Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Way back when I was a kid my favorite show in the world was V. It started as a mini series then there was a 2nd mini series, and then the series itself which was on every Friday night.. Me and my friends were crazy obsessed with it.. sort of like the whole Twilight thing these days. Back then we were all about V. We even played V. At recess we each were given a person to play(we kept the same one for years) and we acted out V. running around hiding, chasing each other.. It was a blast.. We called each other by our V names not our real names, we were just nuts...
Tonight they bring back V. totally new and everyone is different even there names.. I'm sure it's going to be alot different then the first go round.. but I can't help myself.. I'm all excited for it to start..
My two best friends from back then use to watch every Friday night most of the time together, but if we weren't together we always called each other during commercials.. While we don't plan to call each other tonight.. All 3 of us are planning on watching it and then I'm sure talking about it on face book..

So did any of you watch V back when it was on before?? Do you plan to watch it tonight??

If you have no clue what I'm talking about here is a link to the new show site

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Melissa said...

YES YES YES! My brother and I LOVED V when we were kids. And I cant believe sometimes when I bring it up to people and they have never heard of it. I am sooo excited about the show coming back on tonight too. They SYFY channel re ran the original series this weekend and I didnt move off the couch all day sunday!!