Tuesday, January 30, 2007

more funny kids stuff

Wow 3rd post of the day. You know if I would plan my post instead of just sitting down and typing I might have been able to combined the last post and this one in some clever way, but I'm not that organized and I just blog when things pop into my mind. This new mind popping post came to me when I was over reading a post from Fantastagirl today. That girl walked for an hour yesterday. I was thinking man i need to do something like that, you know something to work my butt off..NO really I need to work *my butt* off
That reminded me of a little chat Princess and I had on the way home from basketball last night.
It is freezing here with windchill it is only 2 degrees outside and it was even colder last night when we had this talk. We were walking to the car and I said to her " I'm freezing my butt off out here" then jokingly added "maybe i should stay out just a few minutes longer" She didn't miss a beat and without a thought added " it would take days" LOL LOL.

Take this add it to Mr Man's post from below and your all thinking what a bunch of rude kids .. no not really we are all just a bunch of jokers, so my kids come by it honestly and they would never say anything to hurt someones feelings.. but they know we can joke with each other like this.

and since I"m on funny kids stuff. I have been meaning to post something that happened the week that Little Man was sick.. It was something that Sweet Pea said, only unlike her older Brother and Sister she wasn't trying to be funny, she was just talking in a preschool total honesty sort of way but I got a good giggle out of it.

To set the scene a bit, Little Man had rota virus and was going though diapers left and right and I was about out of diapers, My grandpa was on his way over to my side of town so before he left his house I asked him if he would stay with my kids as I ran to the store to pick some more diapers up. This is my grandfather, not my dad, so we are talking the kids Great Grandpa(he turned 74 years old back in November and he and my grandma are active parts of mine and my children's life, grandma will be 74 in March) After getting off the phone with grandpa, Grandma kept talking to me and she said something about grandpa being grumpy all day that day. I was just giggling inside hearing grandma talk about grandpa being grumpy.
While we were waiting for grandpa to come Sweet Pea jumped up into my lap and here is the conversation we had
Me: "you are going to need a bath tonight"
SP: "let take it now"
Me: "no Pa(my kids call him Pa) is on his way to watch you while I run to get diapers"
SP: "Pa can bath me"
Me: "no Pa can't give you a bath"
SP:" why not"

me: said in a joking tone "because he is old and grumpy"

SP: "grandma(talking about great grandma) gives me bath and she can be grumpy at times, and the only reason you don't think she is old is she pays someone to dye her hair"

Snort!!!!!!!!!!!! Pa got a kick out of that story don't think grandma found it as funny as me and Pa :)

I'm done I'll let you all move on to bigger and better blogs now.


Nicole said...

Too cute!! Hair color does wonders huh? I bet he DID get a kick out of that!!!

Fantastagirl said...

LOL..that is sooo funny! kids are so honest aren't they?

Guess how long I walked today? as of 9:00 pm - ZERO MINUTES... yeah I know, I need to get back down there - I have a few more episodes of Grey's to watch!

Just Being Me said...

Hi there, happened upon your blog through Palm Tree Fanatic. That was a funny story - it made me giggy out loud. Nadine