Thursday, November 29, 2007

another contest.

Nesting Mama aka Elizabeth has a contest going on right now. She will be giving away 2 kids praise CD's If you interested head on over and check it out.

Throwback Thursday(christmas past #1)

Last December I did a few post of Christmases past. Back then I had all of 2 readers, reading my blog LOL. So for Throwback Thursday the next few weeks I'll be re sharing Christmas Past.

Part 1 you can read and see HERE

Part 2 you can see HERE

and the last one to share today is Part 3 you can view it HERE

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wordless Wednesday(11/28/07)

This is a picture of Princess over at my mom's house the day after Thanksgiving..
You can credit this work of art to my brother in law also.. He took this shot, like he has taken the last few pictures I have been sharing the past few days.
Happy WW.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A few family pictures from Thanksgiving.

Thought I would share a few group shots of my family that was taken by my sisters husband Thanksgiving.. These were after me and my 6 had our Thanksgiving with my in laws
The 1st one is of my parents with all there grandchildren. Sweet Pea and my niece A, were standing on little chairs.. Sweet Pea isn't that tall..
This next one is group shot of the 6 of us. Me, DH, Princess, Mr Man , Sweet Pea and Little Man. Mr Man didn't like that the girls got to stand on chairs so without me knowing it, he climbed up on a chair for this shot.. NO.. he is not normally that much taller then Princess LOL.
The Last one is the photo my grandpa has been wanting ALL SIXTEEN of US.
A Few thanksgiving back we did a group shot for Grandpa but since that picture was taken we have added two people to the family. Little Man and my niece Little E.
Let me introduce you to the family. Left to right top to bottom. Top row. DH, My Uncle J(my dad's brother), My Grandpa(aka Pa, he is my dad's dad), My Dad, My brother L. and my Brother in law D. Middle row, Princess, Me, My grandma(aka grammie, she is my dad's mom) My Mom, and My sister P. Bottom row, Sweet Pea, Little Man, Mr Man, my niece Little E, and my niece A.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Menu Plan Monday...

Monday Spaghetti, garlic bread and a salad

Tuesday breaded chicken breast, Au gratin potatoes and green beans.

Wednesday Marvelous Mini Meatloaves, mashed potatoes and corn

Thursday Lasagna green beans and apple sauce

Friday either ordering pizza or cooking the hot dogs I have up in the freezer. (right now I'm voting for pizza

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Decking the Blogs.

How cool is this??????
I was over reading Girl Gone Wild Bible Style and found this decking the blog link.
Well since I already decked my blog for Christmas I just had to click on the link.. This is what I found.

"Welcome to Deck the Blogs, Stacey's and Marie's first ever joint holiday anti-contest! We're challenging bloggers everywhere to get into the Christmas spirit and decorate your blogs like they've never been decorated before (and maybe that's a good thing)! Don't know how? It's a great time to learn. Don't have a blog? Email us your holiday photos and we'll post them right here!"

So now I get to enter there non contest contest and have another cool little linkey thing to put on my side bar...

Now isn't this cool..

What A Week(weekend reflection)

WOW what a week I have had.. It has been really busy, but really fun. My sister was home last week from TX, she was here with her family of 4.

Lets see where to start... hum hum hum.. How about on Tuesday of last week. Tuesday started off with getting the kids ready for school and Sweet Pea staying home from school because she was sick.. DH got home and started hanging up Christmas lights. Yes ya'll heard me right.. that was Christmas lights.. All those bags of Christmas lights we thought was taken from our garage was found.. Well all except one bag full of them.. So we will be not as bright as we were last year but we will still be lite... You all don't know how happy this makes me... Now if I could find the box of Christmas decorations for the tree I would be in great shape.. LOL..
Anyways back to Tuesday.. At lunch time my Sister and her oldest my niece A, come up and we went and ate lunch with Mr Man at school.. the plan was to eat with Sweet Pea and Mr Man but Sweet Pea wasn't doing well. After lunch and playing on the playground I dropped my sister and niece off at my grandparents went and took Princess and Mr Man out of school early and picked up Sweet pea and we were off to there dentist appointment.
Over all it was a good appointment.. Zero cavities for Princess, only one for Mr Man and Sweet Pea. The big news here is Princess needs braces. $
After the dentist we went and stopped by and said hello to my aunt, we haven't seen her in about 2 years so that was nice. Then I took the kids to McDonald's that has this really huge play land that they just love.. We got back home about 7pm Tuesday night and went to my grandma's house where my mom and sister were waiting for us..(they had kept Little Man while we were gone) That night Mr Man went to my mom's to spend the night along with my sister and her family and the girls spent the night with my grandma. Sweet Pea was feeling better by then.

Wednesday my sister and I got together over at grandma's again, this time was to try to get a group shot of all the grandkids for my mom. My BIL has this super cool camera.. I would tell ya what it is but I don't know.. but it is cool :)
He also does really good photos.. Here are the group pictures we took that day. He was also the one who took the picture of my 4 that I posted in my Thanksgiving post.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at <span class=

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at <span class=

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Thursday was Thanksgiving and I don't have my thanksgiving pictures online yet so I'll have to share those later.. But we started the day with the good old Macy's thanksgiving day parade and then headed over to my in laws house where we had lunch with MIL, FIL, DH's older brother and his 4 kids and DH's younger brother and his wife.. Then we sat around talking while the kids played and the guys watched football.
Next we headed over to my grandma to visit with my Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle, mom and dad, my brother, my sister her husband and there two girls.. after visiting for a bit we ate leftover thanksgiving dinner there. The kids had a ball playing with there cousins and most everyone left around 8:30pm and I think I got out of there around 9pm.

Friday No early bird shopping for me.. I tend to think you early bird black Friday shoppers are crazy... LOL.. going into stores when all those crazy people are in them scare me SNORT.... I did stop by Dicks sporting goods and Sears before heading to my dentist appointment though but didn't buy anything.
My Dentist appointment is a whole different story.. went in for x-rays and an exam and it took 3 hours.. THREE ****3***** HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So totally messing up the plans I had for the rest of the day.. So instead I came home picked up my antibiotic(for my tooth that is going to need pulled UGH) Then ate dinner then took Little Man over to my parents(the other kids were already there) I was at my parents till 8:30pm Got home at 9pm and thought about something I saw while at Sears so I ran back up and bought it.. then went and picked up a few groceries items and DH and I put them away at 11:30pm

Saturday I woke up not feeling to well, my poor little tummy(SNORT nothing little about my tummy LOL)was all upset and I couldn't figure out why I wasn't feeling sick before but now there I was feeling awful. but I got showered and dressed and DH and I headed out to his Aunts funeral it was nice they had it at the alliance here here in our town, the same place I got to MOPS at(if I ever could find time to make it to MOPS, haven't got to go at all this year so far) After the grave yard we went out to the dinner. It sounds funny to say it was nice seeing as one of DH's aunts just passed away,(one of the ones I just loved like crazy) but it was really nice getting to get caught up with all his family members some who we haven't seen in over 10 years.
Afterwards i was a mess my belly was so upset, I was vomiting and not doing well at the other end either.. THEN it hit me.. the antibiotic I'm on is totally messing me up ... I have been having trouble ever since I started it.. but I'm going to try to deal with it till it's gone.. if it gets too bad I'll call and ask for something different, but today I seem to be doing 50% better on it then I was yesterday so maybe by tomorrow I'll be use to it.

Today I got up unsure if I was going to make it to church or not due to how I was feeling.. but I chanced it and went.. Still not doing extremely well but the vomiting stuff is gone but the cramping is still here.. UGH what joy.
Tonight is Pajama night at Awanas.. maybe I'll remember to get some pictures of that, it should be fun.

Guess I'll end this book of a post now and go see what sort of food is in the house to come up with a menu plan for Monday..

Hope you all had a great weekend.

Christmas Blogging fun #1

Your Elf Name Is...

Flakey Stocking Stuffer

You Are Dancer

Carefree and fun, you always find reasons to do a happy dance.

Why You're Naughty: That dark stint you had as Santa's private dancer.

Why You're Nice: You're friendly. Very friendly.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Psalm117 O praise the LORD, all ye nations: praise him, all ye people.

For his merciful kindness is great toward us: and the truth of the LORD endureth for ever. Praise ye the LORD.

Wishing you all a wonderful day of Food, Family and Friends.. but may we not forget to Give Thanks to God for all he has blessed us with.

IThessalonians5:16-18 Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing.

In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Weekend Reflection (party weekend)

What a weekend we had.. Oh my goodness I don't even know where to begin. Guess Friday would be a good place. My morning started with getting the kids off to school, the it was time to hit the stores, I needed food, balloons, streamers, plates cups napkins.
For you See Friday was Mr Man's kids birthday party. My kids got out of school at 11:30am Thankfully my grandpa took Mr Man and Sweet Pea out to lunch for me while I got the house clean and decorated and got Little Man down for a Nap.. Princess did her normal thing of hanging out at the coffee shop with her friends... Then her and her friend G. came home and helped clean the girls bedroom. At 2pm all my kids were home and awake and G had gone home. At 3pm the doorbell rang and we had our 1st party guest.
The Boys played inside and then as more and more came outside became the place to play, until 4pm. At 4pm we loaded up the van and headed off to Chuck E Cheese.. an hour south of our house.. Let me just tell ya being one can get ALOT of stuff to blog when one is driving six, 7 and 8 year old boys on a trip like that..LOL.. we will save those stories for a different day.
We got to CEC at 5pm and the kids had a blast until 8:30pm. We had 2 adults, 6 boys and then my girls. We left Little Man with Great Grandma, that was the best idea I have ever had. There would have been no way it would have been as enjoyable as it was if I was chasing a 2 year old around that place.
All the kids had so much fun.. playing games collecting there tickets and getting to pick out there prizes. Oh yeah and pizza LOL.. Here is Princess showing off one super long string of tickets she had just won while playing ONE game.

I'll have alot more party pictures to come in the near future but today this is it, These were the ones I took with my cell phone. I haven't had the time to get the rest of the weekend pictures off of my camera and onto my computer yet.. been a bit busy this weekend and I don't see things slowing up until after thanksgiving.. but I'll get them online after that.

Back to the party.. We got home at 9:30pm did gifts, and then cake and by 11pm had all the boys in there night cloths and there sleeping bags laid out on my living room floor popcorn popped and lights out while they watched a movie.. by the end of the movie all boys were asleep except Mr Man.. and well he is my son so I could just tell him to go to bed and he HAS to listen LOL.

The boys woke up at 7:30am and ate breakfast and got there stuff together and party was over at 9am

At 9:45AM Princess had her last volleyball game.. due to parents not picking up there kids I didn't get to her game until 10am.. but I did get to see most of the game so it wasn't too bad..
We got home about 11am and DH had to drop princess off at a pizza joint here in town for the Volleyball pizza party.
Then when he got home we at lunch and started cleaning up from the party the night before and cooking for the party that was going to take place in a few hours.
It was Mr Man's family party. Where we invite the grandparents over for dinner and cake. Though this year My Sister drove in from TX with her husband and 2 girls. Mr Man was thrilled thinking they were coming in for his birthday(shhhhh we won't tell him there here for Thanksgiving LOL)

This party started at 4pm and lasted till late...

Sunday my Grandpa wanted to have the whole family together for dinner after church but didn't have time to get his basement set up to hold the 16 of us so asked me if I would have us all over again on Sunday I told him yes... but then Saturday he changed his mind he got the basement ready and on Sunday the party was at his place.

So Sunday morning we went to church and after church came home changed cloths and went to my grandparents house for lunch and the Browns game... OH MY Goodness talk about a great ending to a game.. 8)
After the games I came home and got ready for PM church and Awana's.. I took my nieces A to Awana's with my kids and she was a little scared so I ended up staying in Awana's with the kids so she wouldn't be afraid.. I got some cute pictures of that that once I get time I'll get online also.
After pm church we went back to grandma's and stayed a bit..
Then we came home and got my kids ready for bed since they had school today..

I know Monday is not a weekend but I'll share a bit of my morning today also.
Sweet pea woke up not feeling 100% but I sent her to school anyways because she didn't have a fever.. but by 10am she was back home and now she is laying on the couch. UGH...

I also called the insurance company today to check on Little Man's speech and IT IS covered 100% Praise the Lord. I have a $15 copay for the 1st visit and then he is allowed 20 visits per calender year.. Which means he can go once a week for the rest of this year and it is covered and then I have what like 5 months into 2008 that will be covered, and hopefully he won't need all of those weeks in 2008 before he is where he needs to bed for his age.
I love when the Lord Answers prayers..

Well that is it for my weekend reflection for the week.
Tomorrow my niece is going to eat lunch with my kids at school, hopefully Sweet Pea will be feeling better and can go to school, she has her Thanksgiving feast tomorrow where the kindergartners will dress as Indians and the 1st graders as Pilgrims and I really don't want her to miss that fun. Then I have to pull them out of school early to take them to there dentist appointment.. the older 3 all have cleanings tomorrow.
I'm sure I'm going to be busy the rest of the week with my sister up visiting..

Besides all of this happy news(well not Sweet Pea being sick) our family also got some sad news this weekend. Last Sunday DH's Aunt was life flighted to a big city hospital because she had a brain aneurysm .. she had surgery on Monday last week and they thought she would be ok, but by Tuesday she had an infection and Pneumonia and on Wednesday they induced a comma for her.. On Saturday during Mr Man's party My MIL got the call saying they didn't except her to make it though the night. On Sunday morning they pronounced her brain dead and by 2:30pm on Sunday she had passed away. This all came as such a shock, my MIL has been in shock pretty much all of this past week, because her SIL(the one who passed) was in perfect health and just full of life until this past Sunday. So Please Keep My MIL and her brother and his family in your prayers.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Little Man speech evaluation and some other stuff.

This afternoon Little Man had his speech evaluation done. If you remember I talked about his trouble HERE. The results are that in reception and understanding he is at his age level which is now 2 1/2 years old. (turned 2 1/2 yesterday) But his vocal communication is between 18 and 20 months age range.. I knew he wasn't where I thought he should be.. but in the last 6 months he has came a very very long way.. but due to him being almost a year behind where he should be we are going to try to do the speech therapy to get him ahead faster. This way if I put him into preschool in the fall he won't be behind and struggling. After going over his developmental and medical history they tell me they are 99.9% sure that this developmental delay was caused by his traumatic birth and the lack of oxygen he was able to get during that time. If you missed that story you can read it HERE. They were a little surprised he didn't have any other developmental delays other then his speech, Praise the Lord for that. Since he has started talking now and he is coming along with it now, they tell me he will be fine. He will learn to communicate like the rest of us but it will just take him longer to pick up and he would be a year behind his age. So the hope is with the speech he will get caught up to age level quicker and I could put him into preschool then in the fall if all goes well. Now I just need to check with my insurance to see if they will cover this or not.. I'm hoping since the problem was a medical reason why this is happening that it will be covered.. If Not we will just have to figure something out because I really want him to have this help to get to where he should be. He will start the week after Thanksgiving and go once a week until he is up to age level.

Mr Man had a good birthday today.. took treats to school and had a good old time. When he got to school he found this in his mail box from one of the girls in his class.. isn't it cute.. My little boy is getting cute little birthday notes from girls.. and this isn't even the girl who stuck to him like glue at the Halloween party this is a different little girl.. Sniff... he is growing up and the girls are coming around.. Everything for his party seems to be falling into place for tomorrow and for Saturday.. so life is good, EXCEPT its now cold again.. I was really hoping for warm weather for the party.. but hey what can I do..

Well good night all.

before I had a chance to hit publish post, Little Man came out of his bedroom saying "pee potty" So that normally means he needs to well you know go pee in the potty LOL.. so I stuck him on the toilet and he didn't pee.. No he didn't pee but he POOPED!!!!(sorry if this is TMI for you) Yes Yes Yes... this is the 1st time he has told me when he has to poop I'm just a tad excited about this.. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Brithday Mr Man(Throwback Thursday

Happy 8th Birthday Mr Man..
8 years ago today Mr Man entered into this world at 12:10pm He was 6 pounds 2 oz and 20 inches of pure love. Since that day He has brought me more joy then I can ever express.. Mr Man I love you more then anything.. Happy Birthday.

Thursday 13 (13 things by Mr Man)

Since today is Mr Man's birthday I told him he could do my T13 today. I told him to name 13 of his favorite things. Here they are.. Mr Man's Thursday Thirteen list.

2)Star Wars
3)pirates of the Caribbean
5)video Games
6) Art
10)Chuck e Cheese
11)Ryan's Steakhouse
12)Ceder Point
13)riding dirt bikes

Happy Birthday Mr Man.. and Happy T13 to the rest of you..

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wordless Wendesday(more trick or treat)

Thought I would share a few more pictures from trick or treating a few weeks ago..
The 1st two are of Little Man who had a blast this year.

The Next two are of Sweet Pea who was having a ball all dressed up as Tinkerbell

The Next two of Mr Man and his Jedi power with that light saberLast two were taken when we were still out trick or treating and ran into Princess and her friends

That's the End of my wordless(or not so) Wednesday Post..
Happy Hump Day

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Mothers Meme part 2

A while ago I did A mothers meme. which was all about my 1st pregnancy At the end of that I said one day I would have to do this for my other children also. Well today since Mr Man's birthday is in 2 days I thought now would be a good time to do this for him.

1. WAS YOUR PREGNANCY PLANNED? Yes.. We were trying to get PG for 2 years and I was taking clomid for a year of that. The doctor the month before I got PG told me the Clomid wasn't working and he was going to have to send me to a different doctor because there was nothing more he could do.. I begged him to let me give it one more try, he tried to talk me out of it but in the end agreed and that month I got PG with Mr Man.

2. WERE YOU MARRIED AT THE TIME? Yes for almost 5 years.

very very VERY excited


5. HOW OLD WERE YOU? 26 when I found out I was PG, 27 and 6 days old when I had him

6. HOW DID YOU FIND OUT YOU WERE PREGNANT? being on the colmid I was having blood work done around the time I should have ovulated. the 1st 11 months each month I was getting the call that NO they were sorry I did not ovulate. The last month I got the call saying why yes you did ovulate a little.. So I knew the date that it happened and 2 or 3 weeks later I took a home PG test. After 2 years of month after month after month of seeing the negative test result, then spending days crying my eyes out.. and knowing that this was our last shot at it(DH and I had made up our minds that if this last round of colmid didn't do the trick we were done we weren't going to try anymore) My heart just couldn't stand another negative test.. So I took the test and left the bathroom and DH was the one to read the test when it was time. He came out of the restroom with his eyes all shining so I just knew before he even told me that it was positive.

My parents, It was a Sunday morning and we waited for them to come into the church and we told them.. then everyone at church.. everyone knew the trouble I was having and was keeping us in there prayer so everyone was so excited. After church we went and told my in laws and then called my grandparents.

YES YES and YES.. I couldn't wait to find out.

November 30, 1999

OH heavens YES.. had it with all 5 of my pregnancies.. it started about 7 weeks along and lasted all day every day for 9 months. I lost 25 pounds with him before I started to gain it back.

grapes and apples they were about the only thing that tasted good to me and didn't taste to awful on there way back up.

No one I was too sick to worry about other people.. I was so darn sick I feel like I missed 9 months of Princess life and my mom, DH and my Grandma had to care for her during my PG.

A Boy

Not really. well maybe a little because I always wanted two girls so I could dress them in the cutest matching outfits and then sit back and ooh and awww over just how darn cute they looked LOL.. and since we were 100% sure this was our last child because I was never going to put myself though the fertility treatments again and all the heart break of not getting PG.. when I heard boy I sort of saw my dream of matching girls dresses being laid to rest and I grieved that for little while but was also very excited that I was going to have a nice little family of four with One girl and One boy.. what could be better then that.

Like I said above I lost 25 pounds from morning sickness before I started to gain. Then I gained that 25 pounds back but the doctor didn't count that as gain. After I got back to my starting weight I gained 25 pounds.


17. WAS IT A SURPRISE OR DID YOU KNOW? Only had the baby shower for the 1st PG.

Awful Awful morning sickness Then we almost lost Mr Man at birth. His cord was wrapped around his neck twice though out my whole Labor and delivery and with each contraction his heart rate would drop to 50 or lower.

In the hospital of the town I live

He was my shortest and easiest labor. At 3 in the morning I was uncomfy sleeping in my bed because Princess had climbed into the middle of it, So I got up and went and slept in Princess's bed.. I had just closed my eyes when I felt Princess climbing over me to sleep with me in her bed. Just as I wrapped my arm around her I felt the hardest kick ever right into my bladder and cervix and nothing thing you know I was wet the bed was wet everything was wet.. I wasn't sure if My water broke or if I had peed from getting kicked so hard.. went to the restroom and the water wouldn't stop at all.. My water had broke. I got to do the whole tv waking your hubby up in the middle of the night and saying "Honey It's Time" This was all at 3am I was in the hospital by 3:30am and Mr Man was born at 12:10PM So about 9 hours.

21. WHO DROVE YOU TO THE HOSPITAL? DH and Princess.. My parents meet us at the hospital to pick up Princess.

22. WHO WATCHED YOU GIVE BIRTH? DH the nurses and one really ticked off doctor

natural without a single tear, cut or stitch, The reason the doctor was so ticked off is because while he was at his office not the hospital One of the nurses checked me saw I was at 10cm and told me to push.. I pushed and Mr Man's head started to come out they saw the cord and she took her hand and pushed Mr Man back up inside of me and held him there and started to scream to get the doctor here STAT. and then all heck broke lose and there was doctors and nurses and people running all over my room. the doctor got there the nurse tried to put a gown on him and he tossed it to the ground and said he didn'thave time for that and he delivered Mr Man in a suit and gloves. He was none to happy with the nurses. It only took one more push then his head was out and the doctor unwrapped the cord, then he had me reach down and put my hands under Mr Man's arms and then had me pull him out the rest of the way. Then they rushed my baby off because he was barley breathing.. I didn't see Mr Man again for just over an hour.


27. HOW MUCH DID YOUR CHILD WEIGH?? 6 lbs 2 oz and 20 inches long

28. DID YOUR CHILD HAVE ANY COMPLICATIONS? Yes his cord and that he was hardly breathing, after they got him breathing, he had to be on Oxygen for about an hour. But after that he was fine.


DH picked his real name, but here on my blog I'll just call him Mr Man.

31. HOW OLD IS YOUR FIRST BORN TODAY? 7 years 11 months and 29 days

guess I'll get to my last 3 PG on another day.

Have a wonderful Tuesday Everyone.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Menu Plan Monday(11/12/07)

Monday: Spaghetti and garlic bread
Tuesday: Little smokies and chicken nuggets, corn and apple sauces
Wednesday: Roasted Chicken Au gratin potato's with green beans
Thursday: Mini meatloaf, mashpotatos, broccoli and corn bread
Friday: Pizza at Chuck E Cheeses for Mr Man's kids birthday party
Saturday: Mr Man's family party not sure what all I'm cooking for that yet
Sunday: left over party food.
For more menu plan Monday post, visit Laura's blog!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Weekend Reflection(11/9-11/11 2007)

This was a fun and busy weekend. Friday was my 35 birthday we really didn't have any birthday plans. Friday after school the kids all gave me there little gifts they made such as pictures they made for me or cards they made. Then I dropped the boys off at my grandparents where they would wait for my mom and dad to pick them up because they were spending the night with my parents(my dad was taking them to his barber for haircuts Saturday morning. The boys like doing this with there grandpa)
After dropping the boys off the girls and I came home and got ready to go to Princess's softball practices. This was her 1st indoor Practices with this team.. We sort of figured since it was at a college there would be places for Sweet Pea and I to sit while Princess practices(like there was at the place she did indoor winter practices with her old team) So DH, the girls and I took off around 5:30pm for that.. It only takes 30 minutes to get there but since this was our 1st time going we left early to find the place.. Once we got there we found it wasn't very big and there was no place to sit or even let Sweet Pea play.. so around 6:30pm when Practices got under way Sweet Pea and I took off to a near by Mall and DH stayed with Princess. I LOVE going to the mall with my girls.. both of them are such little shoppers it is just so much fun to have them telling me what is cool and what is no LOL.
After the Mall we got back right on time to pick up DH and Princess. It was 8:30pm and we had not had dinner yet.. we looked at what was right there off the exit we were on but didn't see anything we liked so we drove towards home and ate at Friendly.. YUM.... after dinner and Ice cream we got home around 11pm and everyone just passed out we were all so tired.
As for birthday goodies here is what I got.Here is the skirt close up.. don't you just love this???Then I also got this... OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! this is the best thing ever.. My nails have never in my life looked this good.. I would recommend it to everyone.. It is super. I saw it at the mall a while ago and the people there did two of my nails and that is when I fell in love with it.. but didn't want to spend money on myself. But I know it works.. because those two nails stayed shinny for two weeks and nothing I did made them un-shinny.. I just don't think I can tell you all how excited I am over this. :)To Find out more about this you can CLICK HERE.

On Saturday we had another busy day. In the morning Princess had a volleyball game. They lost the 1st match but came back to win the next two. Princess got all but one of her serves in giving her team 20 points off her of serves. After volleyball we went grocery shopping when we got home my parent and the boys were here waiting for us. Then we spent the next 6 hours getting my other birthday present in and all hooked up. My new(to us) refrigerator It's a side by side with ice and water in the door.. and that is what took so long.. we didn't have water going to our old one so we had to run waterlines under the crawl space and into the basement and up though the kitchen floor and then once dad got all that done it was leaking so we had more work along with a few trips to home depot But by 7pm tonight it was all hooked up and working.. we also got the wall there painted and boarder hung. I still have 1/2 the kitchen to take paper off of and get into a project but with Mr Man's birthday party coming up I'm going to not get into that until after his parties.
Sunday was a day of rest well sort of.. We got up and went to church in the morning came home and had chicken and jojo's for lunch(no cooking, see resting) Then I went and took a nap with Little Man slept a good hour which was sooooooooooooooo nice(see more resting) Then I started trying to figure out how I'm going to set up my dinning room for the birthday party. A few months back I turned part of the big dinning room into a little family room with a couch and rocker. This is making things hard for a party. I normally set up the dinning room for parties with my dinning room table in a corner to put all the food on buffet style and then set up a folding table and chairs that seats 8 in the middle of the dinning room for people to eat around.. ONLY NOW I have a couch in there and no place to move things around. If I turn and put the couch up along the front wall I can put my dinning room table along a wall and have room for the folding table.. but that makes the room look sort of small and crowded.
My other option is to move the couch into the living room and place it up ageist my fireplace for the party and still have the big open space for buffet style eating in my dinning room.. BUT this will make the living room look much smaller, but it would give extra seating for people in there to sit around and talk.. I moved thing around and then moved it all back I still don't know what I'm going to do yet
Then there was church/Awanas tonight
They got Sweet Pea all her stuff and gave it to her this week, she was happy. She also said all her verses again this week.
Then we gave a call out to AAA. We decided to get the Van fixed. My dad wanted to look under it before the tow truck guy took it.. So he came over and got under it. Are you ready for this.. IT WASN'T the transmission after all. We some how broke the drive shaft in 1/2. Still going to need repaired and towed but isn't going to cost nearly as much as a transmission would.
So we got it pulled to the garage tonight and they will take a look at it tomorrow..
I might be able to have it back before Mr Man's birthday party with his friends on Friday which would be wonderful seeing how I have to take these boys out to Chuck E Cheese and putting them all in my van will be easier then having to drive two cars.
So all in all this was a great weekend. fun birthday stuff, got the fridge all hooked up and the van isn't as bad as we thought it was..
Hope you all had a great weekend also.

Saturday Fun.

found this over at Curmudgeonry

cash advance

Next I'm entering to win a free candle again.. I didn't win last month so thought i would give it a shot this month..
This months candle is Winter Candle Apple.
Autumn Apples wrapped in a hard sugar candy with sweet caramel.
You can enter to win also over at Is That A Free Candle I smell
Just mentioned that you found your way over there by way of my blog. :)

And Last.. Miss Sniz has tagged me..

Here are the rule.
Devise a list of 5-10 courses you would take to fix your life. It’s more fun to be in classes with friends, so include one class from the person who tagged you that you’d also like to take. Tag five.

The class I'll take with Miss Sniz is this
1)Building Addictions To Housework
This would be a pharmaceutical class that would facilitate the use of synthesized hormones that have been found in women who love to clean. It would also teach how to use aversion therapy to train the body to not enjoy sitting and reading a good book, or watching a great black and white movie.

2)Keeping it clean 101
This class goes hand in hand with the Building Addiction To Housework.. It will teach fun and innovated ways to keep that house clean after your husband and children come home from work and school and after passing this you can move on to next

3)Picking up after your 2 year old.
nothing more need be said here.

4)How to be 6 places at once..
Learn how to be at your oldest softball game, your 8 year old basketball game, your 5 year old birthday party and your 2 year old play date, Lets not forget your DH Christmas party and still have the time to hang out with the girls for girls night out.

5)More money without trading time
In this class we can show you how to make more money without having to invest anymore time. No more trading time for money.. Not even to get started. There is nothing to buy, no start up cost and more importantly no meetings to attend.

Well guys.. enjoy your Saturday and if you join in on any of these fun blog things.. let me know so I can go check them out.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Faith-lift Friday (Birthday edition)

Encourage others and yourself! Share a scripture, quote, devotional, lyrics, or anything that has blessed you and strengthened you in your faith.Don't forget to grab the button and to link back to Sheryl's post

Today is my Birthday, Happy Birthday too me.. :)
When my kids think of birthdays they think of gifts..
What Greater Gift is there then the Lord Jesus Christ.

I Corinthians 15:3&4 For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures;And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:

I'm 35 years old today.. Just for fun I give you this. The 35 book of the Bible, 3rd chapter 5th verse.

Habakkuk 3:5 Before him went the pestilence, and burning coals went forth at his feet.

Happy Friday Everyone.. Have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Sweet Pea's very 1st report card(plus the older 2)

Ok my loyal readers.. read if you wish but this post might put you all to sleep.
I type it out only for my child to read one day..
yesterday they all came home with there 1st report card of the 20007/2008 school year.

This is Sweet Pea's very 1st report card ever.
She is in Kindergarten this year and they grade as followed.

E = Exceeds expectations
S+ = Satisfactory, shows extra effort
S = Satisfactory
S- = Satisfactory, inconsistent effort
U = Unsatisfactory

Here is what Sweet Pea got.
Work Study Skills
Follows directions
Completes assignments on time
Stays on Task
Finishes work neatly
Works independently
Puts forth effort
Participates in classroom activities
Accepts responsibility for belongings
Is courteous and considerate
Demonstrates self-control-
follows school and classrooms rules

Nine weeks Grade
Identifies shapes
Recognizes numerals---------E
counts orally--------------------E
Extends a pattern.--------------E

Nine Weeks Grade

Demonstrates Phonemic Awareness
Identifies rhyming words--------------------E
Identifies letters of alphabets----------------E
Identifies sounds of letters--------------------S

Applies Reading Strategies
recognizes sight words

Writing Process
nine week grade
prints name correctly

Social Studies

Nine weeks grade
completes projects----------------------------E
demonstrates understanding of concepts-

nine week grade
Actively participates--
Skills/demonstrates understanding of concepts--S+

Phys Ed
Nine week grade-
displays good conduct/sportsmanship-
Actively participates-

Moving on to Mr Man who is a 2nd grader this year.. They grade in the same way as Kindergarten did, except they throw a few A,B, C's grades in there also.

Here is his report card

Nine weeks grades
Applies phonics skills
Recognizes and understand vocabulary
Demonstrates comprehension strategies-S+
Reads fluently with expression


Nine week grade-

Writing composition
nine weeks grade-------------------------E
uses correct capitalization and punctuation-
organizes and expresses ideas in writing--------E
Applies correct grammar and usage------------E
applies spelling skills------------------------S+
Legible manuscript handwriting-

nine week grade
Understands concepts----------S+
Applies computations skills-------E
Applies problem solving strategies---S+
completes homework on time

Social studies-------------E

Health/ Sciences-

Nine week grade-
completes projects -------------E
Demonstrates understanding of concepts--E

nine weeks grade--------------------S+
Actively participates---------------S+
Skill/demonstrates understanding of concepts--S+

Phys Ed
nine week grade-
displays good conduct/sportsmanship
actively participates--

Study skills and conduct

works accurately-
listens to and follows directions---S+
uses self-control------------------S+
General school conduct--------S+
completes work on time--------E
keeps materials and school work organized--E
works well with others. ---------S+

Princess is in the 6th grade this year. She was working towards all A's for the whole year so she is bummed out about her report card.. But I still think she did really well.
Her school grades in the A, B, C's plus point's a 5= Excellent, 4= Good, 3=Average, 2 = poor, 1= conference Needed. Here is how Princess did

Language Arts
nine weeks grade------------------B+
comprehends what is read-------5
Applies reading strategies-------4
uses writing strategies-------------4
homework completion------------5
Class room behavior.--------------5
comment: Great job this quarter. Keep up the good work!

Nine weeks grade----------------------A
Uses problem solving and reasoning strategies---5
Organization skills--------------------5
Applies math concepts--------------5
Classroom behavior------------------5
Comment: Princess is a wonderful math student.

Nine week grade------------------------B+
Comprehends concepts--------------4
Masters investigation and experimentation--4
homework quality and completion--------5
Organization skills-------------------5
Classroom behavior-----------------5
comment: Keep up the good work!

Social Studies
Nine Weeks grade------------------------A
Applies concepts------------------------5
Demonstrates and understanding of citizen responsibilities----5
Compares/contrast various culture------5
Classroom behavior----------------------------5
Comment Doing a great job keep up the hard work.

Nine week grade----------A
keyboarding skills-------5

Choir -------------------A

Princess's ABLE report card is next.
ABLE grades in O=outstanding, G=good, S=Satisfactory and U=unsatisfactory

akes imitative --------------------------O
Works well independently-----------O
Uses time wisely-------------------------O
Completes work neatly and on time-----O
Avoids distracting others--------------------O
Assumes professional attitude about assignments---O
Uses imagination and creativity when dealing with topics--O
Shows self confidence-------------------------O
Takes pride in projects and work---------O
Takes direction well--------------------O
Works well with classmates.

Comment: Princess has done excellent work on the school newspaper in ABLE this period. She is funny and creative and that comes through in her writings , especially lately. Princess's work has been done on time and behavior in class is very good.

Throwback Thursday #9

Since my birthday is tomorrow, I thought I would throw it back to one of my birthday past. The Year was 1984. It was mine and my sister birthday party with my mom's side of the family.
The people in this top pic from L to R back row, My mom, her sister Aunt D aunt D's husband(uncle C) and my mom's mom my grandma. Center Row L to R. My cousin KJ, My Brother L, and my other cousin D. In the Front row me at my 12th b-day party and my sister at her 10 year party.(My birthday November 9 My sister's is November 1) Don't you just love those big glasses I'm supporting LOL what was my parents and I thinking LOL. OH Man I just thought of something even better then my hair cut and my glasses, you see the matching shirts me and my sister have on, well they were part of our birthday gifts from my grandma(she also got my cousin KJ her shirt) and it just didn't come with the shirt, they came with matching leg warmers in the same lovely color of blue with the different color strips and the unicorns on them. I though they were cool, I was such a nerd. LOL

For more Throwback Thursday posts, check out the Pinks & Blues Girls Blog.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #17(all she wants for christmas)

By now I'm sure most all of you have received the Toys R Us Big Toy book in the mail. If not I'm so sorry you are missing all the fun of watching the kids grab pens and markers and crayons to mark everything they want for Christmas..
My book came in the Mail last week and since then I have been to Toys R Us to pick up 4 more.
You know one for each kid and one for me to keep and look at.
Tonight(Wednesday night) while watching Little Man flipping pages in the Big Toy Book and getting all excited about what he saw, I had the idea to grab the nearest Toys R Us big toy book and make a list of 13 things that was marked as stuff they wanted for Christmas.

The book that was next to me was Sweet Pea's, she has her name written across the front of it. So the List you will see today will be a list of 13 things Sweet Pea marked as stuff she would like for Christmas. All items are click able links in case you wondering, what is that.. :)

1)Etch- A- Sketch

2) Fisher- Price Puppy Grows and knows your name

3) Leapfrog Leapster

4) VTECH Nitro Notebook

5) Crayola Masterworks Art Case

6) Fisher-Price Light sketcher

7) Disney Princess Enchanted tales pop-up story book playset

8) Imaginarium Glitter Suite dollhouse

9) Baby Alive wet's n wiggles with bonus pack

10) Disney Tinker bell Mix Stick

11) Barbie Island Princess sing along styling head

12) High school musical Gabriella and Troy doll

13) Polly Pocket Pollytastic Bus

There ya have it folks.. Happy Thursday to you all.

Wordless Wednesday(11/7/07)

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

who do you look like part 2

The girls thought this was fun so wanted to make one of there own.
Here is one for Sweet Pea

and here is one for Princess

I thought it was pretty cool that both girls have this Alizee person as the one they resemble the most.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Who Do You Look Like.

I found this over at Shaunda's blog It looked like fun so I thought I would give it a go. Go ahead give it a try and let me know if you did.. It will be fun to come over and see who you look like.

Menu Plan Monday.(11/5/07)

Thought I would get this up and posted even though it is late in the day. I have had a busy morning. Phones about the van and trying to figure out if we will have it fixed or not. It was also my Monday to work in Sweet Pea's classroom at school which was really fun. I love helping in the kids class rooms. Then playing with Little Man when I got home.. and cleaning up some I have birthday parties coming up this month and want to get the carpets cleaned soon for that so I'm trying to keep the floors cleaned up so I can get the steam vac and get a move on that.

So onto my MPM..

Monday-- Frozne Lasagna salid and garlic bread.(tonight I have a parents meeting for Princess's basketball team.. OH did I post she had try out last week and made the 6th grade girls basketball team??)

Tuesday-- I'm doing a Pot Roast that I didn't get to last week in the crock pot with veggies

Wednesday-- baked chicken breast mashed potato and gravy and steamed broccoli

Thursday-- Hot Dogs on the grill green beans and apple sauces.(I have parent teacher meetings all evening this night)

Friday-- either fried chicken corn and sweet potatoes.. OR I'm going out to eat.. the plans are not set in stone yet.. but it is my birthday ONLY Princess has her 1st indoor softball practices that night about 35 minutes from here.. it goes from 6:30 to 8:30 DH told me to come along and afterwards we would go get a bit to eat.. but I don't know if I want to sit at the practices that long if I have the other kids with me.. we will see.

For more menu plan Monday post, visit Laura's blog!


I forgot to add one of the Ups from the weekends ups and downs..
It's about our big tv that was in our living room which died 2 months ago has been sitting in my dinning room waiting for DH to get well enough and heal enough from his surgery to help my dad lift it and take it our garage to wait for big pick up day.. My Dad and DH was going to move it to the garage Saturday.. when my mom said, why don't you plug it in and see if it is working before you get ride of it... WELL DUHHHHHH mom I tried for weeks to get that thing to turn on with no luck.. I figured it was done for and no amount of banging on it was going to help and with the price of TV's anymore it would be cheaper to get a new one then get this fixed.. be my guess if you want to try but your waisting your time.. BOY WAS I WRONG!!!!!!!!!
That silly TV turned right on and has been working ever since.. So DH and Dad moved our bedroom tv back to our bedroom(it has been in our living room since the big one stopped working) and then carried the big on back to the living room.. I still don't have a clue why the thing wouldn't turn on for two months but hey it is working perfectly now..

Happy Monday ya'll