Saturday, February 03, 2007

My post of the day.

I think I'm getting sick, my throat hurts, my head hurts and my nose is starting to get stuffy, but I wanted to post about a few different things today.

Sweet Peas reaction to the shots(still don't know which one) seems to be starting to go away. This morning it wasn't bright red it was just pink and it was no longer hot to the touch.

Little Man ~sigh~ is worse today, he puked 3 times today and had it coming out his bottom end as well. Sadly his poor diaper wasn't made to hold the sort of stuff he had coming out of him and not once but twice today he had it running down his leg and all over my floors. I feel like I have done nothing today except scrub and disinfect my house yet the place still looks like a tornado ran though it. He doesn't seem to be too fussy which is a good thing. Wonder if it could be teething I see 2 new teeth today that he didn't have yesterday. My older son use to get the bottom end stuff when he was teething but puking I never saw with teething so who knows.

He also asked to sit on the potty twice today but he did nothing except want to tear toilet paper off the roll and flush the toilet. I'm ok with this seeing how I didn't plan to train him until after he turned 2 years old anyways. I did want to get him use to sitting on the potty chair and the toilet though. I spent a week looking all over my house for the kids old potty chair and I couldn't find it. Today my parents came over(this was after calling my mom yesterday letting her about Little Man's pee pee in the potty) and my mom handed me my kids potty chair and said "I thought you might need this now" I don't remember storing it at her house and she doesn't remember taking it to her house but somehow she knew it was at her house this whole time but didn't know i was looking for it. ONLY problem is after MR Man potty trained I lost the little boy part of it to keep pee from shooting everywhere. So I might end up buying a new chair anyways. I'm not sure if he will even like the potty chair since he has already taken to sitting on the big potty with the ring seat on it, but I always like the potty chair for training them because I can carry it from room to room with me and there are no mad dashes to get into a bathroom. PLUS we only have one bathroom with 6 people there will come a time where he won't be able to get to the big potty and need to use the potty chair, that is just a given.

Mr Man won his basket ball game today. He had his 1st basket(in a game) today and won the game for his team. AND I MISSED IT, because of having to stay home with a sick baby. Thankfully DH video taped the whole thing for me and i have watched it three times already.. Mr Man is so happy about his basket and so is his mommy ;)

Mr Man also had a birthday party this afternoon for a little girl in his class at school, he wanted to go but was afraid to go because he feared he would be the only boy who went to a girls party, thankfully for him 2 other boys in his classed showed up also. When I picked him up the 1st thing he said to me was " I did have fun mom, how odd is that" SNORT.. silly kid thought he wouldn't have fun at a party just because it was for a girl.

Princess had a free day. You don't know how very very odd that is for her.. a free day for her normally she only has 2 places to be that day. BUT today for the 1st time in I don't know how long she had no place she had to be and nothing she had to do(well she did work on homework but that is nothing)
crazy child it is freezing outside and she is eating an orange Popsicle
DH's car is acting up. for some reason the cooling fan will not turn off. It runs until the battery dies. It did this to DH Friday at work and he had to be jumped in order to get home(and his drive is not a short one he works 1 1/2 hours from our home) When he got home the cooling fan stayed on again and killed the battery again. My dad normally does most of the work on our cars/van So I called him he checked around with people and was told it sounds like it needed a fuse/relay replaced so we did that last night and then jumped the car again and as soon as we started charging the battery the fan kicked back on and this was before starting the car.. OK it wasn't the fuse/relay.
My dad had to work today but at worked he talked to his friend who told him about a temperature censer that is in the engine that sometimes go bad and would make the cooling fan think the car was over heating so it would keep the fan running. So tonight DH and my dad replaced that part. BUT the fan is still running.. I think we are going to have to pay to have this one taken care of.
They are trying one more thing tomorrow before they throw in the towel. I pray it works because we don't have the extra money right now to pay to get it fixed. This means DH will be driving my van to work leaving me without wheels until we have the money to get his car fixed.

Winter like I remember it is here. None of this 50 and 60 degree weather in our parts. Right now it is 2 degrees outside with a wind chill temperature of -14. We are talking walk out the door and have your nose hair freeze instantly weather.

Tomorrow our church has been cancelled due to the weather. We don't have a ton of snow but the snow we have with the wind we have is making for a lot of white outs and drifting and our church is on a country road about 9pm I got a phone call letting us know they were cancelling church for the morning(oh did i mention we go to a small country church where they can call all the members on the phone to do stuff like this and not have to post it on TV or radio)
Princess has an away basketball game in the afternoon, not sure if they will still play that or not. Seeing how we won't have to drive open Field country road where the snow drifts are a problem I think they will still have it, well unless the pipes at the school freezes up or something.(tomorrow is to be colder then today)
Tomorrow night not sure if Awanas will be a go or not either but if it is we will have church and Awanas and then a Superbowl party over at my grandparents.
I'm going to bed now since I'm not feeling well and I'm the only person in my house awake.

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Nicole said...

I seriously do NOT get how people can live in that cold of weather! I am SO cold natured. I don't think that I would last that long. Ha. Good thing church is cancelled. That happened to us a few weeks ago and sad to say, it was nice to stay home out of the cold.

I feel so bad for ya'll. And your little one getting so sick. I am so sorry. I hope YOU don't really get sick. Maybe your body is just faking you out and you will be great this afternoon. Nothing wrong with wishful thinking right??

Ya'll get to feeling better!