Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring Break Recap Day #4(1st day in TN)

I just reread my day #3 recap part 3 and I don't think I made it clear.. While DH was talking about heading to Florida, there was NO WAY I could do a Florida trip with only 4 hours.. Well I could but I would end up having to buy alot of stuff once we got there and with this little trip we were planning(or not so much planning) we were all about how NOT to spend money, So we thought we would keep the trip a little more closer to home, that is if you call 8 hours away a little closer to home LOL.. I was packed and ready to go about 1:30AM and went and slept for an hour when the alarm went off at 2:30AM DH and I loaded up the van and then a little before 3AM we woke up the kids(who didn't have a clue what was going on since they were in bed when we started planning this trip) DH and I thought we would surprise them, they thought there might be a chance we would go to the IX center over spring break so when they were waking up and we were loading them in to the van in there PJ's and having them take pillows with them and asking us what was going on.. We told them we were going to the IX center because tickets were limited and we needed to get in line early or we wouldn't get tickets. LOL yes I know bad bad mom and dad telling lies to the kids. With in 10 minutes in the van all 4 of them were back to sleep and I think I was asleep with in 30 minutes.. We the kids started waking up and I woke up we were already in TN well KY but with in 5 miles of the TN line No one said anything.. like they didn't happen to notices the mountains all around us.... Then Sweet Pea said the funniest thing.. "hey mom, how long does it take to get to this IX center anyways??" LOL.. DH and I just started LOL and that is when we crossed into TN and we pointed out where we were to them.. The younger three were thrilled.. Princess was so worried that I didn't pack the stuff she would have wanted to take on a trip and was upset that we didn't wake her up and let her pack her own stuff.. But after she went though her bag she gave her old mama credit because I knew what she would want and I packed it all(honesty I over packed for her because I didn't know what she would want so I just grabbed alot of stuff) We got to the hotel around 11AM checked in, unpacked ate lunch out of the ice chest we had loaded up and then the kids went swimming and stayed in the pools(both indoor and outdoor) till about 5pm

This is what Sweet Pea is looking out the window at.
It was warm 70 degrees but windy which made it chilly that is why we moved indoors.. The weather according to the computer when we looked at home said Monday was going to be the cool day and then Tues and Wed were to be in the high 70's.. Sadly this didn't happen. Monday was the warmest day we had, until the day we planned to leave.. the rest of the days were in the high 50's not really weather you want to swim and tan in.(but more of that later in different post)

After swimming we went to Walmart(WHAT don't you all stop at a walmart every time you go places???) we loaded up on a bit more food for the room and then took a drive into Gatlinburg(oh btw we were staying in Pigeon Forge)

Check out these clouds over the mountains.. aren't they the coolest..
Around 8pm we got a pizza from Little Cesar's you know there $5 hot and ready pizza went back to the room and ate dinner.
By 9PM Little Man had fallen asleep and Mr Man and Sweet Pea were interested in a show on TV and were in bed watching it.. DH stayed up in the room with them while Princess and I took a walk down the strip in Pigeon Forge.. after our walk we thought we would be crazy in the 40 degree weather and go sit in the outside hot tub.. OH MY GOODNESS was it cold getting to and then Freezing getting from(since we were wet) the hot tub.. but while in it we were nice and warm and had a great time sitting out there for an hour.. After that we went back to the room and went to bed. That was day #4 of our Spring break our 1st day in TN.

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Rachel said...

What super cool parents you guys are. And how fun for you guys.

palmtreefanatic said...

what fun for all! love the fun hotels you go too!