Monday, November 16, 2009

The last 24 hours.

Last night at this time I was sitting in the ER with Little Man waiting on results from his strep test and his flu test.. Turns out Strep was negative but he tested Positive for H1N1 well the rapid type A flu test. He was running a 104 fever and they wouldn't let us leave the hospital until they could bring it down to 100, we were there awhile.
At 6:30AM this morning I was waking Princess up and at 7am I was sending her out the door to school.
At 7:30AM Sweet Pea woke up with a 102 fever so I was calling the school letting them know she wouldn't be in.
At 8:30AM I was taking Mr Man to school and stop to pick up some Tylenol and Motrin for my two sick kids with fevers and dropped off Little Man's prescription for his tamiflu.
At 9:30AM I was at the doctors office with Sweet Pea finding out she too has H1N1. was there for a while and didn't get home until 11AM
At 11:30AM I was getting a phone call from the elementary school letting me know Mr Man was sick(again) and I needed to come pick him up.
At noon I was calling the doctor for him, he already had the H1N1 so I knew it had to be something different but I didn't know what, he really wasn't complaining about anything except a tad bit of swimmers ear(from swimming to much Friday night at his birthday party which I'll post about later) and just basically not feeling well.
At 12:30PM I was off to the CVS to pick up Little Man and Sweet Pea's tamiflu and prescription cough med. And hitting walmart because I didn't have any lunch sort of food in the house because I wasn't expecting to be feeding the kids lunch this week since they should have been at school.
At 1:30PM I was feeding all my sick children lunch.
At 2PM I gave Little Man and Sweet Pea there 1st dose of tamiflu.. the tamiflu came in tiny bottles. I gave Sweet pea's hers first I read the bottle not that closely just enough to see how much to give her and it said 1tbs.. So I gave it to her and then got Little Man's bottle out and read his bottle and it said WOW I thought she gets a lot more then him but they really aren't that much different in weight. So I took a closer look at her bottle and saw they had labeled her wrong... UGH UGH UGH!!!!!! They had the cough med label on the tamiful and the Tamiful label on the cough med. and I just gave way to much tamiful to my 7 year old..
At 2:10PM I was at CVS asking if it was going to hurt Sweet Pea that I gave too much and showing them there mistake. (I have a story to go along with this but it can wait a day or two.. just don't let me forget)
At 2:30PM I was picking up Princess from school.
At 3PM Sweet Pea was saying her belly was hurting and has been hurting since I gave her the tamiflu.. and next thing your know she is in the bathroom and she threw up. and it looks like all she threw up was the tamiflu. Guess to much of the stuff didn't mix well with her. that was the only time she threw up today. Thank you Jesus..
At 3:30Pm Mr Man was not so lucky.. we found out the hard way why he wasn't feeling well.. As he puked in 3 different spots on the carpet on his way to the bathroom... Poor kid has it coming out both ends top and bottom.. and with in 3 hours he had puked about 9 times.
At 3:45 I was cleaning up puke off carpets
At 4Pm I was calling the school letting them know I wasn't making it to my parent teacher conferences that were tonight.
At 4:30pm I was back at walmart picking up more Lysol I was at the end of mine that I got when Mr Man had H1N1 not all that long ago.
At 5:30 I was feeding the ones who could eat dinner..
At 6pm Mr Man was crying his eyes out in pain all cramped over holding his stomach asking me to make the pain go away.
At 6:30pm I was on the phone with the doctor as my son was screaming and crying his eyes out in pain asking them if they could get me in now and not at our 8pm appointment time. They agreed..
and at 6:45 I was in the waiting room of the doctors
At 7pm we were in the exam room seeing the doctor. gastrointestinal flu. He was close to dehydrated.. so he ended up with a suppository to try to help him keep some water down. He has to go back to the doctors at 11AM tomorrow
T 8pm I was doctoring up the H1N1 sickies who at the time Little Man had 102 and Sweet Pea 101 fevers.
At 9PM I was getting Mr Man a one ounce sip of Gatorade
At 9:30PM I sat down to type this out

There you have it one day in my life

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