Thursday, November 05, 2009

Thursday 13, (what has been going on around here)

1)Saturday Oct 17, 09 Princess 8th grade school volleyball team had there conference tournament. They took 2nd place in that btw. On that day we took 3 of her friends with us to watch the tournament. While there one of her friends a boy grabbed princess's sports drink and took a few sips, she being a goofy teen didn't think anything of this and continued to drink after him.

2) Monday Oct 19, 2009 Princess went to school in the morning, two and a half hours later I went to pick her up to take her to the orthodontics, before we got there Princess started throwing up. NO checking of her braces that day, I took her home called the school and told them she would not be back that day.

3) After school that day, while Princess was still home throwing up alot, she got a phone call informing us that the boy who was drinking her sports drink with her, was in the hospital hooked to IV's and just tested positive for H1N1. Guess he started throwing up on Sunday and was still throwing up so bad on Monday that they took him to the ER where they were giving him fluids though the IV and tested him for the flu.

4) Tuesday Oct 20th Aubrie was still sick and throwing up, I thought about taking her right to the doctors since her friend had H1N1, but other then throwing up, she had no other flu sort of systems no fever or anything like that, she did have a sore throat, but the kicker for me was no fever.. and by Tuesday afternoon the vomiting was gone and she was feeling well.

5) Also on Tuesday the little boy I was working with for 3 weeks as his aide was not at school he was sick. He was gone both Tuesday and Wednesday with flu like symptoms He came back to school on Thursday but was not well, he was not feeling well, he was coughing non stop and shouldn't have been at school honestly. On Friday he was gone again.

6) Wednesday Oct 21, 09 Princess was feeling better and wanted to go to school so she did, and has been fine except for a little sore throat and a little cough for the rest of that week.

7) On Friday Oct 23, 09 I woke up not feeling well and I had threw up once the night before. I went into work but when i found out the little boy I was the aide for was not there I asked if I could go home.. they were ok with that for the morning but had already planned on me covering for another aide in the afternoon so I went back in after lunch

8) That weekend Oct 24 and 25, 09 Saturday DH and I had planned our anniversary date, we dropped the kids off, and headed out.. I was sick though. coughing, throwing up a time or two and no voice, my throat was killing me it hurt so bad.. So we just ended up coming home and doing nothing, we didn't even get dinner because I was throwing up. Sunday I spent the day in bed.

9) Monday Oct 26 09 by Monday I had the fever, aches, pains, sore throat, coughing, and vomiting. I called off work and went to the doctors, where they did a rapid test for H1N1 but it came back Neg. They told me if it was H1N1 I would be off work for 7 days and if not I should be off 2 days.

10) Oct 27,09 Tuesday I didn't work either which was a good thing because my fever was 102 that day. So Saturday - Tuesday I had spent my day in bed sick.

11) I forced myself to feel better and went to work on Wednesday Oct 28, 09 Only to find out that the little boy I was working with had been sick all weekend and the two days I was gone he was gone also. BUT!!!!! before I went into work that day, my little boy Mr Man was running a fever complaining of sore throat and had a bad cough. So he stayed home from school, my mom was watching Little Man for me so she just kept Mr Man also.

12) Thursday Oct 29, 09 was My and DH's 15 year anniversary and Also trick or treat in our town.. I went to work but my body was still hurting I hadn't had a fever since Tuesday though and didn't think I had the flu since I test Neg for it on Monday.. but my throat was still hurting and I was still coughing.

Mr Man was running a 103 fever and I had made him a doctor appt. which my mom was taking him too. by my lunch time I had a phone call from my mom that Mr Man had just tested Positive for H1N1. So I went home got him his tamiflu and got him started on that. I stopped by his school to let them know, then went back to the school I was working at to let them know. I finished out the day there then came home. I talked with a few nurses that night who informed me that chances are I had H1N1 also because there is a 60% chance that the rapid test was wrong since they have alot of false Negative with rapid test that is why they normally send it out for the two to five day growth test. So I figured I should stay home from work stop exposing a whole elementary school full of kids to my germs and take care of my own sick kids. So Friday Oct 30 I called off.

13) Saturday Oct 31- Thursday November 5, 09

We did not leave the house at all this weekend in hope that no one would get sick or that we would pass anything on.. So far Sweet Pea, and Little Man and DH has not got sick sick.. they all have sore throats and coughs but no fevers. I stayed feeling sick up until yesterday really November 4th was the 1st day in all this time I felt well and my throat didn't hurt.. I still have the stuffy nose and the cough, but my voice is coming back and my throat doesn't hurt and my body doesn't hurt.

Sadly Mr Man is still sick.. and STILL has his fever.. He has not be to school since Oct 27, 09. We talked to the doctor again last night, explaining he is still sick with the fever even after the finishing off his tamiflu Doctor doesn't think there was any need to rush him in again, just that H1N1 sometimes takes this long. So he wrote another doctors excuse from school taking him out of school until Monday November 9th. But his fever has to be gone 24 hours before he goes back to school.. So hopefully his fever will break before Monday other wise it is back to the doctors for him.

And that my Friends is what has been going on around here.

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Carol VR said...

Wowsers, that's too bad that you've all been so icky.

Hope you feel better soon.