Monday, November 30, 2009

Random thoughts. #1 (nerf darts)

Both of my boys and even the girls LOVE the Nerf guns that shoot darts. we must have 5 or 6 different sort of Nerf guns.. but we lose the dart daily. Seeing how we lose them all the time I think we are down to only about 25 darts. BUT on any given day you can walk though any room in my house kitchen,bathroom living room it doesn't matter bedrooms if you look close enough you will find at least one Nerf dart on the floor.

and as much as my kids love the Nerf dart guns.. I just can't see them enjoying THIS
sure yea they would have fun playing it on the wii for a bit..but really where is the fun LOL
I think the greatest joy they get out of the Nerf guns are running though the house shooting Nerf dart things at each other(yes we do have the Nerf dart tag stuff but they normally don't bother with the vest and glasses)

I mean with Nerf wii you can't do a surprise attack at your dad when he isn't looking, or shooting the cat in the butt when it is sleeping, you lose all that joy.

I have no point to this point, just thought I would type out the thoughts that ran though my head a bit ago when I saw the add on tv.

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Midlife Mom said...

I got those nerf guns one year when all my neices and nephews were young and they LOVED them! I know what you mean about losing the darts though, I'm still finding them occasionally in the strangest places!

palmtreefanatic said...

thats interesting! Kedric wants a nerf gun for christmas!

Melanie said...

I always bought my nephew a nerf gun for his birthday every year when he was younger. I know what you mean- part of the fun is actually chasing the other person through the house. Not sure it'd be the same as a video game.