Friday, January 12, 2007

Did you wrap the christmas gifts?

Last night Sweet Pea was having trouble sleeping, she has been the sick one this week in our house(last week was Mr Man) She asked if she could sleep in my bed. This is never a problem for me so I told her sure. She laid in there a bit and came out and and asked if she could sleep with the light on, so I told her that would be ok.
10 minutes later I hear her Yell "HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!" next thing you know she is standing in front of me, her hands on her hips, looking as if she just caught me doing something wrong and she says in her best 'you are in trouble now' type voice
"Did you wrap the Christmas gift"

I'm confused where did that come from, what is she talking about? Yes I did wrap Christmas gifts she even helped me wrap gifts for people. Is my girls sick with fever and doesn't know what she is talking about. Did she fall asleep and wake up thinking about Christmas? Maybe she is just nuts, I don't know so I thought I would ask her.

me"what are you talking about"
sweet pea" the paper"
still unsure me: "what paper"
sweet pea "behind your door"
me thinking OOPES!!!!!!!!!!!
sweet pea" you know the strawberry shortcake paper, the snowman paper, the Christmas tree paper. THE SAME PAPER OUR GIFTS FROM SANTA WAS WRAPPED IN. So did you mommy? MOM how did you get that paper"

SHOOT think quick, think think. She isn't even 5 yet I want to play Santa longer, think think think

me: " no honey, Santa gave mommy the paper after he was done with it"
sweet pea looking at me like she doesn't buy it "and why would he do that?"

Think think think

me: because he knew you would love that paper and he thought you would enjoy your birthday presents wrapped in that strawberry shortcake paper"
Sweet Pea: "OH!!!!!!!!!! he's right, good night mom"

woo.. nothing like a good story before bed ;) AND!!! i don't have to go out and buy birthday wrapping paper now at the end of the month :)


Lynanne said...

Simply ingenious! You had me on the edge of my seat. I wish I could think of quick explanations such as these!

Heather said...

Mine is hiding in the closet and on more than one occasion it has almost been discovered! Quick thinking and you save some money too!

Mama C said...

Oh Nice save. Our paper was almost discovered too. I must go hide it better.

Marz said...

They're too smart for their own good!
I LOVE your answer! Good save!!!
I may have to use your words one day, lol.