Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wordless Wednesday(2/28/07)

~~~~~~~~ My Boys~~~~~~

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To God Be the Glory

To God be the glory great things He has done.

I have been wanting to blog about this for a few days now, but was wanting to word it in a way where God would be glorified for the wonderful work HE has done.

This story is sort of a long one, go grab your popcorn and take a seat.

Princess was invited to a slumber party for a new friend she made with in the last few months. The slumber party was for her basketball team at one of the girls house. This year Princess is at a new school she went from a small elementary school(K-4) where there were only 2 classes for her grade and a total of 50 kids if even(in her grade) over to the 5th and 6th grade building here in our town which has around 250 kids per grade give or take some. Part of me when she started school was a bit worried, but she has taken to it great, made a ton of new friends and has done really well.

Let me move on here, Saturday night my mom took the younger 3 kids and Princess was at the party So DH and I went and got groceries and a bite to eat. As we were driving back home I was thinking about slumber parties I went to growing up. Most of my friends growing up came from christian homes, they all pretty much went to my church and at Princesses age I was also attending our church christian school. I was thinking how at sleepovers I didn't have to worry about my friend wanting to do thing I knew we should have any part of like(the name of these types of boards I'm not adding because I don't want my blog to come up in a Google search for the,) O. boards or different things like that. At that point I started to worry about Princess. She has excepted Christ as her savior and has followed Him in believers baptism. We have talked about certain things like this, but 95% of her friend are from her school. Some might attend a church but with most of her friends being new this year I don't know them all I have met some parents though her cheerleading for the school, some from basketball though the school, some though the school drama club, but to say I know these people I can't really say I do.. so like any mom I was wondering If I made the right choice in letting her go to this slumber party. Not that I didn't trust the parents(from basketball I felt safe enough to know she would be cared for)what had my mind wondering was what sort of stuff would the girls be doing, what would there conversations be about(these are preteen girls who like boys) I was wondering if I have been a good enough mother and have taught my baby right from wrong not in the normal use your manner sort of way but in the this isn't what a christian young lady should be talking about or taking part in sort of way. At this point I prayed silently that God would keep my girl safe from things she might not be ready for.

When I got home I almost had a heart attack. On my answering machine was my babies voice frantic as if she was crying. Her words "mom, MOM.MOM if your there pick up the phone. MOM pick up the phone it's an emergency, MOM I really need you" NOW what's mothers heart wouldn't stop at hearing that and knowing her child couldn't get a hold of her(I'm now thinking about getting a cell phone) I grabbed the phone 10:45pm and I called over to the girls house where Princesses was staying. She was fine Happy and just over the moon filled with total excitement.. I was confused. she was upset and in tear telling me there was an emergency now she is filled with joy..
I guess before Princess tried to call me, one of her friends at the party got a phone call from her mom letting the girl know that her Aunt died and that the mom was taking off and someone different was going to pick her up in the morning. I guess the poor girl was a mess that her aunt just died and all the other girls felt awful for her and everyone was in tears crying.. Princess was calling me to get advice on how she could help and comfort all these girls. (not part of the story but WOW that made me feel good to know that my daughter would call me for advice while at a slumber party) When Princess couldn't get a hold of me she tried to call my mom because she knew I was going there to drop the kids off, she told my mom what was going on. My mom prayed with her and told her that she should pray with all the girls too.

This sort of went back to my train of thought on the way home wondering if She would do what is right when she wasn't sure if it was a "cool" thing to do in front of her friends. So I went on and Asked Princess if she took Grandmas advice.
She did she gathered all 12 of the girls together and she prayed for the girl who lost her aunt and for the family. This led to a bunch of questions being tossed at her about church and God and Heaven and Hell.
It was at this point that Princess got all excited in one of the happiest voices I have ever heard her have and she basically yelled into the phone.. "AND MOM THREE OF THE GIRLS GOT SAVED TONIGHT"
I have goose bumps just typing this out.. but I tell ya i was in tears of joy and my heart was just melting when she went on to tell me she got to lead these 3 girls to Christ.

Here I was just an hour or less before worried about her and there she was telling her friends about How God died for there sins and sharing the Gospel and the plan of salvation with them..

GOD IS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and all the Glory belongs to Him, He has given me this sweet life to care for, and if I was left on my own to raise her I would mess it up so badly.. BUT He works His will, He is with me as I go though this game of motherhood. The comfort comes not from wondering if I have done enough to train my children.. BUT the comfort comes from knowing God is working HIS WILL in the life of my children.. and that HE has a Plan for them and despite all my short comings God WILL DO His perfect will for them.
What a Great and Wonderful God we have.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Menu Plan Monday(2/26/07)

This week I have been inspired by Heather over at 10,000 things to be happy about. She has been adding how much each of her meals cost and then breaking it down to how much per person. So this week I thought i would give it a try. So here we go our menu plan for this week.

Sunday: Fish and Mac n cheese. Cost $9.00 cost per person $1.50

Monday: Marvelous Mini Meatloaves mashed potato and corn. Cost $9.13 Cost per person $1.52 with a penny left over guess that would be a tip.

Tuesday: Swiss steak(in the crock pot) and baked potato. Cost $10.67 Cost per person $1.77 with a $.05 tip

Wednesday: Easy Chicken Pot Pie and apple crisp for dessert. Cost $8.71 Cost per person $1.45 with $.01 tip

Thursday: Stouffers frozen family size Lasagna with garlic bread Cost $11.92 Cost per person $1.52 with $.01 tip

Friday: I'm not sure about Friday yet. I still have not ate the Italian Sausage That has been on my plan for what now 3 weeks. So maybe that but It will just be me and Little Man so we might end up just doing leftover or getting taco bell :)

On Friday Princess softball team is going to be staying in the hotel in a town an hour from here(but it is more like 3 hours from where her softball team is from) and Friday night they are having a pizza party at the hotel. DH is going to take both girls to that while I stay home to get Mr Man to one of his friends birthday party so Mr Man will be eating at the party so I only need dinner for Little man and my self.

Saturday: We will be eating all our meals out that day, Princess is in two tournaments. One for her Basketball team and One for her fastpitch travel tournament softball team. The softball team is putting us up in a hotel but thankfully it is close enough for us to travel back and forth to get her to her basketball tournament in the morning and her get back in time for her softball tournament that night.

Well there you have my meal plan for this week, meals are set and more then likely will not be changing but the day I eat them on might change depending on my mood and my taste buds :)

For more wonderful meal ideas and to view other menu plan Monday check out the Organizing Junkie

Happy Monday :)

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sunday Six(the Oscars) 2/25/07

Wasn't sure if I would get to play Sunday six today. The kids spent the night last night over at my moms and then today we were busy and I didn't get around to asking them there questions.. But then right before bed Sweet Pea asked me if we were going to play so I asked them the questions. Little man was too sleepy to play.

Here is what Kelly had for us this week

Sunday Six! Let's see if our kids know anything about "Oscar!"
1. What is an Oscar?
2. How many times is an Oscar given out each year?
3. What Movie should win Best Picture this year?
4. Name some actors that should win an Oscar.
5. What does Oscar look like?
6. What should you wear to the Oscars?

Answers brought to you by Sweet Pea age 5, Mr Man age 7 and Princess age 11

1) Sweet Pea: I don't know

Mr Man: a person in a movie

Princess: a award

2) Sweet Pea: 2

Mr man: at least 5 or 6

Princess: once a year

3)Sweet Pea: The Little Mermaid

Mr Man Pirates of the carbine dead mans chest

Princess: Snakes on a plane

4)Sweet Pea: Captain Jack

Mr man: Captain Jack Sparrow

Princess: Adam Sander

5) Sweet Pea: I don't know

Mr Man: a person

Princess: it's like a golden, shape of a person like this(and she is standing in front of me with her arms bend up and crossed in front of her chest)

6)Sweet Pea: cloths

Mr Man: something fancy.

Princess: expensive dresses and alot of jewles and super high heeled shoes.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Let it snow let it snow let it snow

Let it snow, let is snow, let it snow
And it did..

This post is for all my southern blogging friends ;)
I'm pretty sure I mentioned that my children had 3 days off of school last week due to the snow storm we got hit with. It started snowing Monday and didn't stop until Thursday in the late afternoon. I think we got somewhere around 18 to 20 inches of snow. The huge amount of snow wasn't all there was though, it was cold I mean really really could we are talking windchill temps in the - teens and -20's. And the Wind.. oh me the wind was 40 to 50 mph or more at times. That wind created some really huge drifts of snow, and made for white out conditions. Yep this was a good old blizzard, Blizzard of 2007 is what the news reports said.
Like I said it started on Monday, there was no school on Tuesday and by Wednesday morning when I woke up and looked out my back door into my driveway this is what I saw.

Looking out a side window

and out our front window

Starting to dig out

The kids standing next to a big drift in our driveway and That head you see on the other side of the drift would be my 6'2 or 6'3 DH. Yes we had a lot of snow, and it wasn't done snowing.. After these photos were taken we had another 30+ hours of snow still coming down.

If you would like to view more pictures from our Valentines day of playing in the snow (There are some really cute pics of the kids playing in the snow in this album) you can view them HERE

The Results Are In.

Princess had her EEG and Cat scan last Thursday, Thank you all for keeping her in your prayers while we waited for the results. Well the results are in the cat scan showed she does have a brain. LOL.. No really the CT came back normal. Her EEG which was in question and the one we were most concerned about, while it did show some questionable activities when the flashing lights were one, that activity was still with in normal range. Which means her Seizures are not back.. PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!
However this means that the really bad headaches Princess has been getting are migraines. The Doctor prescribed Cypoheptadine. She will take that twice a day for a month then we go back to see the doctor. We will see where we go from there. Once again I thank you for your prayers. I don't have Migraines so I'm not sure what they are like, but my grandma gets them and she tells me they are very painful. When I told her that is what Princess was diagnoses as having my grandma got tears in her eyes because she knows how bad the pain is with them and she didn't want her great granddaughter to have to go thought that. I'm sorry Princess has to have these at all but they are treating her now to try to prevent them, I'm just extremely happy and thankful that we aren't dealing with head pains brought on by her seizures coming back.

While we were at the pediatricians office yesterday we took advantage of them offering medical ear piercings and Princess after years of being too chicken to get her ears pierced found the never to go though with it. So we had her doctor pirced her ears yesterday after we got the EEG and Cat Scan results. LOL sort of like once stop shopping don't-ch-a-know :)
Princess wasn't to thrilled with the pain of getting them done, but she is over the moon with the fact that she can wear earrings now. Here are a few shots of Princess and her new earrings.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Way Back Wednesday(2/21/07)

There was a little break but Way back Wednesday is back. The Kept Woman left her home of snow and cheese and took a trip to TX. She is not happy to be back in the cold. So she wants to see us in some not so happy moments. here what she is looking for "...let's see those pictures of you showing your anger or perhaps a 747 landing on that big pouty lip!"

I have 3 shots i can show. the 1st one was in November 1972 I was a week old.
The 2nd was about 8 months later July 1973and the last one I was 1976 I think. I was about 5 1/2 years old. This was at my church but not just for a normal church service, we were there for a wedding. NOT just any wedding, it was the wedding my sister(remember that baby) was the flower girl in. Guess who was getting all the attention.. well you know it wasn't me.. I think they took 2 pictures of me that whole day and like 100 of her well not really this was before digital so it was more like 20. So there you have it my pouty lip and fits for this weeks Way Back Wednesday.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

wordless wednesday(2/21/07)


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Monday, February 19, 2007

menu plan monday(2/19/07)

Monday: spaghetti and meatballs, with a salad and garlic bread

Tuesday: Italian sausages(which we didn't eat the last 2 weeks) green beans and Au Gratin potatoes

Wednesday: shredded chicken sandwiches, apple sauces and chips

Thursday:Fish, french fries and corn

Friday: homemade pizza rolls.

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sunday Six(2/18/07)Presidents Day.

Here is what Kelly at Missing J.T. Snow had for us this Sunday.

We are celebrating Presidents Day this weekend in the United States, so let's see how much our kids know about Presidents, Politics & Elections.

1. What is a President?

2. Why is that job important?

3. What is politics?

4. Why kind of people work in politics?

5. How do you become President?

6. Where do you go to vote?

Sweet Pea(5 years old)

1) President of the united States

2)I don't know

3)I still don't know

4)the President

5)I don't know

6)I still don't know then she said "mom I had alot of I don't knows" Then she said mom what are you typing so I I told her i was typing what she said and she said "mom don't type that"

Little Man(21 months old)


2)dog in there

3)Ticks (repeating the last part of the word politics)

4)AL-ah- Ticks(you know sort of like politics LOL)

5)As-Dent(his way of repeating President)

6)"Vote Go" and he took off running to the door as if we were going to go vote right then and there. LOL now he is running though the house saying "vote vote vote"
Mr Man:(7 years old)
1) a guy that rules this country
2) because your taking over the whole country
3)whats the word politics? what did you write? voting for a president is that it.. mom don't write that. why I art ta....
4)any persons
5) people vote and whoever gets the most picks for president that guy wins and gets to be president for the country
6) by the white house.
Princess:(11 years old)
1) someone in charge of the country
2) because with the help of the branches of government he makes law and stuff whatever I'm busy right now go ask sweet pea
3) people who work for the federal government
4)UGHHHHH people in the federal government
5) you run and you get voted into it
6) in your town
If you want to play with your kids, your neighbor kids, or even your dog, feel free to play. If you do play let me know so I can go over and check it out. For more sunday six answers you can also stop by Kelly's blog.. Have a great Sunday.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Beauty Is A Beast (Part 2)

Back on January 11, 2007 I posted a blog post titled Beauty Is A Beast if you missed it click it and you can go back and read it(it was short) That was the name of the play Princess Drama club from school put on back on January 11, 07

In that post I talked about how good the play was and how good all the 5th and 6th graders who put it on was..
I also mentioned when I got around to putting the photos I took that night online I would post and let you know.

Here we are over a month later and I'm done. They are up and ready to view.
to see all the shots from this play you can view them here.

Friday, February 16, 2007


As I read the comments from my marriage meme that I posted on Valentines day, I found myself having alot more to say and wanting to respond to all the comments.
Since I didn't have alot of time online yesterday or today I didn't get to go to leave comments at all of your blogs or even to type a response comment into my own blog at the marriage meme. So this post is for me to respond to those of you who commented on that post.

Midlife Mom: Thank you, and you are correct guys just don't pay that close attention to detail, well unless he is my dad or my oldest son, then details are everything LOL. My DH doesn't pay attention to much stuff like that. When it came to planning our wedding I would ask him what he wanted and he didn't care if we even had a wedding as long as we were getting a married. He told me I could pick whatever I wanted for decoration, cake, food, everything and he would be happy with whatever I did. He is that way with everything in the house pretty much also. When it came to decorating our 1st home, or picking out plates and silverware or anything, as long as he could eat off of it or with it, it didn't matter one bit to him what it looked like. I find this as a blessing and a curse, blessing because I get what I want curse because sometimes it would be nice to get his opinion on stuff, over the years he has got a little better as helping me pick between one or two things if I need him to though.

Heather: I wasn't sure if DH would do this with me or not because of how long it was but I guess he was in the playing mood though most of his answers was done all in a joking sort of way. This meme doesn't have to be a two player game it can be done by one :)

Anne: Thank you, and let me know if you do this meme i would love to read it, I have enjoyed reading all the ones who have posted this meme so far.

crygibb: Thank you, and thank you for stopping by my blog.

Nicole: I'm right, I"m always right SNORT.. ;) but really I was right on this one, our bed is a queen size, though when we first got married we did have a king size water bed, but have had our Queen size normal bed for the last 10 years so where he got King I don't know

Tina: I wasn't sure if i was going to do this meme because of how many questions.. but I had some of my wedding photos online and thought it would be a fun way to blog them, Plus what better timing then Valentines day(well I guess our anniversary would have been a good time also LOL)

Fantastagirl: Thank you, and Thank you for the idea of this meme and the idea to use the photos with it.

Sari: Oh yeah DH has a wonderful sense of humor, it is what first drew me to him, well that and his butt oopes I mean his eyes yes his wonderful blue eyes. LOL ok well NO I wasn't looking at his butt when I was 9 years old.
One of my very 1st memories of him was him acting like the smart butt he is and I couldn't stop myself from laughing.. that is what I remember of him when I was 9 years old. He has had me ROTFLMBO ever since.. We are always joking around with each other all the times(see his our answers for #23) His answer for #15 I almost didn't post, I mean my mom reads my blog LOL. The leg lift was classic, and still cracks us both up.

Thank you guys for the comments. now you can get back to your normal blogging :)

PS. update on this post as I thought about it lastnight I started thinking I was over reacting, and since Little Man was perfectly normal yesterday and today I cancelled his doctors appointment. If he ends up sick at all this with with this tummy stuff again I'll take him right in, but for now I think we are safe and healthy.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Dear Hubby & Princess EEG

Today was Princesses EEG and Cat scan. Here EEG had to be a stressed one so we had to keep her up all night long she could only have 2 or 3 hours of sleep before the EEG So we watched TV played computer games and then had a nice long LONG UNO match. At 4am she and I went to sleep to wake up at 6:30am and get dress to go to the hospital. Her EEG was at 7:45 and we didn't get done with that until 10am and then went down to CT and that didn't take to long at all and we were home by 10:45am

The CT people told me her doctor would have the results later today but with the EEG the neurologist has to read the results they said they should have that done tomorrow and then her doctor should have the results by Monday or Tuesday. I already have an appointment set up to see the doctor on Tuesday. The CT people didn't say anything about the test at all, But the lady giving the EEG was really nice and she did Princesses last EEG (which was in Feb 2002 when they told us the seizures were gone) After the EEG was done she told me " Now i can't tell you what this means the neurologist will have to read it and let you know, but there is some questionable activity going on from time to time" I don't know what that means. My mind jumps right to the seizure activity being back and if it is I don't know what that means for Princess either, but I'm trying not to jump from things to things until I hear what the neurologist has to say about the results of the EEG. Please continue to pray

Today is was also DH 37th birthday. Not much of a birthday due to the fact that I stayed up all night long and had to spend the morning in the hospital with Princess. DH stayed home and kept an eye on Little Man for me this morning and Mr Man and Sweet Pea had spent the night over at great grandmas house. After getting home from the hospital I was so tired I couldn't keep my eyes open but DH wanted to go out for his birthday(something we were planning on doing tomorrow night but since he missed work the last two nights due to the blizzard he wants to work tomorrow night) Since it was his birthday I managed to put some toothpicks in my eyes and go out to eat with him. Princess went to play at great grandma's house and we just took Little Man with us. We had a wonderful lunch and got home about 1pm. Little Man was asleep when we got back home so i laid him in bed with me and I went to sleep. I thought I would get an hour nap to keep myself awake for when the kids got home and DH had to go to sleep(because he had to work tonight) Sleep felt great, ONLY when i woke up it was *5pm* UGH.. I left my poor DH alone pretty much all afternoon on his birthday..
so I made dinner, we ate and he went to bed. I got the kids home from grandmas and we got the cake ready for to sing to him when he woke up at 9pm

At 9 he woke up, got dressed we sang and ate cake and off to work he went. I got the kids ready for bed and here I sit now ready to pass out myself.
I should get to bed myself. I babysit in the morning on Fridays so my morning always start earlier then I like on Fridays. Good Night all.

Tummy bug or Sallmonella

You all know how I have been complaining that the tummy bug has been at my house for just over a month now. Poor Little Man has had the runs every week for 5 to 2 days each week since Jan 9
I figured we have just been passing around the tummy bug, virus of some sort. Everyone in the family has been sick at least twice with this.. I guess it could just be a bug/virus BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
on the news today they talked about the recall on the Peter Pan peanut butter, WELL sure enough the peanut butter we have been using for the last month was Peter Pan one of the contaminated ones starting with the code 2111.
I called the doctor right away to let them know about the peanut butter(we have ate almost the whole jar already) and how Little Man has had runs and vomits on and off for a month now.. (Last bout of it was yesterday.)
They are having him come in to the office tomorrow to test and see if it is Salmonella or just a virus.

here is the link to the CDC article on the Peter Pan Peanut butter and salmonella

I'll keep let you know tomorrow what we find out.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Marriage Meme, Just in time for Valentines Day.

If your looking for my wordless wednesday it is the post below this one. :)
Since it is Valentin's Day. I thought this would be a fun way to think about the love of my life, My DH. I found this meme while reading Fantastagirl's blog, and she got the idea from Kelly.(link to both there Marriage meme by clicking there names) If you have done the Marriage meme or plan to do it, Make sure you let me know so I can go over and read it.

Happy Valentines Day.

I emailed this to DH and then copied and pasted his answers here, mine are in pink and his are in blue.

1. Where/how did you meet?

We meet at church. During the Wednesday night 1-6 grade youth group. I was in 3rd grade he was in 6th


2. How long have you known each other?

Well lets see i was 9 years old. So 25


3. How long after you met did you start dating?

7 years. I started dating him when i was 16 years old.


4. How long did you date before you were engaged?

Started dating April 1, 1989 and got engaged June 1, 1991 That would be 2 years and 2 months.
5. How long was your engagement?

3 years and about 5 months

(he has me LOL with this one, but we did break up twice during our engagement never for very long just a few weeks if even but yes it was on again off again.)

6. How long have you been married?

12 years (13 years come end of Oct 2007)

7. What is your anniversary?

October 29

8. How many people came to your wedding reception?

(it was 250 LOL)

9. What kind of cake did you serve?

marble very very pretty cake that was made as our wedding gift. We only paid for the cost to make it. The lady who made it went to our church(well it was our church when we got married it is now our old church) and did wonderful cakes.

10. Where was your wedding?

At the Missionary Alliances Church in our home town, even though we were Members at the baptist church I was raised in and that we meet at. You see our church had a lot of stairs that had to be climbed and the alliance church was all on ground level. I had 3 guest in wheelchairs and our church didn't have ramps or anything for them to get up the stairs.


11. What did you serve for your meal?

salad, veggie Lasagna and Swiss steak, two veggie(which I don't remember what they were) Then we also had a pastries and dessert table which wasn't catered but my family both on my moms moms side and my dad's mom side have always baked and made dessert and always bring them to family weddings so we had plenty and i mean plenty. Plus the cake
12. How many people were their in your bridal party?

7, 2 brides maids, 2 groomsmen, 1 Jr bridesmaids 1 Jr groomsmen and a flower girl.

12 (I asked him where he came up with 12 and he said counting the two of us, our two ushers and the pastor. I questioned the ushers as being part of the bridal party and he said "did we buy them gifts" I said yes so the said "then they count LOL.. so I guess he is right and I"m wrong on t
13. Are you still friends with them all?

yes and no. the bridesmaids and 1 of the groomsmen we keep in touch with. The Jr bridesmaids and groomsmen we see 2 or 3 times a year in passing and the flower girl I haven't seen in years but we talk on the phone about once a year. The other groomsmen I think DH see once a year playing softball.


14. Did you or your spouse cry during the ceremony?

15. Most special moment of your wedding day?

oh man there are too many. but standing at the back of the church with my dad and holding on to him so tightly because I was a bit scared(in a good way) and then once getting to the front of the church and getting to hold DH hands and looking in his eyes and how the fear just slipped away.

AFTER WE GOT HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16. Any funny moments?

At the time I didn't know what was happening, but when we kissed(you know you may kiss the bride) everyone in the place started LOL, I had no clue why. BUT found out a bit later that when we kissed DH lifted up his leg like you see the ladies do in those old movies when they are kissing.


17. Any big disasters?

ONLY the veggie Lasagna I thought i was ordering normal spaghetti and meat stuff but got white and veggie.


18. Where did you go on your honeymoon?

Niagara Falls Canada

19. How long were you gone?

UGH.. how sad is this that I can't remember I know it wasn't really long because DH didn't have that much time off work. We didn't leave the night of our wedding we left the next day which was Sunday I want to say 3 nights and 4 days. but i would have to go back and read my wedding album or look at the honeymoon pics to be sure.

20. If you were to do your wedding over, what would you change?

My wedding was perfect so I wouldn't want to change that, but if I ever was to get married again(TO THE SAME GUY) I think I would like a summer wedding, in a sleeveless grown on the lake. OR on a beach at the ocean(and I wouldn't be inviting 200+ people. It would just be either the two of us or the two of us plus our kids and parents and our grandparents. I did the big invite everyone you know, if we ever renew our vowels I would do the really small but pretty sort of thing. BUT I don't have plans on doing that LOL.


21. What side of the bed do you sleep on?

This is a trick question LOL. If I'm standing at the foot of the bed looking at it I sleep on the left side but if I"m in the bed laying down I'm the right side. When we 1st got married that was flip flopped but after we had kids we changed sides so I could get to the babies faster.


22. What size is your bed?



23. Greatest strength as a couple?

we have fun together either with the kids or without the kids.


24. Greatest challenge as a couple?

Agreeing on how to spend the money.


25. Who literally pays the bills?

Well since i don't have an income he PAYS the bill, but who write the check or clicks the buttons online, We both do.


26. What is your song?

The Bangles Eternal Flame. It was playing on the radio the night he asked me to go with him and he gave me his class ring. WAY BACK WHEN..


27. What did you dance your first dance to?

Eternal Flame.

(LOL ummm no it was eternal flame though everyone kept doing the boot scoot to every country song that came on it was funny.)

28. Describe your wedding dress?

it was white, long pretty, lots of beads and stuff. Long sleeves with beads all the way down the arms it sort of came into a triangle at my hands Long stain and lace and beaded train, There was a big cut out heart in the back with tear drop beads handing from it, and a little cut out heart in the front. It was the dress I had always had in mind growing up when thinking about my wedding.

29. What kind of flowers did you have at your wedding?

I did the silk flowers in my colors of black, white and a bit of pink thrown in, and my mom did all the flower for my wedding(and my cousins and my sisters) she did all the ones we carried and did the whole church also.

30. Are your wedding bands engraved? What do they say?

GET OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Wordless Wednesday(2/14/07)

So I"m early with this, hope you all don't mind. I'm working on a fun valentines post for tomorrow, so here is my wordless(LOL and how many words did i just type out) Wednesday post for 2/14/07

Little Man eatting cookies at grandma's house. December 2006. For more Wordless Wednesday photos, click here or check out 5 minutes for mom Only I don't think you will be able to see alot until tomorrow when it is Wednesday :)

Happy Early Wednesday everyone.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Menu Plan Monday & weekend recap

Happy Monday morning you all. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

(this gets a little long so if you don't want to hear about my weekend just skip ahead to the Menu Plan Monday)

We had a crazy, busy and fun weekend. Friday was a little messed up and we had to change our plans around because Princess ended up with the tummy bug that ran though all 6 of us at some point over those 7 days. Friday was her turn and she was home from school and had to miss her softball practise Friday night because of it. Since DH didn't have to run Princess to softball Friday night he went into work giving him 24 hours over time this week. Mr Man went to watch his 2nd oldest cousin play basketball Friday night, but other then that the rest of us had a relaxing night at home.

Saturday morning was a little busy. Princess had a double header basketball game she had to be at the school by 9am and there game started at 9:30am She had a crowd there watching her this week. There was DH, me, Mr man, Sweet Pea, Little Man, My grandma, My mom and dad and DH's mom and dad. She played a great game also and they won the 1st game 14-7. I only got to watch the 1st 10 min of the 2nd game and she started and play that whole time and they were winning when I had to leave. I don't know why but DH and Princess tell me she didn't get to play at all during the 2nd 1/2 of the game. I guess the coach benched 3 of her normal starters and didn't put them in at all during the 2nd1/2 and they ended up losing 12-6 :( This brings there record to 5-3

The reason I left was that Mr Man had his basketball game to get to. All the grandmas and grandpas came along with us to watch his game. If you have never watched 1st and 2nd graders play basketball you are missing out. They are just to funny. They are just learning how to play so unless the kids have older sibs who played most of them don't even understand the idea of dribbling the ball. There was this one kid ON Mr Man's team who wouldn't pass the ball to save his life, if the ball got in his hand no matter where he was on the floor he would shoot the ball. On one play Mr Man was standing by this kid and the ball was thrown toward them and Mr Man caught the pass and dribbled up toward the basket and made the shot(only it hit the rim and bounced out) but after Mr Man shot the ball this other kid came up tapped him on the shoulder and said "My dad said you have to give the ball to me any time you get it" LOL LOL. two plays later the ball was shot and it was over shot by someone and was starting to roll out of bounds Mr Man and this kid(who thinks he gets the ball on every play) took off running for it. Mr Man got the ball and the other kid(from his own team) attacks him and tries to take the ball away from him. they both had there arms wrapped around the ball in what would have been a jump ball if they were on opposite teams.. There coach was yelling to the other kid to let go of the ball and he wouldn't and the coach is yelling "stop fighting stop fighting over the ball" LOL Mr Man gave in and let go because the coach told them to not fight over it(he is very good at listening even when he doesn't want too) and the kid shot the ball and he was no where close to the basket. I tell ya this pee wee basketball is some funny stuff. We got home Saturday ate lunch and didn't do anything except relax at home until around 6pm when DH and Princess when to watch DH nephew(the same cousin I mentioned Mr Man went to watch) play in his high school basketball game. While they were gone I gave Mr Man and Sweet Pea hair cuts and tried to trim up Little Mans hair, the boy has more hair then any of my kids at this age and yet I can't keep him still enough to ever give him a good hair cut.

At 9pm Saturday night I got a phone call from DH(still at the basketball game) wondering if I had any problem with him going to TN with his brother Sunday. Which i didn't. BUT this is where the crazy stuff comes into play.DH's oldest nephew is in college(1st year) He went on a full ride for baseball to Easter MI. They were playing this weekend at the University of TN. On Saturday my brother in law had planned to go down but never made it there(and his is no short trip it is an 8 hour drive) So he was planning on leaving at 5am Sunday morning to drive down there watch a game and drive back. See I told ya crazy. But I guess Crazy runs in the bold because DH and Mr Man woke up at 4:30am and went down to TN watched a baseball game and drove right back home getting home after Midnight this morning. Mr Man was tired this morning but not as bad as I thought he would be.. though he was 15 minutes late to school because I let him sleep till after 8am.

For the rest of us Sunday morning was the normal Sunday school church thing. ONLY This week Little Man wanted to go to the nursery and didn' t cry he asked to go, so i got to sit though the morning service without having to deal with him making noise or deal with him throwing a fit in the nursery. YEAH!!! After church we did Burger King for lunch because we had to drive a hour west to have Princess at some place for these really professional photo shoot for her tournament travel softball team. They do everything they do up big time and its so professional, I guess I'm just not use to this big time travel sport stuff. I'm use to Rec leagues and school travel stuff, but these photos go in there softball organization profile books and these books get sent to colleges every year with the end of the year team records and personal records along with there school grades and activities so colleges can follow the girls though the years so when it is time for them to go to college they can get scholarships. Anyways by the time we got home from that i had enough time to cook dinner feed the kids and head off to PM church and Awanas. So there ya have it how we all spent our weekend.

Now for what you all have been waiting for


my plan for menus went up in smoke this week, as DH thought he would surprise me and have the shopping done for me before i woke up on Saturday morning. You see we normal do the shopping together on Friday but since he went into work on Friday night(gets home Saturday morning) We planed on doing it after the kids basketball games. ONLY when I woke up he was so home in the kitchen putting all the groceries away, so proud of himself that he Helped me out so Now I wouldn't have to do it. I was happy and proud of him for helping me out, only now we plan our meals around what he bought and not what I might have had in mind.. So without further ado Our Dinners.

Monday: Sloppy Joes and tater tots

Tuesday: Italian Sausage with green beans and apple sauces

Wednesday: salad, a big family size Stoffers Mac and Cheese dinner

Thursday: Fried Chicken, mash potatoes and gravy with corn

Friday: Taco night.

For more tasty idea for meals check out the Organizing Junkie the Creator of the Menu Plan Monday

Have a Great Day :)

Friday, February 09, 2007

Sunday Six Valentines style(2/11/07)

This weeks Sunday Six is in honor of Valentines Day. Here is what Kelly had for us this week
Valentines Day is this coming Wednesday, let's go with that theme!
1. What is love?
2. Why do we celebrate Valentine's Day?
3. How do we celebrate Valentine's Day?
4. What are Valentines?
5. How many Valentines can you have at one time?
6. Who do you love?

Little Man(who will be 21 months old on Valentines day)
1)He hand me a little broom and then reaches for it back saying "mine mine"
2)He said" Val" I said yes he said "Play"
3)he said "Day"
4)starts hitting couch with broom and said "there"
5)he said "two" and then hit the ground with the broom two times
6)He said something that sounded like God so I asked him if he loved God and he said "OK".

Sweet Pea(5 yrs old)
1)Smiles turns a little red thinks about it for a minute and then said "I don't know"
2) "so we can have a party"
3) "with valentine cards"
4) "There the cards we give to people"
5) she said "two" I thought she said it because Little man just said two so I asked her why she said two and she said "Because of B and K"(B and K being her 2 best friends)
6) "God and Mom and Dad"

Mr Man(7 yrs old)

1) something Gross

2)ummmmmmmmm because

3)whoosie, Goshie, Kissie

4)something disgusting to boys

5)a whole bunch


Princess(11 yrs old and I think only plays so she can give me smart comments and then laughs about them LOL)
1) "I don't know"
2) "I don't know its not like we really celebrate it, It's not like we get off school or anything"
3) "I don't know how you do it, but *I* except gifts"
4) "chocolates, flower, cards and other gifts"(then she giggles in her smartie pants way and says "from boys")
5)"As many as you can get away with, as long as they don't find out." Then she starts to laugh
6)"My self" little giggle and then says "No one".

Thursday, February 08, 2007

a correction about Grandpa

I talked with my grandpa tonight on the phone, and though his mouth is sore from the teeth being pulled and him being a little loopy from the pain meds. He was able to explain to me that Grandma didn't know what she was talking about when she called me and told me the growth was cancer. I guess Grandpa had called her and told her what was going on but didn't get a chance to explain things to her in person before she called me.
Grandpa does not/did not have cancer. The dentist told him the growth was the sort of growth that cancer can grow in, BUT IT WAS NOT CANCER..
This is wonderful news to hear, I'm only sorry I posted about it before talking to Grandpa. So Now I have made the correction.

Taste buds.

This afternoon while I was reading The Geek Inside blog, Sari had a post about her son Five and his picky eating habits. This reminded me of something that happened last week with my newly five year old.
Last week When I took Sweet Pea to her 5 year check up, her doctor stuck her toung out
and had sweet pea look closely at the bumps, then she went on to tell her that she has those bumps too and that those are her taste buds and now that she is five years old those taste buds change. So even if she didn't like something when she was four she should give it a try again because now that she is five and her taste buds are five and they change she might like it. Smart thinking on the doctors part or so I thought, She told her because of her taste buds being five years old that she has to try one bit of everything that her mom cooks for her that way she will know if her taste buds like it.
Her I sit thinking what a smart doctor, and I'm sure the doctor was pleased with herself also getting all these kids to fall for oopes Imean go along with this changing taste bud thing.
Well it didn't take much to sell Sweet Pea on this whole idea that now that she is five years old her taste buds change because she got a great big smile on her face and said to the doctor. "I know, I know, My taste buds have already changed. I use to like carrots and Now I DON'T "

guess that sort of back fired, the poor doctor just giggled and didn't know what more to say.

Sorry Sari that you came over here looking for this and I didn't have it up yet. Real life got in the way. I got a call from my grandma right after leaving a comment for you. Last week Grandpa had a growth removed out of his gums, he had had a tooth pulled years ago and a growth was growing where that tooth use to be, Well he found out today from the dentist that the growth was cancer. I'm not sure what they do now, Grandma said that they got it all but the dentist went ahead and pulled the teeth that were on either side of that growth. After getting off the phone with Grandma It was time to go pick up Mr Man from school, Then had to run to the Rec Center to get him signed up for Spring soccer. Came home had about 30 minutes in which we worked on his home work. Then it was out the door again to go pick up Princess from Academic Challenge Practise. Came home got her started on her homework(which she needed the computer for) and I cooked dinner, we ate and it was out the door again to drop her off at basketball practice. After dropping her off I got right on here to get this post published :) I need to head back out in an hour to go pick her up. Hummmmm
I think i need a Taxi sign for the top of my van, maybe then I could expect tips. :)

UPDATE: Grandma misunderstood what Grandpa told her and Grandpa'g growth was NOT cancer..

My 200th Post

WOW!! This post make post number 200 for my blog. HUMMMMM what to write about????? I don't know, I've got nothing.

I guess I'll just tell ya all a little bit about me.
My name is(oops can't tell ya, DH is too worried about safety on the Internet) so you can call me KC.
I was born on November 9, 1972 that makes me a little over 34 years old. UGH I"M OLD!!!!!!!!!!!! thankfully I don't feel old ;)
I was born into a christian family, so I have been attending church since I was week old.
I excepted Christ as my Lord and Savior at an early age, I was 5 years old. It was March 21,1977. Like a lot of night I was in my parents bed and My dad was telling us our bedtime stories, I don't remember the story but we started talking about God, Heaven, Hell, sin and salvation. I told my dad I wanted to be saved and he lead me in a little sinners prayer. The Lord saved me that night. I have heard people say children are too young to understand, THEY ARE SO WRONG!!!!
I followed the lord in believers baptism a few years later when I was 9 years old
I went to college to be an accountant, what was I thinking LOL I don't think i would want to do that now, If I was to do it over again I would pick something like a teacher so I could have the same days and time off as my children, or a nurse something to work with people and not numbers :)
My only real dream job I'm living it now and that was to be a wife and a SAHM.

DH and I was Married Oct 29, 1994, we had dated 5 1/2 years before that. I meet my DH when i was in 3rd grade(I'll save this story for a different post)
I'm a mother of five
Princess is my oldest she was born January 18, 1996. She is so much fun. She is into everything, just very active and very smart. She is a 5th grader this year and has been in the gifted classes since 2nd grade. Every year on the state testing she finishes in the top 2% in the country, but she isn't your normal smart kid book worm. She is very athletic, She plays in the Rec league volleyball, and the school traveling team Basketball. She was also a cheerleader this past fall for the 5 and 6 grade traveling football team but her favorite is fastpitch softball. She plays on two traveling softball teams, A league team which plays during the week in the summer and travels to surrounding town, But also She plays for a traveling tournament play team, which holds try outs and then plays there most of there tournament in the summer but they work on softball together year round playing a few tournaments here and there all though the year. Besides the sports she is also in Drama club at school they put on there 1st play(which just blew me away at how well they did) back in January and they start working on there 2 play next week. She is also on the 5th grade Academic Challenge Team
My 2nd Child is Mr Man he was born November 15, 1999. He use to be the biggest Thomas the Tank fan in the world but after starting kindergarten he started thinking Thomas was for babies. Now He loves Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean. Until he was 5 years old he was the shortest smallest little boy, only in the 5% and 10% for height and weight, since then he has grew like a weed and is now in the 95% for both. He is a 1st grader this year and seems to be following his older sister with his grades, he is an awesome reader and is a A student. He also likes his sports. He has been playing soccer since he was 4 years old and this year he started basketball and he loves it. This summer will be his 3rd year of baseball also(well the last two was t-ball but I think this year he moves up) Mr Man is my tenderhearted little on, He always puts others first, and takes everything anyone says to heart. He is always willing to help, He is just the sweetest thing ever
Child #3 is Sweet Pea. She was born January 29, 2002. She is/was my only shy child. At first I wasn't sure how to deal with that Princess was extremely out going from the time she was a baby, and Mr Man wasn't shy at all either but Sweet Pea from the time she was a baby if someone said hi to her she would head her head in my shoulder and cry. Now that she is five she is more out going then she ever been before but she can still have her extremely shy moments. At the moment Sweet Pea isn't into any sports but she has and will again do ballet and gymnastic, and Last summer she played T-ball and loved that, I think this fall she is wanting to play soccer also. She is in her 2nd year of preschool and next fall will enter Kindergarten.
Our 4th child is our Glory Baby, Alyssa Reese(I can use her name) My Due date was October 29, 2004(our 10 year wedding anniversary) but God took Alyssa home to be with Him when I was 13 weeks along.
My youngest baby, baby #5 is Little Man, OH my goodness he can be a little stinker at times, but he is so cute that I can over look it all. He was born May 14, 2005. His birth was crazy. I had gave birth to 3 older children without needing a single stitch, Then Little Man came along and ended up being an emergency C-section(he had a prolapsed cord and after getting in there they found he had tied the cord into two true knots very scary to think about really so I normally don't) since his birth trued into an emergency surgery to save our lives I was knocked out cold for it, this still saddens me, but the end result was my wonderful healthy little man and that is all that matters. Little Man will be 21 months old next week.

I think I'll end this book now and publish my 200th post

Happy Blogging Everyone

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Wordless Wednesday(2/7/07)

Princess basketball team, she is the 2nd from the left in the bottom row.(I know wordless, wordless.. but it's so hard to be wordless LOL)

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Thank you all for your get well wishes. I'm doing much much better now. I woke up today not sure if I felt well or not but as the day went on I started feeling better and better. Even well enough to try Marvelous Mini Meatloaves . They were very yummy. All but one of the kids ate them and that was Sweet Pea and since her tummy was still feeling a little funny I didn't make her eat anything she didn't want to eat.
Little Man seems to be doing much better today also, as does Sweet Pea.(which I don't think I mentioned ended up with the tummy bug yesterday also) Poor DH has it today :( So far Princess and Mr Man are still well. BUT I sort of hope they cancel school again tomorrow just in case they wake up with it, that way they won't be missing any school for being sick.

Did I mention School has been cancelled the last two day due to it being so cold. I think we are having a heatwave though because it is now up to 8 degrees outside with a wind chill of 1 degree which is a major improvement over a -7 with a wind chill of -22.

Sweet pea seems to be over her reaction she had Friday to the kindergarten shots she had last Wednesday. Friday I mentioned how her right leg was all swollen and had a big softball size bright red bump that was hot to the touch. Today the swelling is all gone, and the bump is now just a black and blue mark the size of a ping pong ball. I found out this morning that the shots she was given in her right leg was the Dtp and her flu shot. So one of those is what caused the allergic reaction. I wish I knew for sure which one it was.

Something I don't think I have mentioned here is that Princess has been getting a lot of pain in her head, it might be migraines. We saw the doctor for it yesterday afternoon(that was not so fun with me being sick but we won't go into that story) She has been getting these one and off for the last 2 years and I could normally go back and saw that she either had played too many video games or on the computer too long with in hours of the headaches. So we limit her time on those sort of things and she was doing really well. Jump ahead till after Christmas and they have been coming a lot. In the month of January it seemed liked she was getting them every day or every other day and I couldn't really pin point what might be causing them like i did in the past. So we got her in.
Princess has a history of seizures, Not full blow seizures. When she was close to 3 years old she had this twitch in her eyes sort of like an uncontrollable blinking, shortly after she turned 3 we got her into a neurologist who had an EEG done and there was seizure activity going on in her brain which was causing the twitching of her eyes. She spent 3 years on medication for this. The 1st year on the medication(which I cant remember for the life of me what it was called) she would still get the twitch but the next 2 years she didn't have it at all, So right after her 6 birthday they did another EEG and found that all the seizure activity was gone, so over the next so many months they weaned her off the medicine. She has been perfect ever since except for these bad headaches that started around the time she turned 9 years old. The triggers or what i think was triggering the headaches were the same triggers that I was told could trigger the seizures so this worried me a bit, but since they weren't coming all that often her normal doctor didn't seem to worried about them unless she was getting them more then 3 times a month which she wasn't.
Now that she has been getting them a lot, her doctor(pediatrician) thinks these are migraines(though she isn't vomiting with them)but because of her past history he wants to rule out the seizure stuff before he says for sure.
Princess will be having a stressed induced EEG and a Cat scan on February 15. So please keep her in your prayers she is sort of nerves about all of these test.
I am also,not that there is anything to worry about with the test but the results are what worries me, I really don't want the seizures to be back. Even though no one wants the seizures back we pray Gods will be done, and we will trust Him to know what is best for Princess. Thank you for keeping her in your prayers.

WOW tomorrow is Wednesday already I'm losing track of days with the kids home. See you all tomorrow.

Monday, February 05, 2007

menu plan monday(2/5/07)

I'm not feeling well today, the nasty head cold thing sort of went away, thank goodness. ONLY I caught Little Mans tummy bug and even the thought of food right now doesn't do anything for me. BTW Little Man is still sick also. ~sigh~
I do have a sort of plan for this weeks meals so I thought i would play.

Monday: leftover steak and bake potatoes which i cooked a day ago

Tuesday: Taquitos with nachos chips and cheese and salsa

Wednesday: I'm doing the Marvelous Mini Meatloaves that I never got around to trying last week, will do that with mashed potatoes and corn

Thursday we are having Bratwurst, green beans and applesauce

Friday: Pizza.

So we don't have anything really exciting planned this week, but I am looking forward to trying the meatloaves, I just hope I"m past this tummy bug because right now I couldn't deal with raw meat.. EWWWWWWW..
For more wonderful menu ideas check out Laura's blog.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sunday Six(2/4/07)

Well, since its Groundhog Day - let's go with it!
1. What is a ground hog?
2. Where do they live?
3. What happens on Ground Hog Day?
4. How does the Ground hog know how to predict the weather?
5. Have you ever seen a Ground Hog?
6. How do we celebrate Ground Hog day?

Mr Man(7 yrs old)
1)its a day where PunxsutawneyPhil will see his shadow or not
2)in a hole in the ground
3)they see if spring is coming soon or winter will be longer
4)because he sees his shadow or not.
5)Yes, in the newspaper
6)ahhhh, we celebrate It?!?!?

Sweet Pea(5 yrs old)
1) having a birthday
2) in logs
3) I don't know
4) I still don't know
5) NO
6) ummmm I still don't know.

There ya have it groundhogs day by Mr Man and Sweet Pea. Did you play? Don't forget to stop by and say hi to Kelly and view some other cute answers.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

My post of the day.

I think I'm getting sick, my throat hurts, my head hurts and my nose is starting to get stuffy, but I wanted to post about a few different things today.

Sweet Peas reaction to the shots(still don't know which one) seems to be starting to go away. This morning it wasn't bright red it was just pink and it was no longer hot to the touch.

Little Man ~sigh~ is worse today, he puked 3 times today and had it coming out his bottom end as well. Sadly his poor diaper wasn't made to hold the sort of stuff he had coming out of him and not once but twice today he had it running down his leg and all over my floors. I feel like I have done nothing today except scrub and disinfect my house yet the place still looks like a tornado ran though it. He doesn't seem to be too fussy which is a good thing. Wonder if it could be teething I see 2 new teeth today that he didn't have yesterday. My older son use to get the bottom end stuff when he was teething but puking I never saw with teething so who knows.

He also asked to sit on the potty twice today but he did nothing except want to tear toilet paper off the roll and flush the toilet. I'm ok with this seeing how I didn't plan to train him until after he turned 2 years old anyways. I did want to get him use to sitting on the potty chair and the toilet though. I spent a week looking all over my house for the kids old potty chair and I couldn't find it. Today my parents came over(this was after calling my mom yesterday letting her about Little Man's pee pee in the potty) and my mom handed me my kids potty chair and said "I thought you might need this now" I don't remember storing it at her house and she doesn't remember taking it to her house but somehow she knew it was at her house this whole time but didn't know i was looking for it. ONLY problem is after MR Man potty trained I lost the little boy part of it to keep pee from shooting everywhere. So I might end up buying a new chair anyways. I'm not sure if he will even like the potty chair since he has already taken to sitting on the big potty with the ring seat on it, but I always like the potty chair for training them because I can carry it from room to room with me and there are no mad dashes to get into a bathroom. PLUS we only have one bathroom with 6 people there will come a time where he won't be able to get to the big potty and need to use the potty chair, that is just a given.

Mr Man won his basket ball game today. He had his 1st basket(in a game) today and won the game for his team. AND I MISSED IT, because of having to stay home with a sick baby. Thankfully DH video taped the whole thing for me and i have watched it three times already.. Mr Man is so happy about his basket and so is his mommy ;)

Mr Man also had a birthday party this afternoon for a little girl in his class at school, he wanted to go but was afraid to go because he feared he would be the only boy who went to a girls party, thankfully for him 2 other boys in his classed showed up also. When I picked him up the 1st thing he said to me was " I did have fun mom, how odd is that" SNORT.. silly kid thought he wouldn't have fun at a party just because it was for a girl.

Princess had a free day. You don't know how very very odd that is for her.. a free day for her normally she only has 2 places to be that day. BUT today for the 1st time in I don't know how long she had no place she had to be and nothing she had to do(well she did work on homework but that is nothing)
crazy child it is freezing outside and she is eating an orange Popsicle
DH's car is acting up. for some reason the cooling fan will not turn off. It runs until the battery dies. It did this to DH Friday at work and he had to be jumped in order to get home(and his drive is not a short one he works 1 1/2 hours from our home) When he got home the cooling fan stayed on again and killed the battery again. My dad normally does most of the work on our cars/van So I called him he checked around with people and was told it sounds like it needed a fuse/relay replaced so we did that last night and then jumped the car again and as soon as we started charging the battery the fan kicked back on and this was before starting the car.. OK it wasn't the fuse/relay.
My dad had to work today but at worked he talked to his friend who told him about a temperature censer that is in the engine that sometimes go bad and would make the cooling fan think the car was over heating so it would keep the fan running. So tonight DH and my dad replaced that part. BUT the fan is still running.. I think we are going to have to pay to have this one taken care of.
They are trying one more thing tomorrow before they throw in the towel. I pray it works because we don't have the extra money right now to pay to get it fixed. This means DH will be driving my van to work leaving me without wheels until we have the money to get his car fixed.

Winter like I remember it is here. None of this 50 and 60 degree weather in our parts. Right now it is 2 degrees outside with a wind chill temperature of -14. We are talking walk out the door and have your nose hair freeze instantly weather.

Tomorrow our church has been cancelled due to the weather. We don't have a ton of snow but the snow we have with the wind we have is making for a lot of white outs and drifting and our church is on a country road about 9pm I got a phone call letting us know they were cancelling church for the morning(oh did i mention we go to a small country church where they can call all the members on the phone to do stuff like this and not have to post it on TV or radio)
Princess has an away basketball game in the afternoon, not sure if they will still play that or not. Seeing how we won't have to drive open Field country road where the snow drifts are a problem I think they will still have it, well unless the pipes at the school freezes up or something.(tomorrow is to be colder then today)
Tomorrow night not sure if Awanas will be a go or not either but if it is we will have church and Awanas and then a Superbowl party over at my grandparents.
I'm going to bed now since I'm not feeling well and I'm the only person in my house awake.