Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Dear Hubby & Princess EEG

Today was Princesses EEG and Cat scan. Here EEG had to be a stressed one so we had to keep her up all night long she could only have 2 or 3 hours of sleep before the EEG So we watched TV played computer games and then had a nice long LONG UNO match. At 4am she and I went to sleep to wake up at 6:30am and get dress to go to the hospital. Her EEG was at 7:45 and we didn't get done with that until 10am and then went down to CT and that didn't take to long at all and we were home by 10:45am

The CT people told me her doctor would have the results later today but with the EEG the neurologist has to read the results they said they should have that done tomorrow and then her doctor should have the results by Monday or Tuesday. I already have an appointment set up to see the doctor on Tuesday. The CT people didn't say anything about the test at all, But the lady giving the EEG was really nice and she did Princesses last EEG (which was in Feb 2002 when they told us the seizures were gone) After the EEG was done she told me " Now i can't tell you what this means the neurologist will have to read it and let you know, but there is some questionable activity going on from time to time" I don't know what that means. My mind jumps right to the seizure activity being back and if it is I don't know what that means for Princess either, but I'm trying not to jump from things to things until I hear what the neurologist has to say about the results of the EEG. Please continue to pray

Today is was also DH 37th birthday. Not much of a birthday due to the fact that I stayed up all night long and had to spend the morning in the hospital with Princess. DH stayed home and kept an eye on Little Man for me this morning and Mr Man and Sweet Pea had spent the night over at great grandmas house. After getting home from the hospital I was so tired I couldn't keep my eyes open but DH wanted to go out for his birthday(something we were planning on doing tomorrow night but since he missed work the last two nights due to the blizzard he wants to work tomorrow night) Since it was his birthday I managed to put some toothpicks in my eyes and go out to eat with him. Princess went to play at great grandma's house and we just took Little Man with us. We had a wonderful lunch and got home about 1pm. Little Man was asleep when we got back home so i laid him in bed with me and I went to sleep. I thought I would get an hour nap to keep myself awake for when the kids got home and DH had to go to sleep(because he had to work tonight) Sleep felt great, ONLY when i woke up it was *5pm* UGH.. I left my poor DH alone pretty much all afternoon on his birthday..
so I made dinner, we ate and he went to bed. I got the kids home from grandmas and we got the cake ready for to sing to him when he woke up at 9pm

At 9 he woke up, got dressed we sang and ate cake and off to work he went. I got the kids ready for bed and here I sit now ready to pass out myself.
I should get to bed myself. I babysit in the morning on Fridays so my morning always start earlier then I like on Fridays. Good Night all.


Anna said...

Oh girly...that makes me tired just reading it! Bless your heart. I hope the EEG results come back normal. =) What a good wife to still manage to celebrate hubby's birthday after all of that. Hope you have a great weekend!!

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Doug and Stacey said...

I'll pray for you to make it through to receiving the test results. I know how hard it is to wait for information like that.

Heather said...

What a whirlwind you all are going through! You will all be in my prayers too. Happy Birthday to princess and hubby!