Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Injury Reports and Who's Who

I have been a mom for 11 years 8 months now, and a mom to a school age child for the last 7 years. ONLY today was a first for me in two sort of school related things, both dealing with my girls.

The first, first was I had an Injury Report sent home for me to sign and return to school tomorrow. Thankfully it wasn't a major injury but come morning Sweet Pea is going to have on big shiner. The paper read

Injury Report:
Dear Parent,
This is to report that Sweet Pea was injured at school.
Injury: Another child came down the slide and their foot ran into Sweet Pea's cheek at recess.
Treatment: Ice
Treated by: Office
Please sing and return this notice. Thank you Miss O.
Pretty dontcha think??

The second, first sort of school related thing, came in the mail today to the Parents of Princess.

Dear Princess and Parents,
Congratulations! Princess has been nominated for recognition in the 2007-2008 Who's who Registry of Academic Excellence(Middle School Edition). This esteemed publication features only the most elite students in the nation based on exceptional academic success and overall achievements for their age group.......

The letter went on and on.. so I won't type it all out.. but this was a 1st for us also.

So before Princess went to bed tonight she and I filled out her online application and we should know in 2 to 3 weeks if she will be accepted into the Who's Who Registry of Academic Excellence.


MomOf3 said...

AWESOME! Way to go, Princess!

Anonymous said...

Hi folks. Received a similar letter and am researching before exposing my 13 year old boy... Do you have any followup/research you can share to Who's Who...? I found these on a GOOGLE search - not conclusive but reason for me to keep asking question. God bless.. George and Allison in Lago Vista Texas... used the search string "who's who publications Academic Excellence Middle School Edition"... got your site and this and more...