Monday, September 24, 2007

A few random things from today.

Little Man had a doctors appointment this morning. It was a recheck on his speech. I don't remember if back in May I wrote that He just didn't talk at all, he would toss out a mama or a dada here and there and maybe a NO once in a while.. but he really wasn't talking. The doctor wanted to give it a few months and see how he would come along with it..
Here we are in Sept. and I'm happy to say he is talking.. Not where I think a kid his age should be but he is talking 100% more then he was back in May. The doctor still think it would do him good to have some evaluations done to make sure there is no problem and maybe see if we can bring him further faster. So on this coming Monday Little Man will be having a hearing evaluation. I'm 99% sure his hearing is fine, because he can follow directions really well(when he wants too) but they still want to check him for some hearing lose. Then they want to evaluate his speech, but there is a small waiting list for that so I'm not sure when they will do that.

I don't know what is up with the kids doctors office lately. Friday Mr Man had an appointment and it took about 2 hours to see the doctors.. that is a whole different story in and of it's sell which I do have pictures off because I had both boys with me stuck in a little exam room and they were board so we started taking goofy pictures with my cell phone. Maybe I'll post some of them later this week. Then today my appointment was at 11:20am. I got back into the exam room really quickly.. ONLY to sit back there till 12:30pm before the doctor came in.. I mean how do you keep a 2 year old happy in a tiny little room like that for that long.. UGH UGH UGH.
By the time the doctor got to us Little Man was a bear I even had to sort of raise my voice at him and tell him to STOP. which I don't think my doctor has ever heard me to to any of my kids in the last almost 12 years that he has been my kids doctor. Think I put him into shock LOL.
I sort of wonder if the doctor would have showed up when my appointment time was if Little Man would have to see the speech people because when we 1st got there he was the sweetest little thing ever, talking up a storm, telling everyone hi and bye and pointing at things in the book we were reading and repeating the names of things. OH well guess having things checked out won't hurt anything.
Also while we were in the doctors office Little Man asked to go potty 3 different times.. and he went on the toilet all 3 times.

Onto Sweet Pea. Those of you who know her knows she still sort of have a baby-ish(for lack of a better term) talk sort of tone in her voice and there are about 3 or 4 letters that she still messes up when she talks.. like her C's sound like T's sounds.. like she will say WWW dot tom instead of com. When I try to correct her just by a friendly reminder of me repeating the word correctly she gets all shy and will stop talking for hours at sometimes.
Today when I picked her up from school her teacher told me she wants to refer her to the school speech therapist. I think this is a good thing because maybe they can help her with the letters she is having trouble with.. but at the same time.. I hate for her to be pulled out of classes to have this done. Both DH and I had to do this when we were Sweet Peas age also. Though I remember my speech teacher as being mean and nasty and always hurting my feelings and I felt awful every time she had to keep correcting me. I really don't know if my teacher was mean and nasty maybe she was just trying to help me say things correctly.. but that was the impression I got and I remember feeling embarrasses 1st that I had to be pulled out of class for this and then like I said felt awful when she told me I was doing it wrong.
I pray Sweet Pea will never feel like that.. but I sort of think she feels that way when I try to correct her myself, so I worry about her now with this. I'll leave this in Gods hands and pray that he does His perfect will in this matter, trusting that His way is best.

Mr Man left his homework at school again today, He didn't pick up on this I did while i went though his back pack.. So I took him back up to the school so he could get it. This was his 2nd time this year doing this. We had a little talk that he has to be more responsible about this sort of stuff and that next time I won't take him back up to the school to get it. Well I told him if he forgot it and he is the one to remember shortly after leaving school that OOPES I left this mom then I'll take him back.. but if he doesn't and I"m the one who finds that he didn't Then he will just have to pay the price, which is missing recess to go to the homework room to do the homework that he didn't do the night before. I think our talk will stick and he will take more time to make sure he got what he needs before he comes home.

Princess had volleyball practices tonight.. she isn't too thrilled with her team. There is no one she really knows on it and she doesn't think any of them has played volleyball before.. OH the joy of rec league volleyball..

So there are the random thing from my day today.
Good night all.. See you in the world of blogs tomorrow.


Marz said...

Awww... bummer about the speech therapist. Hopefully her therapist will be more sensitive to her needs.

Good luck with the hearing test! I'm sure he'll do just fine.

Good idea on the homework, I think your talk will definitely stick.

Have a great day!

MomOf3 said...

My goodness you had a busy day! It is so hard to take kids to appointments in general and when you throw all of that waiting time in, it is unbearable! Good luck with the speech stuff. I had speech because I could not pronounce my "r"s. It was a bit embarrassing at the time but I was better for it in the end. Let us know how she does!