Monday, April 20, 2009

Answered Prayer..

Spring Break is over and i was going to start writing my spring break Recap post today.. but I think I'll let that wait until tomorrow.(it might take a week to get them all in, maybe 10 days LOL) But I wanted to share some wonderful news with you guys. if you are one of my facebook friends you might already know this.. but if not God answered one of our prayers this past week.

On Thursday DH got letting him know that they were going to bring him back to work.. After being laid off for the last 7 weeks, DH is going back to work today..

Isn't our Lord Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Courtney said...

Once again, I couldn't be happier for you & your family. At bedtime prayers every night Taylor says, "And God, please, please, please let daddy go back to work, even if it's at a new job!

Mama C said...

I had no idea. What great news! We have weathered 3 layoffs. Funny how it all works out in the end.