Saturday, September 08, 2007

Thank you all for your prayers.

Sorry it took so long to do an update, but I wanted to get all the information I could before I posted again. Thursday morning I posted right after talking to DH on the phone and not talking with the nurses or doctors and just went on what he thought he heard. Silly me :)
They were doing test to check for cancer on him, but the reason wasn't because of his blood work numbers being off(which they were) It was due to there being blood in his stole.

After a long day in the hospital waiting for them to take DH down for this procedures(they said 8am then it got pushed back to 10, then to 11:45 they never called to push it back later but he didn't get down there till noon) Everything looks great.
Yesterday they did an colonoscopy and also scoped his whole upper and lower GI. trying to figure out if there was anything more then the virus and gallbladder issues going on. The doctor told me afterwards that there was some irritation in about 4 spots that he biopsied but that he didn't see any concerns. DH later came right out and asked him if there was any cancer and the doctor said he didn't see anything that would make him think that. We should know the results of the biopsied stuff by Thursday of next week.
DH is feeling 99% better, he still has the virus issues that has him running into the bathroom but nothing like he did last week or earlier this week.(Little Man had this trouble for 16 day right before DH became sick.) BUT since DH was able to keep food down(well a liquid diet at the hospital) and he was feeling better and all his test results(except his liver) came back good, They let him come home last night for the weekend.
He goes back to see the doctors on Monday to get the results of the last blood work they took on him before he left and also to set up a time for his surgery to remove the gallbladder. I'm 99% sure that will be on Tuesday or Wednesday. I guess his blood work that came back on Friday showed his liver numbers doubled in a bad way, meaning the gallbladder still needs to come out ASAP.
I would have thought Monday but they didn't set it up that way, they set it up where he is talking to doctors on Monday to make sure he is strong enough and hopefully by Tuesday or Wednesday he will be having that done.

ohhhh I almost forgot to tell you that while being scoped yesterday they found he has a Hiatal hernia.
Also they did send him home with medicine. A Potassium tablet he needs to take twice a day and flagyl which is an antibiotic which he takes 4 times a day
Once again Thank you for your prayers.


Fantastagirl said...

Whew.... what a relief no cancer is such an awesome thing!

I am sure they will get that gallbladder out asap!

Hugs & Prayers are continuing.

Midlife Mom said...

Thank you God for a good report of no cancer!!!!!!!! Thank you for the update, I know it's hard to find time to get on the computer when all this stuff is going on at home. Sounds like they have things under control and as soon as that gallbladder comes out he will be a new man. Know that your bloggy friends care and have the prayers going for DH and you!

annie said...

Glad everything is okay!

palmtreefanatic said...

Praise God there is no Cancer!!!!
You must be feeling the stress and pressures!
Know that we are praying and are here for you if you need anything!

Mama C said... heart and prayers to you and the family. Great to hear it's good news. How very scary. It will all be alright because I said so and you know....I have secret healing powers. ;-)

Marz said...

Wow! that's wonderful news, you must be so relieved.

Heather said...

Oh I was soo worried for you all. I am so glad it wasn't the worst. I really was nervous about it. Thanks for the update and I will continue to pray for him and your family as he prepares for the surgery. Hope he is 100% in no time:)

Stayllo said...

Thank goodness!!!! Prayer does work!!! Congratulations!!

Lori_N said...

Great news, KC! That's got to be such a relief that it isn't cancer.

God is good!

Mama Pajama said...

Oh my goodness! What fabulous news! Hang in there...things will settle down. I will keep your family in my prayers!

MomOf3 said...

I am so glad that it isn't what you thought it was. Please update us! Thinking of you all! :)