Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring Break Recap Day #3( Easter part 3)

I really got to get blogging on this stuff.. Spring break was 10 days long and I'm still on day 3.. but this is the last of my Easter post.. After doing all the posed pictures from my last post.. We went to church.. The pictures I'll add at the bottom of this were taken at church and after church..
After church we came home changed cloths and went to my grandparents for a big Easter dinner and we stayed there till about 7:30pm or 8pm.. (though I forgot to bring my camera out there, guess taking 104 pictures on Easter Morning did me in)

When we got home my husband started talking about how every Spring break or Easter we have taken a trip and how this year feels really weird with him being laid off and us not getting to go anywhere.. After talking about this.. at 11pm DH told me to pack the bags we are going on a trip.. I thought he was nuts but nuts in a good way.. We worked it out where we got great rates on a room and we packed an ice chest for our lunch and dinners(lunch meat and PB&J yummy LOL) and breakfast was free with the room so we thought we could handle the cost of this if we just spent most of our time swimming.. DH wanted to head out to Florida but I didn't want to do a Florida trip on a whim when I do Florida I need a little more time then 4 hours to pack..

Like I mentioned this was 11pm and I started packing for 6 people, DH wanted to be on the road at 3AM so I had 4 hours to get this all done.. I got it all packed in about an hour and a half and then tried to get some sleep before we left.
But that was my Easter...
Now here are rest of the pictures from Easter.. Tomorrow hopefully I'll get started on our little spring break trip as my Spring break Recap post continues.

A family photo after church.
Sweet Pea coming up from her class after church and in the back ground you can see Mr Man and some of our church family talking in the back.
Mr Man coming towards me.. I didn't go down to get them this Sunday I was talking LOL
Our Pastor(aka my grandpa)

Mr man got his new toy he was given in jr church stuck up in the tree.. so between him, my mom and dad and DH we were able to get it out but it took some time so I took pictures while they worked at getting it out of the tree.

yes it was just a tad bit windy on Easter SundayDon't know if I have mention our church is out on a country road.. as you can tell from the farms and barns in the background.

my mom , my dad and Mr man waiting while DH was on the back of the van reaching up with a stick into the tree LOL

yea daddy.. he got it down..
making for one happy 9 year old.
best smile I got from him all day even after the photo shoot Sunday morning LOL.

Here is the last picture I took on Easter. It is of Little Man checking out the goodies he got in Jr Church, while on our way home from church.

and that folk is the end until tomorrow..

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