Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sort of Bummed

Today Sunday 1/7/07 was the day I had planned in my head as the day we were going to have a wonderful day. No running to do with any of the kids, no places DH or I had to be. It was going to be not really a relaxing day but a day with just church and stuff at home. I was looking forward to it.

We were to go to Sunday school, church, come home have lunch, The kids would play, I would get the house in order(it is in bad need of that) DH would well i don't know what he would do i didn't plan that out in my head LOL. Then we would go to PM church, today is the day they start awanas back up from there Christmas break that have been on the last month. The kids knew there verses and was set ready to say them and all was right with the world.

ONLY we wake up this morning with no only one sick child but three. Mr Man still has his fever, Sweet Pea is full of snot and running a slight fever and Little man has a fever and his eye left eye is all red and goopey to top it all off I feel icky myself. THIS was SOOOOOOOOO not in my plans for today.

Princess normally has fast pitch practices Sunday afternoon and today she didn't this was to be the day we didn't have to run anyplace between church this was the day the kids were looking forward to with awanas starting back up. BUT No there would be no leaving the house to go to Sunday school, church or awanas for them with fevers snotty noses and goopey eyes. :(
and I'm not getting anything in order around the house because i have chills running though my body. ~sigh~ It would be so easy for me to fall into a oh poor me mood right now.

Instead I'm trying to remember even though in my mind this all just sucks, that God is in control. So my plans for the day didn't turn out like i had planned, His plan for my day did. I might not get why but He has promised that all things would work together for my good. So I'll just trust Him and leave this day behind us and start working on not only this weeks verses with the kids but start to teach them verses for next weeks awanas meeting and they can just say two weeks worth. I'll get the notes from Sunday school and study them on my own this week and look forward to next week church.

So I'm still sort of bummed but with hope :)


Mama C said...

I know exactly what you mean. I had such high hopes and plans for this being my last weekend home, but I've been saddled with a toothache.

I didn't clean or play or anything. I just sat on the couched and moaned. It was truly unbearable.

Sounds like you all need to rest and get better.

Nicole said...

I totally understand. I am one fo those people that like to have a plan. BUT when that plan doesn't quite go like I'd like for it to, it really gets to me. SO I have stopped trying to plan things. I just let things happen. I still think in some instances plans ARE good to have. I'm rambling, sorry.

I sm SO sorry that everyone is feeling yucky. And remember - there is ALWAYS next Sunday, right?

KC said...

LOL Nicole, I normally don't make plans my DH is the planner and i just normally take things as they come but this day i had planned out in my mind :) Don't worry about rambling here, it's what i do best ;)