and not the rest. :)

For more Wordless Wednesdays go to Five Minutes for Mom and to Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Shape Up Challenge

Today I manage to drag my lazy bottom out of bed and get dress feed all the kids dress them get them off to school(like I do everyday) BUT instead of sitting down at the computer or in front of the TV(until my mind wakes up) I braved the chilly air(all of 23 degree as a high today) and went to MOPS.
I enjoy getting out and the fellowship is fun but normally my laziness wins out and its just easier to stay home let Little Man play and enjoy our one on one time we only get 5 hours a week.

Little Man still wouldn't stay in his class room and they came and got me because he was still flipping out and screaming, cant have my baby doing that so I went and got him and he was a happy Little guy again and he sat well and was good so all was well

Today at MOPS we did a kick boxing sort of class OH MY GOODNESS I'm so out of shape. but it felt good to do a little workout. I had to hold Little Man during it so I couldn't do everything they were doing but I did do most with the added weight of my 20 months old in my arms. I know I'm going to be feeling this in the morning though. I'm hoping since I took the 1st step today in getting fit that now I'll be more motivated to keep it up and get in shape.

They are doing a shape up challenge for the next 12 weeks not only to lose weight but also inches. I got on the scale and saw I have gained 5 pounds since Christmas UGH!!!! this is why I don't own a scale LOL. I guess my 1st step goal will be to lose 14 to 15 pound and my long term goal is to lose 20 to 25 pounds. If I can lose 25 pounds I'll be where i was 11 years and 9 months ago when I found out I was PG with Princess.
They took our measurements also.. My hips and thighs are so big, not a pretty site on a 5'1 short lady LOL. my waist is still sort of tiny which just makes my poor hips and butt look bigger. So at least I know what part of my body I need to work the most on.

wish me luck guys and I'll keep ya posted on how I do.
Must go try to clean the house now since I need it company ready by Saturdays for the girls birthday party.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

The UltimateBlog Party

Ultimate Blog Party

January 18, 2007 was Princess birthday
January 19, 2007 her slumber party with 22 girls plus my 4
January 27, 2007 the combined family party for the girls
January 29, 2007 is Sweet Pea's birthday
Febuary 1, 2007 is her friend party.

So what is one more party right? and this one won't be till March. The bigger the better I always say.. So your all invited, each and every one of you. Your all invited to the Ultimate Blog Party. This Party will be so big one day won't be enough so it will last all week, Starting March 2, 2007 and running till March 9, 2007. come and join the fun.. and you don't even have to bring a gift, but there will be Prizes.. to learn more click the link below. Hope to see you there.

Menu Plan Monday(1/22/07)

I'm going to give this another try, but this time I won't feel bad if I don't eat what i plan on the day I plan it. Like Heather point out, its good to know what you have for the week even if I don't use them all.
So here is my plan for the week

Monday: Steak and Potatoes. Hopefully on the grill if I don't think I'll freeze out there in the snow ;) other wise I might just boil the steak and bake the potatoes in the oven(might do that anyways and warm up the house a bit)

Tuesday: angle hair Pasta, with spaghetti sauces and a Salad and some garlic bread.

Wednesday: Hamburgers, tator tots and corn

Thursday: Chili and peanut butter sandwiches(don't know how I ever started eating the tow of those together but I like my PG sandwich with my chili now)

Friday: if I don't order a pizza we will try the smoked sausage again, this time with rice and green beans.

Saturday: I'm having my family and DH's family over for the Girls birthday party(Princess turned 11 on the 18 and Sweet Pea will be 5 on the 29) I'm having them all over for a meal and Sadly I haven't given any thought to what I might be feeding everyone yet. I'll think about that before I go grocery shopping Friday

So what yummy stuff are you planning on eating this week?
Don't forget to check out
http://orgjunkie.blogspot.com/ where you will find the home for the Menu Plan Monday.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Happy Brithday Princess

It's A GirlBorn Thursday January 18, 1996 at 6:10am

Daddy and Princess just minutes old.

She was 6 pounds 2oz and 19 1/2 inches long

from the moment she was born she was mommy's little Princess

our 1st family picture. Princess was just a few hours old
this was the day we went from a married couple to a family of 3
Today Thursday January 18, 2007 Princess turned 11 years old
she is still mommy's little Princess and always will be. I love you Princess. Happy 11th Birthday
we are celebrating Princess's birthday over 3 different days. today we are just doing cake and gifts with the 6 of us at home. Tomorrow is her big friends party and on the 27 will be our extended family party. So Lots of cake coming our way.

So much for menu planning

on Sunday I sat down and wrote out a menu for the week, so i could play along in the Menu Plan Monday. Laura from I'm an organizing junkie http://orgjunkie.blogspot.com/ made this look so easy. I thought hey what a good idea I won't have to be thinking "whats for dinner" everyday I would just look at my plan.
I don't know why I thought this would work for me LOL I am not a planner. Lets take a look at how I have done so far this week.

here was my menu plan:
Monday: Hamburgers, tater tots and Green Beans(fast and easy since I'm going to be gone most all day)
Tuesday: Thanksgiving dinner of sorts because i have a turkey taking up too much space, I'll be cooking the turkey, mash potatoes, gravy, stuffing and corn.
Wednesday: angle hair pasta and meatballs with a salad and garlic bread
Thursday: Fish, Corn and Macaroni & Cheese
Friday:Smoked Sausage, green beans and a box mix of julienne potatoes that my MIL gave us since she didn't want them in her cabinet anymore :)

Here is what we ate:
Monday: Fish Corn and Macaroni and Cheese
Tuesday: we did eat the turkey dinner
Wednesday: leftover turkey dinner from the night before
Thursday: is today, and today is Princess birthday, so I told her she could go into the kitchen look at everything we have and pick whatever she wanted for dinner tonight and that is what we will have. WELL she picked the frozen self rising crust Pizza I had up there. I told her whatever she wanted so that is what she is going to get, that should be enough food for the kids. For me and DH I'm not going to cook a whole meal just for us, so I'm going to do the frozen Chicken Taquitos and get some salsa and chips to go with it.
Friday: I don't know what I was thinking on Sunday when i wrote out this menu plan. Friday night is Princess's birthday party and we are ordering pizza to feed everyone. I might do something simple and easy before the Pizza(which we won't be eating till 7:30pm) maybe soup and sandwiches or something. but I'm not going to be cooking a dinner.

Well so much for menu planning LOL.

I do like sort of having a plan so I think I'll continue to do this on Mondays, Maybe ;)

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Wordless Wednesday(1/17/07) morning after Christmas

For more Wordless Wednesday go to http://www.wordlesswednesday.com or http://www.5minutesformom.com

Way Back Wednesday(show us the snow)

"Do you know the street value of this mountain?"...snow...we're looking for pictures of snow...white, crystallized water, frozen...not THAT kind of snow, the stuff that you ski on or shovel...
TKW wants to see our old shots of snow.
What a great week to do snow photos. You see I HAVE SNOW. I wanted snow so bad in Dec but NO we had a green Christmas. Yesterday it snowed, we got our 1st ground cover snow,its pretty but I don't want it now, I wanted it at Christmas. Oh well on to old snow.

This is me in the snow either Dec 1974 or Early 1975 in either case I was 2 years old and "that baby" LOL my sister was already born(November 1974)

me and my dad. I think my parents were having more fun playing in the snow then me because as you see I wasn't old enough to make snow drawling on the side of this house. see the people
In the bottom pic is another one of those snow drawling my parents "made for me" See I was riding on a snow horse that is my mom holding me up.

If you had old pics of snow, let me know. Then i can go and comment on how funny you might have looked all dressed up like the kid in the Christmas Story :) and if you have time make sure to let TKW know you played also.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

He's awake now.

Yesterday I took Sweet Pea to see Disney on Ice(that will be a different post later) When it was over we all needed to use the restroom, only the line was really big so we just choices to stop some place on the way home.
We drove a bit towards home so we didn't have to stop someplace in the city. As we were driving Little Man fell asleep, he was about asleep twice before the show ended so he was in need of a good nap. After driving a way we saw this new Wal-Mart super center that just recently opened, we pulled in Sweet pea couldn't wait any longer. I found a parking spot and said to my mother, that I would take Sweet Pea into the store we would use the restroom and come right back out and she could stay with the sleeping boy. At this point Sweet pea says but I want to look at toys. I said no sweetie Little man is asleep. Then my mom jumps in and says. Just go in and out quickly because I need to run in and use the restroom also. I was getting ready to tell her to take Sweet Pea and I would stay in the car with Little Man, when Sweet Pea jumped in and said "I want to go shopping" So I turned to her and said "no honey no shopping today your brother is sleeping" I turned around to tell my mom she could take her into the store, when I hear Sweet Pea leave out a yell. I turn around to tell her to keep it down before she woke up her brother but it was too late his eyes popped open and he was looking around wondering where he was. Sweet Pea sitting there with a big grin on her face said "He's wake, NOW we can go shopping" If I could have stopped LOL I would have punished her :)

I know there are some mothers out there reading this thinking, that is awful, she needs to be punished for such a thing. I'm not one of them, true if this sort of thing went on all the time then yes but since it doesn't and she looked so darn cute as it all went on I just had to sit back shake my head and giggle at how the working of my soon to be 5 year old mind work and how quickly it works, I tell the the girl is sharp she didn't even need 30 secs to come up with her plan to shop. BUT this story doesn't end here its gets better LOL
At the time when it happened we decided we all would go in because honestly we all wanted to shop. As I unbuckled Sweet Pea out of the van I said to her that what she did wasn't nice and she is never to wake up her brother like that again, and then I told her that she was luckily daddy wasn't there because he wouldn't have thought it was as funny as mommy did.

We get home and me still having to giggle about it thought i would share this story with DH. Who being the stricter of the two of us told me I shouldn't let her get away with stuff like that and he looked over at her she was in our dinning room he was in our living room and he said her name in that *you know better* tone mommy told me what you did today, he gives her more of that look she puts her head down and pouts(you know the look of I'm sorry) He went to say more to her but she got up Ran across the room wraps herself around DH's legs says in the sweetest little voice I'm sorry, then looks up at him with cute little sad eyes and says "I love you Daddy" SNORT played him like a fiddle. :) come on tough guy don't let her get away with stuff like that
I just sat back and LOL as she just wrapped her daddy around her little finger, he couldn't help but LOL also he looked at me as I stood there looking at him giving him a look as if he just was played, he smiled and said to me as he was still hugging sweet pea,"don't say a word, I don't want to hear it"

oh i don't think I'm coming close enough at expressing the funniness that this whole thing had about it, OH Sweet Pea think she will be our handful but man she is a cutie and keeps us smiling

Monday, January 15, 2007

Menu Plan Monday

Laura from I'm an organizing junkie http://orgjunkie.blogspot.com/ Started this Menu Plan Monday, I found out about it from reading Heather from 10000-things to be happy about blog over the weekend. I always love reading about what people are cooking and making for dinner, (Yeah i know I need a life .) but it gives me different ideas of what to cook up for my crew. New ideas, old ideas that I had forgot about, things I never would have thought about ever. So I'm going to play and see what new meals me and my family might be trying sometime soon.
Monday: Hamburgers, tater tots and Green Beans(fast and easy since I'm going to be gone most all day)
Tuesday: Thanksgiving dinner of sorts because i have a turkey taking up too much space, I'll be cooking the turkey, mashpotatoes, gravy, stuffing and corn.
Wednesday: angle hair pasta and meatballs with a salad and garlic bread
Thursday: Fish, Corn and Macaroni & Cheese
Friday:Smoked Sausage, green beans and a box mix of julienne potatoes that my MIL gave us since she didn't want them in her cabinet anymore :)
Too view others who have posted there menu checkout Laura's site http://orgjunkie.blogspot.com/
Happy Monday

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Sunday Six(1/14/07)plus my busy day.

1. Who was Martin Luther King, Jr.?

2. Why was he an important man?
3. What did he want?
4. Why is peace important?
5. What is the Nobel Peace Prize?
6. What are you doing to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday?
This is what Kelly(Sunday six) had for us this week. If you played let me know so i can go read yours.
Little Man(who is 20 months old as of 1/14/07) is too sick to bug with so we won't be asking him any questions this week.
~sigh~ 3 of the 4 kids have been sick what are the odds it will skip the rest of us??
Sweet Pea:(age 4 years 11 1/2 months)
1) the president
2) because he was the president
3) money
4) what is peace?(so we tell her) because it is right
5) I don't know
6) going to Disney on ice.

Mr Man: (7 years old)
1)a black guy
2)because he made the world be fear
3)He had a dream a dream of peace
5) because it is
4)what the heck is that, I don't know
6) Getting out of school

Princess: (who has a birthday on Thursday and will be 11 years old)
1)a man who fought for rights and stuff
2).because he fought for right for people and won
3)equal rights for people
4)because its not fighting, I don't know
5)I don't know, I forgot
6)getting off school.

I think I'm going to go ahead and post this tonight becaus tomorrow is going to be crazy. I don't think I'll be heading to church again(this pains me but what can i do)because Little Man is running a fever and can't keep anything down and has it coming out both ends(lovely I know) After church my mom is coming over to babysit while I take Princess to her basketball game after that either I will stay with Little Man or My Mom will depending on what sort of mood he is in after i leave him for the basketball game. Who ever doesn't stay will take the kids to church that night for Awanas.
Where is you DH you might ask, well he is working tonight and tomorrow night so he will have to sleep sometime tomorrow between work, church and princess basketball and her softball Practaces which he will be taking her to after her basketball game.
My mom is also planning on spending the night sunday night because we have plans on monday which we have to leave early for and I don't feel like driving out of our way to pick her up and she didn't want to wake up any earlier then needed to drive over to my place. So I will have a house guest..(maybe we can jump on the bed, decorate the house and look at shiny light bulbs see http://tinyurl.com/ykmvbv if you don't know what i'm talking about LOL)
OHHHHHHHHHHH and can't forget tomorrow starts the new season of *24* Is there any other 24 fans out there just as excited about this as I am????????

Friday, January 12, 2007

The Thinking Meme

I Have been Tagged.. WOW my 1st Tag. I know, I'm a goof but I got all excited ran into the bedroom, where DH was about ready to go to sleep, jumped up on the bed and said "I've been tagged, I've been tagged to do a meme" He looked at me liked I had two heads. You see he just doesn't understand that this means I have friends in the blogging world :) and then again why would he understand or care since he has no clue what a blog is anyways LOL.. When I explained to him what being tagged was and what a meme was, his first comment was I bet it's a guy just wanting to know more about you. LOL.. silly man he doesn't get it.

Anyways I have been tagged by Sari(who I'm 99.9% sure is not a guy wanting to know me ) to do the Thinking Meme.
Thinking Meme.. Thinking?!?!?! On the weekend?!?!? doesn't she know I turn my brain off on the weekend ;) No really memes are fun and like I said I'm excited to have been tagged.. guess I can turn the brain on for one weekend.

1. If you had to choose one vice in exclusion of all others, what would it be?
I don't know. Mainly because i can't think of any vices I have. Not that I'm perfect but honestly I don't drink or smoke, I don't even like coffee.. so let me think.. my computer could be a vice since it has became the thing that keeps me from cleaning my house.. OH I love my puter LOL.. yeah that will do. my vice I want to keep is my blogging time :)

2. If you could change one specific thing about the world, what would it be?
If I could change one thing about the world I would make it that there were no crazy,sick people out there that would hurt children. I would love for my kids to grow up in a world where it was save for them to play outside and ride bikes and walk to school with out us parents having to worry about anything more then them falling off the monkey bars.

3. Name the cartoon character you identify with the most.
OH me.. I couldn't think of any one, so I pulled Princess over and asked her what she thought would work best for me, she got that grin on her face and said porky pig.. then LOL and said no no I'm just kidding.. Then she got that grin on her face again and said what about Wanda(fairy odd parents) she started to LOL again and said because you are naggey I don't think I'll ask her oppinion anymore ;) She is still standing behind me ROTFL. I said what about Wilma (Flint Stones) and she got that grin once again and said.. well ya are ancient. SNORT... this kid I tell ya she is too much like her mama


4. If you could live one day of your life over again, which one would it be?
I have no idea.. I think most every day has been an enjoyable day so I wouldn't want to go back and change any. I wouldn't mind reliving the super fun days.. but even then I think i would enjoy myself more Living New super fun days.

5. If you could go back in history and spend a day with one person, who would it be?
I think it would be cool to be able to go back in time and be a teenage friend of my grandparents. Just to see what life was like when they where young and what they were like, see how they meet and what there relationships were like. Plus I always thought the 50's were cool. That or somewhere in the 20's would be nice also.

6. What is one thing you lost, sold or threw away that you wish you had back?
While we were camping a few years ago, our fire wouldn't start well because it had rained that day and the wood got wet. we went though the tent and car and graped all the paper and trash we had to get that fire started. While doing that we ended up accidentally tossing in the fire $80 in cash that was in an envelope. talk about money up in smoke. so I think I would like my $80 back.

7. What is your one most important contribution to this world?

It's the popular answer and the easy one but It is the answer dearest to my heart. that would be my children.

8. What is your one hidden talent that nearly no one knows about?
I'll never tell Bawhahaha.....

9. What is your most cherished possession?
my Bible

10. What one person influenced your life the most when growing up?
Just one???
well my parents which is a given but also my grandpa and Grandma
shut up, I know that is more then one ;)

11. What word describes you better than any other?

mommy, and I'm very proud of that :)

I don't know who to tag with this, how about I just tag all of you who are reading this. If you want to play do so and let me know so I can go read it.

Did you wrap the christmas gifts?

Last night Sweet Pea was having trouble sleeping, she has been the sick one this week in our house(last week was Mr Man) She asked if she could sleep in my bed. This is never a problem for me so I told her sure. She laid in there a bit and came out and and asked if she could sleep with the light on, so I told her that would be ok.
10 minutes later I hear her Yell "HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!" next thing you know she is standing in front of me, her hands on her hips, looking as if she just caught me doing something wrong and she says in her best 'you are in trouble now' type voice
"Did you wrap the Christmas gift"

I'm confused where did that come from, what is she talking about? Yes I did wrap Christmas gifts she even helped me wrap gifts for people. Is my girls sick with fever and doesn't know what she is talking about. Did she fall asleep and wake up thinking about Christmas? Maybe she is just nuts, I don't know so I thought I would ask her.

me"what are you talking about"
sweet pea" the paper"
still unsure me: "what paper"
sweet pea "behind your door"
me thinking OOPES!!!!!!!!!!!
sweet pea" you know the strawberry shortcake paper, the snowman paper, the Christmas tree paper. THE SAME PAPER OUR GIFTS FROM SANTA WAS WRAPPED IN. So did you mommy? MOM how did you get that paper"

SHOOT think quick, think think. She isn't even 5 yet I want to play Santa longer, think think think

me: " no honey, Santa gave mommy the paper after he was done with it"
sweet pea looking at me like she doesn't buy it "and why would he do that?"

Think think think

me: because he knew you would love that paper and he thought you would enjoy your birthday presents wrapped in that strawberry shortcake paper"
Sweet Pea: "OH!!!!!!!!!! he's right, good night mom"

woo.. nothing like a good story before bed ;) AND!!! i don't have to go out and buy birthday wrapping paper now at the end of the month :)

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Beauty is a Beast.

I'm having a proud mama moment.
Tonight was Princesses very 1st drama club play at her school, they put on the play Beauty is a Beast.
All the kids did extreamly well, but you know like any mom my eyes were glued to Princess.
She was a fairy godmother in the play and she was sooooooooooooooo pretty all dressed up in her fairy outfit. (Which being the drama queen she is had to change costumes mid play LOL when it wasn't even called for)
She did all her lines without having to stop and think which one she had to say, she did all her dances right and all the songs sounded so pretty.
She was the 3rd person on stage and the 1st thing she did was sing a solo and she nailed it..
like all moms would ny heart was melting and my head was screaming "look everyone that is MY Baby Girl"
I'll have to get the pics online and see how they turned out, if any of them came out looking good and not blurry from the poor lighting and my cheap camera I'll post them here later one..
I just needed to share my proud mama moment..
SNORT don't you just love mommy blogs? LOL.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Wordless Wednesday 1/10/07

Nothing like a nap after a good meal.
and for more wordless Wednesday viewing check out the Official Wordless Wednesday HQ or 5minutes for mom site. Happy Wednesday

WBW(hey I didn't see that before)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007
"Ah-ha!!!"...it could be argued that I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer to which I have no rebuttal but I was looking at a picture I've seen a zillion times and noticed something new about it. Hence, the "Ah-ha!", so we're looking for pictures with something that didn't catch your att'n the 1st time around
That is what TKW had for us for this Wednesday. I couldn't think of a single picture and I have gone though my moms photo albums 100's of times so normally when TKW tells us what to look for I have a photo pop into my head and i can go to my moms and get the photo or I can call her tell her what i'm looking for and she can email it to me, but not this week. I figured Oh well i can play next week. Then as i was sorting though the photos i had stored over the last month into my computer(clearing them out cuz my puter is running way to slow these days) I came across this pic and it was the "Ah ha!!!" that The Kept Women was talking about.. I found something in it that I never saw before.

My Bear!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have mentioned my bear just a few weeks back in one of my other WBW post here is the link to that post if you missed it.

Here all these years I thought this was a happy christmas pic of me and my baby sister under the christmas tree. Now after looking at it I don't think it was all that happy for me and I wonder if i was even to be part of this pic LOL. NOW it looks to me as if they had set my sister up under the tree to get a shot of the new baby under the tree only I saw that, THAT BABY had my bear and I was crawling under the tree to get MY bear back. How dear that new kid living at my house get that close to MY bear.
There ya have it what i missed the 1st time(or 1st 100 times) around. :)
Did you play???