Monday, February 12, 2007

Menu Plan Monday & weekend recap

Happy Monday morning you all. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

(this gets a little long so if you don't want to hear about my weekend just skip ahead to the Menu Plan Monday)

We had a crazy, busy and fun weekend. Friday was a little messed up and we had to change our plans around because Princess ended up with the tummy bug that ran though all 6 of us at some point over those 7 days. Friday was her turn and she was home from school and had to miss her softball practise Friday night because of it. Since DH didn't have to run Princess to softball Friday night he went into work giving him 24 hours over time this week. Mr Man went to watch his 2nd oldest cousin play basketball Friday night, but other then that the rest of us had a relaxing night at home.

Saturday morning was a little busy. Princess had a double header basketball game she had to be at the school by 9am and there game started at 9:30am She had a crowd there watching her this week. There was DH, me, Mr man, Sweet Pea, Little Man, My grandma, My mom and dad and DH's mom and dad. She played a great game also and they won the 1st game 14-7. I only got to watch the 1st 10 min of the 2nd game and she started and play that whole time and they were winning when I had to leave. I don't know why but DH and Princess tell me she didn't get to play at all during the 2nd 1/2 of the game. I guess the coach benched 3 of her normal starters and didn't put them in at all during the 2nd1/2 and they ended up losing 12-6 :( This brings there record to 5-3

The reason I left was that Mr Man had his basketball game to get to. All the grandmas and grandpas came along with us to watch his game. If you have never watched 1st and 2nd graders play basketball you are missing out. They are just to funny. They are just learning how to play so unless the kids have older sibs who played most of them don't even understand the idea of dribbling the ball. There was this one kid ON Mr Man's team who wouldn't pass the ball to save his life, if the ball got in his hand no matter where he was on the floor he would shoot the ball. On one play Mr Man was standing by this kid and the ball was thrown toward them and Mr Man caught the pass and dribbled up toward the basket and made the shot(only it hit the rim and bounced out) but after Mr Man shot the ball this other kid came up tapped him on the shoulder and said "My dad said you have to give the ball to me any time you get it" LOL LOL. two plays later the ball was shot and it was over shot by someone and was starting to roll out of bounds Mr Man and this kid(who thinks he gets the ball on every play) took off running for it. Mr Man got the ball and the other kid(from his own team) attacks him and tries to take the ball away from him. they both had there arms wrapped around the ball in what would have been a jump ball if they were on opposite teams.. There coach was yelling to the other kid to let go of the ball and he wouldn't and the coach is yelling "stop fighting stop fighting over the ball" LOL Mr Man gave in and let go because the coach told them to not fight over it(he is very good at listening even when he doesn't want too) and the kid shot the ball and he was no where close to the basket. I tell ya this pee wee basketball is some funny stuff. We got home Saturday ate lunch and didn't do anything except relax at home until around 6pm when DH and Princess when to watch DH nephew(the same cousin I mentioned Mr Man went to watch) play in his high school basketball game. While they were gone I gave Mr Man and Sweet Pea hair cuts and tried to trim up Little Mans hair, the boy has more hair then any of my kids at this age and yet I can't keep him still enough to ever give him a good hair cut.

At 9pm Saturday night I got a phone call from DH(still at the basketball game) wondering if I had any problem with him going to TN with his brother Sunday. Which i didn't. BUT this is where the crazy stuff comes into play.DH's oldest nephew is in college(1st year) He went on a full ride for baseball to Easter MI. They were playing this weekend at the University of TN. On Saturday my brother in law had planned to go down but never made it there(and his is no short trip it is an 8 hour drive) So he was planning on leaving at 5am Sunday morning to drive down there watch a game and drive back. See I told ya crazy. But I guess Crazy runs in the bold because DH and Mr Man woke up at 4:30am and went down to TN watched a baseball game and drove right back home getting home after Midnight this morning. Mr Man was tired this morning but not as bad as I thought he would be.. though he was 15 minutes late to school because I let him sleep till after 8am.

For the rest of us Sunday morning was the normal Sunday school church thing. ONLY This week Little Man wanted to go to the nursery and didn' t cry he asked to go, so i got to sit though the morning service without having to deal with him making noise or deal with him throwing a fit in the nursery. YEAH!!! After church we did Burger King for lunch because we had to drive a hour west to have Princess at some place for these really professional photo shoot for her tournament travel softball team. They do everything they do up big time and its so professional, I guess I'm just not use to this big time travel sport stuff. I'm use to Rec leagues and school travel stuff, but these photos go in there softball organization profile books and these books get sent to colleges every year with the end of the year team records and personal records along with there school grades and activities so colleges can follow the girls though the years so when it is time for them to go to college they can get scholarships. Anyways by the time we got home from that i had enough time to cook dinner feed the kids and head off to PM church and Awanas. So there ya have it how we all spent our weekend.

Now for what you all have been waiting for


my plan for menus went up in smoke this week, as DH thought he would surprise me and have the shopping done for me before i woke up on Saturday morning. You see we normal do the shopping together on Friday but since he went into work on Friday night(gets home Saturday morning) We planed on doing it after the kids basketball games. ONLY when I woke up he was so home in the kitchen putting all the groceries away, so proud of himself that he Helped me out so Now I wouldn't have to do it. I was happy and proud of him for helping me out, only now we plan our meals around what he bought and not what I might have had in mind.. So without further ado Our Dinners.

Monday: Sloppy Joes and tater tots

Tuesday: Italian Sausage with green beans and apple sauces

Wednesday: salad, a big family size Stoffers Mac and Cheese dinner

Thursday: Fried Chicken, mash potatoes and gravy with corn

Friday: Taco night.

For more tasty idea for meals check out the Organizing Junkie the Creator of the Menu Plan Monday

Have a Great Day :)


Heather said...

You guys sure had a busy weekend! Sorry the bug is still hitting you guys! We thought we were in the clear of the sickies and took the kids out Friday at Max & Ermas, then to a family dinner Sat. Wouldn't you know, Sat night Nataie gets sick again! (Head/chest cold) Hope she's well enough to go to MOPS tomarrow! That is if we aren't snowed in:) Thanks for the b-day wishes:) I feel loved by someone;)

annie said...

Being sick stinks! Hope you are all well now.
Have a great Monday

Anonymous said...

Your post made ME tired. ha! Sorry to hear about the stomach last 2 posts on my blog have been about sickness in my family. UGH. Have a great week!

~M~ said...

You are busy! I'm sorry about being sick - we've had it here too. Your menu sounds good - I love sausages!

Midlife Mom said...

WOW! I am headed for the recliner chair after reading of your busy weekend! How do you keep it all straight????? Hope you're all over the bug by now. We're supposed to get a foot of snow on Wednesday, YIPPEE, just thought you would want to know that! lol

Fantastagirl said...

Wow - your weekend made me exhausted, and I just read it.

Kim's Life said...

Busy weekend. Its great your children play sports. So many bloogers little ones are sick at the moment. I am tired thinking of your weekend.LOLOL Have agreat day. A relaxing Day.;)

Rona's Home Page said...

Yummy menu choices. Have a terrific weekend and I'll see you next week.