Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Recap Sept 24,25,&26,2010

WOW when was the last time I did a weekend recap????

Friday Sept 24,2010
All my kids went to school and I did not have to work. This seemed weird to me.. I spent the early morning touching up the cleaning around the house and doing laundry, Then from 10:30am-1pm I headed over to my brothers house to play with the two cutest twins in the world, My 2.5 month old little Nephew and Niece..(pics from that day will be my WW post this week)
After that I came home ate lunch and got ready to get the kids from school
Once they were home I had to run to the store and buy snacks for 3 different soccer teams, and then feed everyone dinner.
After Dinner I drove Princess and her two friends to the homecoming football game, when I got back DH took Mr Man to the town we grew up in football game while I stayed home with Little Man and Sweet Pea.
The three of us brought out sleeping bags and Pillows and had a movie night in the living room. We watched Marmaduke. Cute show the kids had fun with it..
both the younger two were asleep before DH and Mr Man got home, and Princess spent the night at her friend S.F. house..

Saturday Sept 25, 2010
This was going to be one crazy busy day. DH had to work and he left the house at 5:30am leaving me to deal with the crazy.
We had to be up and out the door around 8:30am, we left more like 8:45am for a 9am soccer game for Sweet Pea,

Then at 10:30am Mr Man had his soccer game
and in the middle of his game we had to get Little Man to his soccer field for his 11am soccer game..
PLUS it was ALL THREE of there snack day(don't ask me how they all ended up on the same day) but it sure made alot of stuff to remember and carry that morning. fter soccer, Princess had to get her hair done for the homecoming dance and get dress.. and I had to feed everyone lunch and then leave by 2pm to have Sweet Pea at her fastpitch travel softball practice which was an hour away.. This is where DH was going to meet me after work and as soon as he got there I was going to book it home to be back JUST in time for the 4:30pm homecoming pictures for Princess.
ONLY how it worked out was after Sweet Peas soccer game she started having PANDAS issues which I wasn't sure how bad they might get but we stayed and she worked through them for the rest of the soccer games, my grandma ended up being the one to go with Princess to get her hair done, and my Parents took the boys to spend the night at there house, While I stayed home caring for Sweet Pea.. She ended up falling asleep and sleeping a few hours in the afternoon and after she at a tiny bit of lunch. I called her softball coach and told him she wouldn't be there and then called DH and told him to head home after work not the ball fields.. DH got home from work at 4:15pm and I took off to meet up with Princess who was getting dressed with a group at her friends house.. and then the big group of them meet up at another friends house so we could get pictures. hen I got home Sweet Pea was back to her normal self, her brain was no longer under an attack.. and she wanted to go spend the night with my parents also since the boys were.. So I packed her up and drove her over there.. I got home around 7:30pm and DH and I ate dinner together.. he was extremely tired (worked 56 plus hours this week and last) and He was in bed by 9pm and asleep by 10pm...
I waited up for Princess to come home from the dance.. after she did she and her friend S.F. went back to the friends house to spend the night. and I went to bed.
Sunday Sept 27,2010
Got up got dressed, picked up Princess from her friends house drove back home picked up DH and headed off to church.. After church Sweet Pea and Little Man wanted to go back to my parents house to spend the afternoon, DH and Mr Man took off had lunch together, got an oil change in the car and picked up groceries and on there way home picked up Sweet Pea and Little Man.. They were gone till about 4:30pm
I got home after church Princess washed and dried her hair, then she and I went and got her hair all dolled up again, got her make up on and got her back into the homecoming dress, ate lunch somewhere in there also.. At 4pm we were off with another group of her friends who attend a different school for there homecoming dance, Princess went with a boy who is one of her friends who asked her.. They are ONLY friends, she went to her homecoming dance with an upper classman who likes her.
After getting her pictures I came back home and went over Awana verses with the kids, then it was off to PM church and Awanas.
After church feed the kids dinner let them watch tv a bit and then got them in bed.. Just in time for me to watch Desperate housewives and Brothers and Sisters, when that was over I had to go pick Princess up.. and I headed off to bed with a book.. and ended up reading till 1am.. So I'm just a tad tired today and I think I have a sinus infection which is never a good thing.. blah..
So there ya have it folks how I spent my weekend... busy as always..
I'll try to post the homecoming pics tomorrow it's it's own post..

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Still here

Hi Blogging world, I'm still here just very busy..
The 2nd week of school I got called for a 3 week long sub job which I just finished up this week, only on Friday got called and asked if I could do it another week.. So I said yes..

DH got called back to work last week and just finished up his 1st week back at work.. Praise the Lord for the call back after being laid off for 3 months.

Kids have alot going on which keep me jumping.. At the moment.. Princess is doing high school volleyball, and travel softball, Mr Man is doing soccer, Sweet Pea is doing Soccer and travel softball, and Little Man is doing soccer... all along with school and church... and tomorrow starts the 1st week of Awanas and youth group.

So my normal week day is get the kids and myself to school after school soccer practices and volleyball games, homework 9pm dinner and bedtime.

My weekends are not much better..:-)
Today.. 9am Soccer game for Mr Man, which ended at 10:30am
10am Soccer game for Little Man, 12pm Soccer game for Sweet Pea, came home cooked lunch ate lunch and got Princess and her friend S.F. to the high school to get on the bus for a 4:30pm Volleyball game,which I'm about ready to walk out the door to get to myself.
Tomorrow we have a 3 hour drive to get to Princess's travel softball games, and then tomorrow evening like 20 mins after we get home is the 1st night of Awanas..

so I'm just taking this quick moment to say hello and hopefully will find the time to start posting pictures and get back into the swing of things here at the blog...

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