Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pigs are flying.....

....and they landed in my home.
Mr Man tested positive for the Swine Flu , well he tested positive for type A flu which since at this time of year can only be H1N1 they will do no more testing because of the numbers they are seeing of this.
Fever, sore throat, bad cough all the same symptoms I had earlier in the week but now my fever is gone. I have 3 other kids all with sore throats and bad coughs which I'm guessing if were tested would come out the same. Only they don't have the fever to go along with it.. and DH woke up today feeling awful with the same sore throat and bad cough.

Please keep us all in your prayers that this will pass quickly and no one has to be hospitalized from it.

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Melanie said...

I'm definitely praying for you. It seems like everywhere I look- blogs, facebook, etc people are talking about having the swine flu. So far we've been okay- sick a few times but no one around us will even test for it anymore. Get lots of rest and lots of fluids!

Midlife Mom said...

I think this creeping crud is going to hit us all! One school here had 70 students out last week! Hope you all get though this quickly and get to feeling better. I will be praying for you all!!! xoxoxo

Your wedding pictures are awesome!

Marz said...

UGH! so sorry to hear that.
Hope you caught it early & he feels better soon.