Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pigs are flying.....

....and they landed in my home.
Mr Man tested positive for the Swine Flu , well he tested positive for type A flu which since at this time of year can only be H1N1 they will do no more testing because of the numbers they are seeing of this.
Fever, sore throat, bad cough all the same symptoms I had earlier in the week but now my fever is gone. I have 3 other kids all with sore throats and bad coughs which I'm guessing if were tested would come out the same. Only they don't have the fever to go along with it.. and DH woke up today feeling awful with the same sore throat and bad cough.

Please keep us all in your prayers that this will pass quickly and no one has to be hospitalized from it.

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15 years ago today

I Still Love this man with all my heart even after all these years..
Happy Anniversary Baby.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Just a quick Hello

Still finding myself with no time to blog, yet finding I have so much to blog about. Such is life I guess.
I have 1 more week of the 3 week subbing job I took, so maybe after this week I will find more time to bring you all up to speed.. Until then just know I miss you all.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Scenic Sunday 10/18/09

Marblehead Light house.
pictures taken by KC on 10/10/09
for others playing this week check out the Scenic Sunday site.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

We Won we Won We Won!!! and other stuff.

1st WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Princess's volleyball team won the game tonight Making them there conference Champs all alone, they took 1st out right..

Next I just went and laid Little Man down in his bed and went to turn on this tv set to put a bob the builder tape in the vcr for him.. and the TV wouldn't turn on, it does this from time to time since the it is a 1970 set. the fact that it works at all blows my mind. So I said "oh no it's not working again" So I went an unplugged it sometimes doing that then plugging it in will make it turn on.
Little Man says to me "oh no, why is it broken" I answer "because it is old" my sweet little boy looks up at me looking so lovable and says "old like you and daddy"
LOL LOL LOL LOL... "Yes honey old like me and daddy" SNORT!!!!!!!!!!!!

and lastly.. Princess is out with friends(no school tomorrow), Mr Man and Sweet Pea went to spend the night with my parents, and Little Man is in his bed.. SO why is it I"m still sitting here watching Sponge Bob??????

that is my randomness for the night.. bye all.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

not so Wordless Wed.. They took 1st in there league

I know its a bit late to post my WW post.. but wanted to do this on.. Princess's school Volleyball team took over the 1st place spot last week. They one there game on Monday securing there 1st place spot. Tomorrow is there last game, if they win they hold the 1st place spot alone, if they lose they will tie for 1st with the team they are playing tomorrow.
Best of luck tomorrow ladies.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekend Recap Oct 9-11, 2009

The Weekend Recap for October 9, 10 and 11, 2009

Friday Oct 9, 2009
It was a cold and rainy day and night. Started my day by taking the kids to school minus Mr Man who was home still trying to get over a stomach virus which had him missing school and spending alot of time in the restroom for 3 days. Mr Man's 4th grade class was singing at the high school football game Friday night but Mr Man did not make that either. My Friday was spent at home staying warm, doing laundry, and getting ready for a weekend softball tournament. We got a call to let us know that due to the rain the softball tournament was cancelled for Saturday and just going to be a one day tournament on Sunday, this freed up our Saturday.

Saturday Oct 10, 2009
Woke up bright and early and got Mr Man who was doing much better, dressed and out the door and into my dad's truck which was pulling the boat. That was about the last I saw of Mr Man this weekend.. He was off with the guys fishing.
Princess had made plans for herself for the day, lunch at McDonald's with some friends, then later meeting another group of friends for pizza and a homecoming parade(not our school the friends school) then that group of friends football game. That is how she spent her Saturday. So the two older kids had plans for the day. The rest of us picked up some of the clutter called my house in the morning and then after lunch, we loaded up the van and headed to the lake for the Lighthouse fall festival. The kids had a great time at the lighthouse. Here is a slide show of the time spent there.

After we left the lighthouse we stopped by a pumpkin patch where they were letting you pick a pumpkin for a dollar. We had already bought pumpkins off a back of a tractor in our town for each of the kids for $2 but this looked like fun so we let Little Man and Sweet Pea pick some pumpkins, I now have 9 pumpkins in my yard decorating it for fall. Here are a few pictures from the pumpkin patch.

When we got back home. I had just enough time to pack up the 3 younger kids cloths and have them ready for when my dad and Mr Man got back from the lake. The kids went and spent the night with grandma and went to church with them on Sunday morning.
While I was getting Mr Man, Sweet Pea and Little Man off with my dad, DH had dropped off Princess at the pizza place to meet her friends and start her evening. When he was back and I was ready the two of us went and got groceries(this was pushing 8pm) After groceries shopping, and getting the food put away, I got dinner into the oven and it was time to go pick Princess up from the football game.. When I got home from that we pulled dinner out of the oven and sat down to eat at 10 O'clock at night. :-)
Then it was off to bed.

Sunday October 11, 2009
DH tossed and turned and coughed all night.. I guess I asked him if he was ok one to many times though the night.. I didn't know i was doing it that often because I would be sleeping then wake up hearing him coughing.. The last time I woke up I asked him if he was ok, he said "yea, I'm fine, just can't sleep and I'm coughing, why am I waking you up" I think I said no but I was already asleep.. he must have felt bad because next thing you know I roll over and he wasn't in bed, he was out on the couch still coughing I could hear. Anyways the alarm clock went off at 5:something AM for us to be on the road around 5:45/6am DH had only got about an hour sleep all night long and he was driving.. He drove about a 1/2 hour when I told him to pull over and I would drive, I had planned to sleep the way to the ball tournament but I was too worried he was not awake enough to drive so I took over driving and he fell asleep or at least rested his eyes till we hit the ball park at 7:15am
DH is coaching Princess's team this year and the two of them needed to be there at 7:30am but the 1st game wasn't till 8:30am So I stayed in the van where it was warm(it was only abut 33 outside at 8:30am) and I fell asleep till 8:15am then got up brushed my hair did my makeup and bundled up in blankets to watch the 1st game. To make this story short we sat outside in 30 and low 40 degree weather and it was windy brrrrrrrrrrrrr... for 8 hours and then it was over and we were on our way home

I was so tired I couldn't keep my eyes open.. so I slept an hour.
After getting home I got dressed and it was off to church and awana's where my parents meet me to give me my kids and all there stuff.
After Awana's and PM church we came home I made dinner and we were eating super around 8pm.. then I got the kids in bed and watched desperate housewife's and brothers and sisters.. and then I passed out for the night.. ONLY I fell asleep with the lights and tv on, and forgot to take my blood pressure meds. OOPS.
That was my weekend.

As for other happenings going on.. I am going to be working for the next 3 weeks. I was assinged a sub job at one of the elementary schools starting tomorrow and ending November 3. that should keep be really busy with no time to blog.. or maybe it will force me to be more organized and I'll find time to blog that way, who knows.

Also please keep the Shingleton family a family from my church in your prayers. Mr Shingleton went in last Thursday for surgery, and that went well and he was doing great Friday, Saturday and Sunday, then last Monday he had a seizure and ended up in a common, which killed the top part of his brain leaving him brain dead, they have taken him off all the breathing and feeding tubes so now it is just a matter of time. Please keep his family in your prayers.

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