Monday, January 08, 2007

I've Got Nothing.

I'm shaking my head that I didn't blog about this before back when it happened but I was a bit busy around Christmas so I'll forgive myself :)

Our Church every Christmas does a candlelight service. We sing carols, read the account of the birth of our Savior from the time the angel came to Mary till the birth of Jesus. Then at the end we all walk up one at a time light our candle turn around and talk. It can be about what Christmas means to us, what God has done in our life, it can be bible based or we can talk about what we enjoy about Christmas such as time with family. There just isn't any rules we just talk and say whatever we have on our hearts to say. After you light your candle and talk you stand around the wall and by the time it is all said and done the whole room is surrounded with people holding candles and it is such a great warm Christmas sort of feeling and time.

Last year Mr Man couldn't wait to walk up light his candle and talk, and he was one of the 1st ones up(there is no order you just go when you want to if no one is up there) He talked about how he was thankful God sent his son to die for his sins and how he was thankful he was saved and how he has a home in heaven and then threw in he liked Christmas gifts also LOL. but he talked like an adult not a kid last year, just my big grown up 6 year old.

This year my big 7 year old wasn't jumping up and down waiting for his turn to talk, he just waited and waited and I told him i was going up now and he said, I'm not ready yet I'll go later, so I said ok. Well after two or three people after me, Mr Man stood up all dressed up in his Christmas cloths looking like such a little man(not my Little Man but you KWIM) he walks up so tall and handsome like, he lites his candle turns around holding it all grown up like, he stops he ponders a minute then he shakes his head and says to all there, "I've Got Nothing" the whole place just started to LOL. he gets a big smile on his faces and as he is walking to stand around the wall he says to everyone "I just had to say that"

Sweet Pea was up next she was with my grandma as not to burn herself with her candle, grandma helps her light it and she turns around and says "yeah what Mr man said, Nothing"

LOL.. No comments this year about how grown up and well behaved my children are I guess LOL.

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