Friday, February 16, 2007


As I read the comments from my marriage meme that I posted on Valentines day, I found myself having alot more to say and wanting to respond to all the comments.
Since I didn't have alot of time online yesterday or today I didn't get to go to leave comments at all of your blogs or even to type a response comment into my own blog at the marriage meme. So this post is for me to respond to those of you who commented on that post.

Midlife Mom: Thank you, and you are correct guys just don't pay that close attention to detail, well unless he is my dad or my oldest son, then details are everything LOL. My DH doesn't pay attention to much stuff like that. When it came to planning our wedding I would ask him what he wanted and he didn't care if we even had a wedding as long as we were getting a married. He told me I could pick whatever I wanted for decoration, cake, food, everything and he would be happy with whatever I did. He is that way with everything in the house pretty much also. When it came to decorating our 1st home, or picking out plates and silverware or anything, as long as he could eat off of it or with it, it didn't matter one bit to him what it looked like. I find this as a blessing and a curse, blessing because I get what I want curse because sometimes it would be nice to get his opinion on stuff, over the years he has got a little better as helping me pick between one or two things if I need him to though.

Heather: I wasn't sure if DH would do this with me or not because of how long it was but I guess he was in the playing mood though most of his answers was done all in a joking sort of way. This meme doesn't have to be a two player game it can be done by one :)

Anne: Thank you, and let me know if you do this meme i would love to read it, I have enjoyed reading all the ones who have posted this meme so far.

crygibb: Thank you, and thank you for stopping by my blog.

Nicole: I'm right, I"m always right SNORT.. ;) but really I was right on this one, our bed is a queen size, though when we first got married we did have a king size water bed, but have had our Queen size normal bed for the last 10 years so where he got King I don't know

Tina: I wasn't sure if i was going to do this meme because of how many questions.. but I had some of my wedding photos online and thought it would be a fun way to blog them, Plus what better timing then Valentines day(well I guess our anniversary would have been a good time also LOL)

Fantastagirl: Thank you, and Thank you for the idea of this meme and the idea to use the photos with it.

Sari: Oh yeah DH has a wonderful sense of humor, it is what first drew me to him, well that and his butt oopes I mean his eyes yes his wonderful blue eyes. LOL ok well NO I wasn't looking at his butt when I was 9 years old.
One of my very 1st memories of him was him acting like the smart butt he is and I couldn't stop myself from laughing.. that is what I remember of him when I was 9 years old. He has had me ROTFLMBO ever since.. We are always joking around with each other all the times(see his our answers for #23) His answer for #15 I almost didn't post, I mean my mom reads my blog LOL. The leg lift was classic, and still cracks us both up.

Thank you guys for the comments. now you can get back to your normal blogging :)

PS. update on this post as I thought about it lastnight I started thinking I was over reacting, and since Little Man was perfectly normal yesterday and today I cancelled his doctors appointment. If he ends up sick at all this with with this tummy stuff again I'll take him right in, but for now I think we are safe and healthy.

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