Wednesday, April 29, 2009

~T13~ Spring Break Recap Day 6 part 3(day 3 in TN)

Over the last couple of weeks I have been sharing with you all a Recap of our Spring break 2009. I know it has been taking a while to get though these but as you know I'm picture happy :-)
Today I'm still posting about Day #6 of our Spring break. Part #1 was our trip to Townsend TN you can read and see pictures HERE Part #2 was our tip into the mountain to hike by some water falls, you can see the pictures from that Here. This is part #3
After we got back from our drive we went and ate lunch the one time on this trip that we ate out, we stopped by Long John Silvers and got a family meal feeding 6 of us for under $20 that is always a good thing. :-) Then we went back to the room, the girls got interested in an ICarly show so I stayed in the room with them and Little Man, while DH and Mr Man went out walking a little, there was a car show going on for the upcoming weekend and they went and checked out some cars. After that we spent a few hours down at the pool.
Here are the pictures of Day #6 After lunch and before dinner(there will be a part 4 tomorrow showing what we did after dinner and though out the evening)

Since today is Thursday I'll give this to you in T13 style.


#7 Mr Man by our hotel sign
#8 The indoor pool where we spent alot of time since it was too cold to swim in the super cool with water slide outdoor pool



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I'm missed greatly..

It has been ONE WEEK.. that is 7 days and 3 hours since my baby left home to go to TX with my parents to visit with my sister and her family.
Well I talked to him on the phone a bit ago and I said to him.. "mommy misses you alot, and I love you.. Do you want to come home and see mommy soon?"
There was a pause before he answered and then he said
"ummm NO"
LOL I feel so loved.. I'm so glad he is having such a great time and that he isn't home sick.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

~WW~Spring Break Recap Day #6 part 2(Day 3 in TN)

Yesterday in my Day #6 part 1 post I told you all on Wednesday April 15, 2009(which was day #6 of spring break 09) we took a drive into Townsend TN. and stopped at a mountain spring or as i called it the water hole you can read about that HERE Then we thought we would head back by way of Gatlinburg, along our ways we passed some really pretty waterfalls.. This is the 1st one I saw in time to snap a picture of as we were driving by. The 2nd one is the one we were looking for really.. We had passed it a few years ago and this time wanted to stop and get some pictures. So when we spotted it we pulled along side of the road and got out(well except Princess who wasn't feeling well that day so at our stops along the way she stayed in the van sleeping) These are the pictures I took at the 2nd water falls.

walking back to the van we found this guy, he really wasn't friendly, he turned on me and I thought he was going to attack.

This was the 3rd water falls we came across but everyone was tired and hungry and ready for lunch so we didn't stop.. next time maybe.

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring Break Recap Day #6 part 1(day 3 in TN)

Wednesday April 15 2009 was day 6 of our spring break. It was also day 3 in TN. We woke up ate breakfast and was hoping for warm weather but it never came.. We waited in the hotel room a bit to see if it would warm up. The kids played some cards and bunco and watched some TV while we waited but it never did get warmer.

since it didn't we figured we would go ahead for a drive to has some really pretty sights.
It's normally where we head when we go tubing but way to cold for anything like that this trip.I went a little picture crazy this day taking over 170 pictures.. NO I won't share them all with you.. but I do have alot to share so I'm going to make these post over the next few days.. Are 1st stop I don't know if it has a name I call it the water hole LOL.. Today I'll share with you all the pictures I took there.. Then tomorrow I'll share with you this wonderful waterfalls we found just along side the road as we were driving back to the hotel. So make sure to stop by it was beautiful and you won't want to miss it.. OK back to the water hole.

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