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Weekend Recap April 3-5, 2009

Another week gone by another Weekend Recap to write. The first weekend of April 2009.. WOW is it really April already, goodness.

We had a busy weekend but it was fun for the most part.
Friday April 3, 2009

What a day.. if there was ever a day to crawl back into bed and pull the covers over your head it was Friday. It was cold and dark and raining all day, and I'm am sooooooo not a fan of rain.. But I had far to much work needing done to crawl back into bed. I had 11 loads of laundry looking at me, I needed to get the house some what picked up and in order and I needed to pack for 5 people, DH could pack for himself. See the game plan was to run to walmart pick up the stuff we needed for the weekend, then pick the kids up from school(well two of them had plans with friends after school) then take the younger two over to my parents to spend the weekend and Mr Man when he got home from his friends was going to spend the weekend with my grandparents. Then I was going to finish cleaning my house, pack up the van and go to sleep early because we had to get up around 5AM to go to Princess Volleyball tournament. But That isn't how things happened.

True I started the day with laundry and cleaning(though I didn't get all the cleaning done) by 2pm I still didn't have the packing started because I was waiting till all the laundry done so I could have all the cloths to choice from when it came to packing. But at 2:15pm We needed to head out to WalMart to pick up the lunch meat, and the cheese and the rest of the stuff we planned to eat this weekend(you know not wanting to spend money while there in the tournament so we packed the ice chest and took all our food with us) We were pushing it with time when it was 3pm and we were just checking out.. the kids needed picked up at school at 3:15pm MR Man was to walk home with his friend Josh but it was raining and cold and we thought we would pick up both Mr. Man and Josh while we got Sweet Pea and give them a ride so they didn't have to walk . ONLY when we got out in the parking lot the van wouldn't start.. we tried and we tried and we tried and NOTHING.. I was almost in a panic.. we had only like 10 minutes to pick up the kids from school and there was no way of me getting there.. I called my grandma but she wasn't home and my grandpa had the cell phone over an hour away.

I called my friend Heather she was the first person who came to mind when I thought about who could keep the kids for me when I knew I wasn't going to get to them any time soon. She was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Wonderful.. she said yes and went to all the trouble to go get them from me.. just to have me cancel on her the last minute.. Sorry about that Heather.. and Thank you so very much for your trouble... As I was sitting at walmart trying to finger out where I should have the van pulled making phone calls all over the place to my dad, and still trying to get ahold of my grandparents.. I started to worry about Sweet Pea.. she is sooooooooooooooo very shy and she has seen Heather a few times but doesn't know her and doesn't know Heathers kids(btw Heather I found out later she said "mom I know Ethan" LOL)and I thought she would be so scared out of her mind with some women she doesn't know saying.. to her come home with me, your mom said it was ok and then being at a house she has never been till I got there. So I started running though the number on my cell phone.. Called my friend Nicole Sweet Pea use to go over her house to play alot, but no answer.. and then I got ahold of Sweet Pea's best friend mom just as school was letting out.. figured she would be ok going home with her best friend she had just spent the night over there last weekend. Found out while she wasn't scared out of her mind.. she was very worried about what was going on and if she was going to get in trouble for going with them(even though the office called her in and explained to her that it was OK that mommy called and needed her to go home with Alexis she was still scared that she didn't hear it right from me)

Anyways.. I ended up sitting at Walmart until after 4PM when my grandma got home and she was able to come pick us back up.. (and yes Heather I know you told me to call you and you would come and take us home but I felt awful having you rushing around to go get Sweet Pea and then cancelling on you that I didn't want to make you run out with all the kids out in the cold to pick me up) So when grandma got there we loaded our groceries into her car and dropped DH and the groceries off, while Little Man, Grandma and I went and picked up Sweet Pea from her friend house. About 6:30pm my dad got to our house and DH, Dad and I ran back up to walmart to see if this was something Dad could fix and NOPE.. So we called AAA and at about 7PM the van was being towed to a garage, same garage where DH's car has sat for the last two weeks waiting to be fixed.. UGH..... So we are without wheels at the moment.

between 7 and 7:30pm Mr Man got home from his afternoon with his friend they went to the movies. Just as he was getting home I was taking off with my parents and the younger two kids heading into there there town where I was being dropped off at my inlaws to pick up one of there cars to use for the weekend and the younger two were still going to spend the weekend with my parents.

I got home from that about 8:30pm around that same time Princess was getting dropped off from her time with her friends and Mr Man had changed his mind he wanted to go to the volleyball tournament and not go to spend the weekend with my grandparents.. So I had to change some of his cloths around in his suit case.. but it wasn't too bad.. I got the kids put to bed early for a weekend and I took a shower.. and was in bed about 11pm..

We had to be up by 5AM on Saturday.

Saturday April 4, 2009

We were on the road by 5:45AM to be at the tournament by 7:45AM.. Princess's team is a 13U team and they were playing in a 14U tournament.. we figured we were going to take a butt beating this weekend.. but we played really well, won some lost some, didn't place high but wasn't at the bottom either we feel somewhere in the middle.. The girls played there butts off and really did have there best weekend ever even though we didn't win When when they placed high in the 13U tournament we didn't play this well.. I think they stepped up there game to match and hang with the older girls who have been playing longer and I don't think you could tell we were younger then the rest(well except for our size some of those girls just towered over us)

Sadly one of the girls on Princess's team broke her foot this week and couldn't play and another girl couldn't stay for the whole tournament which left us with noone to rotate in and out.. Our girls each have there own spot on the floor and plays those spots each time.. Princess's normally never plays the back row.. she is there strong side hitter so no matter which spot she is in on the front row she runs when the ball is served to play strong side hitter.. Then after she serves she comes out and another girl take her spot in the back row.. Well this weekend.. princess had to not only had to play the back row but also for a few games that the other girl couldn't be there had to take over at the center hitter spot. Princess Did AWESOME!!!!!!!! best weekend of volleyball ever... Not only played her spot so strong.. but stepped it up and did a wonderful job all the way around.. I was so happy for her.. and her serves... OH MY GOODNESS... I don't think I ever saw her serve so hard.. Ok enough of the proud mama stuff..

Here are the pictures from Volleyball on Saturday.

We were at V-ball till after 5pm Then we all got checked into the hotel and Princess took off with the other girls from the team, swimming, messing around and then went out to dinner with them.. We passed on dinner with the team, Mr Man wanted more swimming time plus there was a Sonic down the road from the hotel and we had gift cards that we got for Christmas so that was free Dinner. We got our food about 6:30 or so and then We were back in the pool till after 9pm Got showered and got Mr Man in the shower and Princess got back from running around the hotel with her friends at 10pm she got showered and we were all asleep before 11pm

Here are some of the pictures from the hotel. Alot of these were from Princess's cell phone.

Sunday April 5, 2009

Another early start.. was up by 6:30pm to curl Princess's hair.. I know makes no sense to curl a girls hair who is just tossing it up in a pony tail to go play volleyball, but she really wanted it done, she loves the look of a curly ponytail.. so I rolled out of bed early to curl her bone straight flat hair that doesn't hold a curl. :-)

At 7:30AM DH and Princess had to be on the road to get her to the gym.. He called me when he got there to let me know they had the 1st game.. UGH they had the last game on Saturday we thought we would at least get a game wait.. but NOOOOO.. So I woke up Mr Man had him toss his cloths on and we both ran down to the breakfast bar and ate breakfast was still finishing up when DH got there to pick us up.. and we were off to the gym..

OUR girls were on a row and we KILLED this 14U team... there coaches were NONE TO HAPPY.. this is what they made the girls do after we beat them in the 1st, and then 2nd and after we took the 3rd there coaches were going nuts those girls were not only doing push ups but a ton of other stuff because there coaches were so upset with them.. We over heard one of them say to there team.. seriously thirteen year olds, really.. all in a disgusted tone.

Later on we went into our single elimination round.. The 1st team we had to play was the only other 13U team there It was our organization A team( we are the B team) Given the fact that they are THE A TEAM and we are just the B team everyone thought they would win.. Which they did but we played just as well as they did.. and it was a one point game or tied all the way to 23/23 then they ended up winning both 25/23 in heartbreaking matches.. But we still had a great tournament.

Since we got knocked out early Princess wanted to see if she could make it to her Spring League softball game. This weekend was opening weekend.. We had missed the 1st game but got to the 2nd game in the 2nd inning or so..

So after playing two days of ALOT of volleyball she went and played softball also..

I didn't take pictures of the softball it was starting to get chilly and I guess I was pictured out or something.. But here are the pictures from Sunday's volleyball.

After meeting back up with my younger two kids we went to PM church/Awana's got home about 7:30pm and had dinner.. and by 8:45pm I was getting kids ready for bed and by 9pm everyone was in bed and I was pretty much passed out on the couch watching the shows I taped Wednesday night(Lost and Life on Mars)

That All Folks... that was my weekend.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend also.

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Love the hotel pictures. My kids are begging to go to a hotel to go swimming.

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Goodness woman, you make me tired.

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I am always amazed at everything you do! I loved looking at the pictures.