Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring Break Recap Day #6 part 1(day 3 in TN)

Wednesday April 15 2009 was day 6 of our spring break. It was also day 3 in TN. We woke up ate breakfast and was hoping for warm weather but it never came.. We waited in the hotel room a bit to see if it would warm up. The kids played some cards and bunco and watched some TV while we waited but it never did get warmer.

since it didn't we figured we would go ahead for a drive to has some really pretty sights.
It's normally where we head when we go tubing but way to cold for anything like that this trip.I went a little picture crazy this day taking over 170 pictures.. NO I won't share them all with you.. but I do have alot to share so I'm going to make these post over the next few days.. Are 1st stop I don't know if it has a name I call it the water hole LOL.. Today I'll share with you all the pictures I took there.. Then tomorrow I'll share with you this wonderful waterfalls we found just along side the road as we were driving back to the hotel. So make sure to stop by it was beautiful and you won't want to miss it.. OK back to the water hole.

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