Thursday, November 30, 2006

Mr Man's 7 year check up.

Mr Man's 7 year check up was today. He isn't my little little boy, NOW he is my big big boy LOL
when he was born he was 6 pounds 2 oz and 20 inches long. As he grew he grew really slowly.. staying between the 5% and the 10% until he was 5 years old when he shot up to the 75% for both.. he has stayed in the 75% to the 80% until this year..

Today at his 7 year check up he was 72 pound and 51 1/2 inches tall putting him between the 90% and the 95% for both height and weight..

And to think when he was 4 years old and just a short little thing with a body frame that looked like twigs with skin on them, that he was going to end up with my short height and be a little stick man for his whole life LOL. NOPE now he is build more like a football player.

he is healthy and nothing wrong with him, all his test came out fine, the doctor jokenly said to him(after having him pee in a cup and testing it) "you have perfect pee" OMG did Mr Man ever get a kick out of that and he is going around telling everyone he sees "I have perfect pee" SNORT..

He didn't take to well to the finger poke but he is over it now, just a nice loud scream and a few tears, but he sniffed up his flu vacs like a pro..

Since i had sweet pea with us I went ahead and had her flu shot done(she wasn't too thrilled that she wasn't old enough to just sniff it up her nose). She did well with it though, she knew that her baby brother had his shot on saturday and didn't cry or even make a noise So neither did she.. Later while talking to her i asked did it hurt because both her and Little man didn't cry at all with it. She said "YES!!!! it hurt" I said "but you didn't cry or anything" to which she responed "DUH... if a baby didn't cry for it, i sure wasn't going to, but it hurt alot" LOL.. silly girl.

Now only one left for the flu vac this year is Princess.. would have had it done to day while i was there but she wasn't with us.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


This week for Way Back Wednesday The Kept Women had this for us.
It's just nature...primal if you will. Even the animals do it. NO, not that...the process of beautification. Walk us through your beauty rituals as you primp...shaving? brushing hair? putting on lipstick?

This wasn't extreamly way back.. I knew if i was at my parents house i would have been able to find some good ones with me blow drying my hair or doing make-up but I haven't been there and mom has been busy from just getting home from there trip tha she didn't have time to go though the photo albums for me.. I did have this lovely pic of me getting ready to leave the house, here in my albums. This was 2 or 3 years ago. I'm thinking it was around Feb or March of 2003 but it might have been 2004 i just dont remember.

Let me know if you played so i can go check out your beauty rituals, and don't forget to let The Kept Women know you played also.

Happy Wednesday All

Monday, November 27, 2006

It's begining to look alot like Christmas

WEll at least in my house it is, still no snow on the ground but I have all my inside decorating done. OOPES.. almost forgot i still need to go buy a new christmas table cloth since the kids stained my old one up really good last year with some kool-aid.

I got the tree up on friday while the kids were still in TX. got the lights all on it and after Little Man went to sleep that night I strung the beads around it and hung up my glass balbs. On Saturday when the kids got home I let them hang all there orniments on the tree.. Doing this while Little Man was awake might have been a mistake because after that he wouldn't leave the darn tree alone.

I have had glass orniments on my tree and raised 3 kids past this baby/toddler stage with no problem at all, a few times of telling them NO Touch and teaching them when we are touching the tree to only touch with one finger and life has been good. BUT not with LITTLE MAN.. after 4 broken glass orniments and 24 hours of yelling "NO don't touch that" I had enough.. and I sunk to a new low in which i said I would NEVER DO.. All Glass orniment on the top all home made and non breakable on the bottom.. but NO!!!!!!!!! that wasn't enough.. Little Man was going to kill himself with this tree, so up with the play yard all around the tree. I thought to keep from having this big baby gate sticking out in the middle of the floor, i would just use 4 sections of the play yard and it looked sort of cute around the tree.. But come sunday I found out this just wasn't going to work.. because even though Little man couldn't pull the tree on top of himself, he still was able to lean over the gate and pull orniments off the tree.. and the only thing this was doing was ticking him off and making him scream his head off. So yesterday i broke out the other 2 section of the play yard, now my tree is all gated in and Little Man can't lean over and touch the tree now because the gate is not right up along the tree.

What am I going to do with this boy ~sigh~
Maybe its his age, he is 18 months old now. I never had an 18 month old at christmas time before, Princess and Sweet Pea's 1st christmas they were 11 months old and there 2nd christmas was 23 months old, a tad young to want to explore everything and get into too much trouble and then old enough to understand when mommy says NO that means you don't do it. Same with Mr Man his 1st christmas he was only a month old, his 2nd he was 13 months and his 3rd 2 years and a month old.. 18 months is such a trying time anyways.. Maybe it's his age and not that my little man is just a terd LOL.

bear with me

as i play around with this new custom layout stuff with Blogger beta..
if you stop by from day to day and all the colors are different, Please forgive me i'm just playing around to see what works and what i like.
If you have any oppions as what you like best feel free to let me know.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

My babies are back

Princess, Mr Man and Sweet Pea are home from TX. they had a great time and it is great to have my house so full of noise oopes I mean Love LOL. Life is back to its normal crazy, out of control fun again. Boy did i miss these guys. Little Man really did also, he has been laughting and smiling and runny around like a crazy person ever since he laid eyes on his brother and sisters.

Little Man's 18 months check up.

This morning i took Little Man into the doctors for his 18 month check up. He turned 18 months on November 14, 2006. I could tell over the last 2 weeks he had grew like a weed, all his 12 month pants that fit him so nicely were short on him.. Only problem is the 18 month stuff are too big and fall right off of him. ~sigh~ they need a 12 1/2 month size i guess LOL.
Anyways he is now 23 1/2 pounds and 31 1/2 inches long, the pedi. told me that is 15% for weight and 55% for height.
He only got one shot and that was the flu vac. HE DIDN"T EVEN CRY!!!!!
Here i was holding his arms as he laid on the table and i was sort of blocking his view by kissing his forhead. I was bracing myself for him to stiffen up and scream his head off as they did the shot.. and as i was waiting for the blood currdleing scream(that all my kids inclueding little man has done) the nurse said ok he is all done you can get him dressed. What he didn't stiffen up, he didn't scream.. I even took a double look at the shot needle thing to make sure she really gave the boy the shot.. I mean he did nothing, nothing at all. just took the shot like nothing had happend to him... OK what did you all do with my son, the one who throws major fits over the littlest of things????????
Anyways.. he is sleeping now, has been sleeping since we got home..
Must be due to the fact that he didn't sleep at all lastnight.. UUUUGGGHHHHH.. darn teething.. poor little man has got 3 new teeth in the last 7 days, all molars. the 3rd one came though lastnight, he was NOT a happy baby.. It looks like that 4th molar could pop though at any time too.. so a shot and teething.. wonder if i'll get any sleep tonight..

Thursday, November 23, 2006

I Made The Move

I don't really know what I did yet or why I did it but I made the move to beta. So I guess I'll see what it is all about now.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Knock Knock... whoes there

NOONE so leave me along.... This is Sweet Peas knock knock joke she tries hard to get the orange and Banana one but it just never comes out right for her.. She doesn't do knock knocks or any other joke like her older sister and brother use to, but that is ok mommy doesn't mind at all LOL..
Today while reading The Geek inside I read Saris post on Knowing Your Target Audience. here is the link to it if you want to LOL. Anyways it remindedme of a few jokes my kids use to tell over and over and over to anyone who would listen.

Princess joke of choice was the cookie joke, she learned it when she was 4 or 5 years old and went around saying it for a good 2 years.

Why did the cookie go to the hospital?
Because he felt crummy

Mr Man's joke he learned last year and it was all we heard for months and months.

Did you hear the story about the broken pencil?
It had no point to it

hummmmmmm think they both lost something in print LOL..
but when the kids were little and running around saying them to everyone they meet , I got a kick out of it. LOL

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Just a short post

just to prove to you all I do know how to keep it short and sweet sometimes ;)

Counting Your Blessings.

I thought about blogging on this topic on sunday while singing the song Count Your Blessings in church on sunday morning, but never got around to it.
Then today while reading blogs I came across this at Faith Lifts and it brought back to mind what I was thinking in church while we were singing.
I had mention the trouble earlier today that we were facing. Unsure if DH was going to have a job to go to by the end of the week and that was laying heavy on my heart. Then we were singing sunday morning and i started to really listen to the words of the song and though it God spoke to me.

Here are the words to the Song writen by Johnson Oatman, Jr.,
Count Your Blessings:

When upon life's billows you are tempest tossed,When you are discouraged, thinking all is lost,Count your many blessings, name them one by one,And it will surprise you what the Lord hath done.

Count your blessings, name them one by one,Count your blessings, see what God hath done!Count your blessings, name them one by one,Count your many blessing, See what God hath Done.

Are you ever burdened with a load of care?Does the cross seem heavy you are called to bear?Count your many blessings, every doubt will fly,And you will be singing as the days go by.


When you look at others with their lands and gold,Think that Christ has promised you His wealth untold;Count your many blessings. Money can not buy,Your reward in heaven, nor your home on high.


So, amid the conflict whether great or small,Do not be discourage God is over all;Count your many blessings, angels will attend,Help and comfort give you to your journey's end.


WOW!!! I have been sing that song for as long as I can remember, yet God used it this week to remind me of things he wanted to teach me. Like what do you do when your dicourage: Count your blessings and give thanks to God for them, I found once you start Thanking God for the blessings in your life, next thing you know your thanking him for the trails and heartackes also. and by doing that we are obeying Him. "Give thanks in ALL thing"

the 2nd verse hit home also.. are you ever burdend with a load of care? oh boy was I ever.. how would we make it a week or two without money coming in if DH's company went on strike or if they closed down, how would we pay the bills, keep the house, have gifts under the tree at christmas. I wasn't so much worried about food to eat because I knew between my family and DH's we wouldn't starve but they couldn't pay our expenses. well in that verse of the song Count your blesseings every doubt will fly and you will be singing as the days go bye. So that is what I did and God gave me a peace that we would all be OK. and he brought to mind,that he has promissed to provide all our needs. Also when we are counting our blessings and giving Thanks to God, it lifts our eye off of our problems and places them on HIM..

Last verse.. So, amid the conflict whether great or small,Do not be discourage God is over all..............Help and comfort give you to your journey's end.
What a wonderful thing to remember.. no matter what the trouble in our live be it big or little WE don't need to be discourage or down or fearful of it, God is in control. PRAISE GOD, He give us comfort and peace that you would never have without HIM and he is there helping us. An ever present help in times of trouble.

Amazing how God used this hymn to show me so much this week..
We truly do have an awsome God.

Mr Man's 7th Birthday Party

On November 15, 2006 Mr Man turned 7 years old. On November 10th he had his birthday party. He invited every boy in his class plus 3 boys not in his class and it just wasn't an all boy birthday party it was a SLEEP OVER... Everyone told me I was crazy or that i have lost my mind.. But it wasn't to bad, Not too bad at all.

I was worried there for a while, though out the morning and afternoon on the day of the party I got more calls from moms saying there sons were coming to Mr Man's party(one called at 5pm the party was at 6:30pm) So I thought i was going to have 13 boys, then all my friends words of how crazy i was started to sink in and I admit I was a bit fearful of the unknown LOL. Then I really started to freak a bit when at the start of the party 2 boys showed up who didn't RSVP.. Which meant i was going to have 15 out of the 16 boys he invited. ONLY Then 3 of the ones who RSVPed saying yes they will be here didn't show up. So I only had 12 boys and 2 of those went home at 9:30pm so only 10 of them spending the night. That is a good number of boys.. There is no way in the world i could do a party with 25 to 30 boys like Princess did with the girls LOL. The 1st 3 hours of the party i was thinking it was going to be one heck of a long night.. These boys were doing like boys do running, yelling screaming, bouncing off the walls,the only time they were still is if we were doing an organized activities, which during the 1st 3 hours i did have stuff planned. Started the party at 6:30pm by 7pm they were eating pizza, by 7:20pm walking the plank, 7:40 opening gifts by 8pm we were outside doing the pinata, at 8:15pm I figured these boys needed to run and yell so I took them into the side yard and set them free, OH MY POOR NEIGHBORS LOL. AT 8:30pm we were doing cake and Ice cream at 9pm pin the eye patch on the skeleton with the cross bones, and at 9:30pm 2 of the boys went home and 2 of the boys had to take there night time ADHD meds(30 mins after that life was good LOL) At 9:30pm everyone got changed and brushed there teeth and laid there sleeping bags out, at 10pm they were in there sleeping bags and i started the movie and all of them were sound asleep before it ended. The last boy fell asleep at 11:45pm. AT 7:30am i woke them up feed them breakfast, they then got dressed and got there sleeping bags, cloths and pillows together and by 8:30am the party was over. Though two of the boys moms didn't pick them up till 9am and 9:10am(the same two who didn't RSVP) Good Thing was Princess was still sick so wasn't going to her volleyball game which started at 9am or i would have been a bit upset with these moms who didn't pick there kids up, if i would have had to miss Princess volleyball game. Not a one of these boys had ever spent the night any place but at there grandmas and not a one of them had any trouble at all. Over all the Party was good and Mr man had a blast and that is all that matters.

here is the link to all the pictures from that night.

God Is So Good.

God is So Good.
here is a little back ground of what has been going on.
Early part of Nov my DH got a phone call letting him know that his union at work was talking about striking due to a awful contract that the company was offering, The company took that one back and gave them just a tad bit better but still bad contract. The union rep was sure they guys would vote it down, but the plant manager told them if they didn't pass it they were going to close down the plant. So for a few weeks now i have been on pins and needles wondering what was going to happen and not sure if my husband(the only sorce of income we have) was going to have a job or not.
Monday they voted on the contract and they voted it down. Yesterday my husband was told they will know on Wed if they had a job to go back to after thanksgiving. So lastnight was a little stressful but I took it to God in prayers like i have been doing this whole month. Well this morning i got a phone call from DH telling me they are not closeing the plant, that after thanksgiving they will go back to the table and talk out the contract some more. So hopefully they will come to some sort of agreement.
Nest I'm sure by now you all know that my 3 older kids are in TX with my parents and my sister. Yesterday I got a phone call from my mom telling me Sweet Pea was running a 103.0 fever, that her tummy hurt her and she hasn't ate all day and she has done nothing but sleep and lay lifeless on the couch all day. OH my goodness. I just wanted to cry, and did. My baby girl is 1180 miles away from me and sick and there was nothing i could do for her. So I took it to God in prayer.
I Just thank God for his goodness.. I tell ya He is so Great.. Just yesterday and today he has answered all my prayers. 1st there was this whole job thing and God worked in a way that will not only keep DH from losing his job but also worked it in a way where the guys didn't vote in the crappy contract that the company was trying to force them to take. Then I was so worried about Sweet Pea and the only thing i could do for her this far away was pray for her, so with tears flowing down my cheeks that is what i did, and with in an hour of that I got a call that she was feeling better, her fever broke and she was up and running around like she was never sick at all. The other thing i was worried about was this utility bill, I don't know what on earth happened with it but they were telling me i owned $500(which i thought they were crazy) and it needed to be paid by friday and I didn't know where i was going to come up with that money.. so that has been in my prayers for a week now.. and this morning God answered that prayer also.. I thought i would call these people and ask for an extension.. for another week to come up with that money. and they told me no.. But then while the lady was looking at my account on her computer, she found a mistaken on there end, and i didn't own that much(which i didn't think i did but got no where with the 1st person i talked to about it that 1st person acted if i was clueless) So i only owed what i thought i did of $175.. So i paid them that today and Life is good now.. I hate the stress of stuff like this happening, but I always love to see God at work. I think sometimes He brings this stuff into our life in order for us to remember, that he has promised to provide all our needs, and then to show us his great handy work in action... God is so Good. and since i'm bragging on God there is one more I want to list.. Last monday Princess and Sweet Pea had work done at the dentist office. the friday before i got a message from the dentist reminding me of there appt but also said my portion of the work will need to be paid that day and they gave me an amount of $675.00 I about hit the floor, i never expected there work to be that much.. I didn't have the money and was about to cancel the appt, when I though God answered my prayers when my grandpa called and offered me his CC and i could just pay him back when i had the money. I was thankful thinking that God has worked is wonderful handy work again making it so i didn't have to cancel the appt. So I get there the girls have there work done and when i check out they said i owed $155.00(which is more of what i thought it would have been) So i did question the amount they told me and she said, that was our mistake, i gave you the wrong amount over the phone i was looking at some other persons chart, I'm sorry.. So i was able to pay the dentist.
OK.. i'm an just so amazed at how much God takes care of me. I don't even think i can express how happy am I at the moment..

Sunday, November 19, 2006

I've changed my mind(Sunday Six 11/19/06)

I have changed my mind, I wasn't going to do a sunday six today because my children are in TX with my sister and my parents but, when i read the Sunday six that Kelly had for us this week I just wanted to play with or without my kids. I guess I'll answer the questions and then when my kids call me before they go to bed tonight I'll ask them the questions too. Then just edit my post with there answers. So my sunday six might not be complete until tomorrow morning but Oh well so is life.
Hey Maybe i can see if Little Man will play, LOL you have to understand he doesn't really talk all that much yet, he turned 18 months old back on tuesday.
Here is what Kelly had for us this week

"SUNDAY SIX! Here are your questions for this Sunday, and of course, the theme will be Thanksgiving!
1. Do you like to eat Turkey?
2. Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving?
3. What other foods do you eat at Thanksgiving?
4. Which would you rather be, a pilgrim or an Indian? (why?)
5. Where do you celebrate Thanksgiving?
6. Do you have a special tradition for Thanksgiving, if so, what is it?"

1. Do you like to eat Turkey?
1)Mommy: yes love turkey
Princess: Yes
Mr Man: Yes
Sweet Pea: Hi(in a huffy mad voice)I'm not talking on the phone(and that was the end of my talk tonight with sweet pea the moody child who doesn't like to talk on the phone even when she is home.
Little Man: yessssssss(sounds more like s) though I have never given him turkey.

2. Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving?
2)Mommy: To give thanks for what God has blessed us with
Princess: to celebrate what went on with the Indians and Pilgrams and give thanks and whatever
Mr Man: To celebrate God and think of stuff your thankful for.
Sweet Pea: (could hear her in the back ground talking with my mom saying Me not like phones)
Little Man: No

3. What other foods do you eat at Thanksgiving?
3) Mommy: mash potatos, corn, green beans, sweet potatos, cranberry sauce, dinner rolls, pumkin roll and pumkin pies.
Princess: desserts
Mr Man: bananas B*A*N*A*N*A*S(LOL smart butt sang it like in the song) Potatoes, steak(don't know where he has been where he got steak on thanksgiving)
Sweet Pea:(still hearing her saying NO i'm not talking on the phone, after my mom said to her, but your mommy misses you and just wants to talk for a minute)
Little Man: Book read it (as he throws a book at me)

4. Which would you rather be, a pilgrim or an Indian? (why?)
4) Mommy: I don't know.
Princess: Indian because alot of the pilgrims died.
Mr Man: Indian because they are smarter, they knew how to grow things, and they didn't get bossed around by the king, and I wouldn't want to make that long of a trip on the Mayflower. (This coming from a kid who just drove 24 hours straight though to TX in a mini van)
Sweet pea: (in the background saying I'm going to play now)
Little Man: me book(as he is sitting on the floor turning pages in the book and gibbering a bunch of stuff I don't understand)

5. Where do you celebrate Thanksgiving?
5)Mommy: At my IL's for lunch and then sometime in the evening head over to my grandparents where my parents are for leftovers and desserts(but not this year my parents are in TX with my 3 older kids and my sister and her family)
Princess: where ever the best food is.. LOL don't write that LOL mom ok.
Mr Man: At grandma wait this year it will be aunt P's house.
Sweet pea: (she is gone playing with cousin A)
Little Man: In dear(there) with daddy( as he points to my bedroom where DH is sleeping now) SNORT.. guess we will have thankgiving in bed this year cuz that is what Little man wants.

6. Do you have a special tradition for Thanksgiving, if so, what is it?
6) Mommy: Going to eat with my Il's and then visiting my family afterwards.
Princess: Yes.. don't aske me what it is though
Mr Man: being with lots of family at grandma C's house, But this year I'm eatting in TX then going upstairs to watch movies on the big screen.
Sweet Pea: (I tried to get sweet pea and cousin A to play but that didn't happen)
Little Man: Yeah (he answed me as if he knew what i was saying LOL, so i said you do? so what is it? he points his finger back to my bedroom and says) In dear(LOL LOL.. i couldn't stop lol guess thanksgiving in the bedroom is the way to go)

WEll there you have sunday six answers from mommy(34 now ugh), Princess(10yrs 10 months), Mr man(7yrs 4day), Sweet Pea(4 yrs 10 months) and playing for the 1st time Little Man(18 months 5 days old)
Did you play??? let me know.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

No sunday six for us this week.

yesterday after school my older 3 went with my parents on vacation to visit my sister. They are going to be gone till after Thanksgiving. It's going to be weird and sort of sad not to have my children with me onThanksgiving.. But they all wanted to go with grandma and Grandpa to visit Aunt P, and Cousin A and Cousin EL, so being the wonderful mommy I and I talked daddy into saying yes they could go.
It was one long drive for them 23 1/2 hours but they got there today right before kick off of the OSU game.

What i have done so far while they were gone, was clean my house do laundry, got to take a nice long bath, had my hair cut and colored.. and got to watch the whole football game without having to deal with kids running though and yelling mom. LOL.. I still have little man home with us but he isn't feeling very well(teething) and has been sleeping alot today.

I need to go care for him now..

WAY TO GO BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a Game, Troy was great.. The whole darn team was great.

Way to Go Buckeyes.................

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sunday Six(11/12/06)

To honor our veterans Kelly the mind behind the questions at Sunday six had these questions for us this week.

Playing this week will be my girls, Princess 10yrs 10m old and Sweet Pea 4yrs 10 m old.

1. What is a Veteran?
Sweet Pea: I don't know
Princess: Someone that went and fought in a war.

2. Why do we honor or celebrate Veteran's Day?
Sweet pea: Because we can celebrate
Princess: To honor the people who fought in the war

3. How do we honor or celebrate Veteran's Day?
Sweet Pea: I don't know
Princess: Ummm Hmmmmmm Dont write that, MOMMM don't write that either, MOM come on!!! We get off school

4. Does your town have a parade or ceremony in honor of Veteran's Day?
Sweet Pea: No
Princess: No but i saw one on tv

5. What is sacrifice?How many questions is this?
Sweet Pea: I don't know
Princess: Where somone or somthing dies to honor or respect something or WHATEVE, I don't know

6. Do you know any Veterans? If so, who?
Sweet Pea: UMmmmm No
Princess: Uncle C?!?! I don't know (yes great Uncle C is a veteran)

There ya have it, this weeks Sunday six answered by my girls. Did you play let me know so i can go check it out, don't forget to let Kelly know also.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me!!!!!

34 years ago today I was born.
So Happy Birthday to me LOL.

I have been so busy this week.. really the last few weeks. I don't even know where to start and post about it all.

Today I spent my birthday cleaning the whole house because Mr Man is having his 7th birthday party here tomorrow. It's a sleep over and he invited 15 of his friends(6 and 7 year old boys) 10 of them have RSVPed yes they are coming 2 of those 10 are coming to the party part but will not beable to spend the night. I asked for RSVP's either way coming or not coming but I haven't heard from 5 of the kids yet. So i don't know if i should plan on them to show up or not.

I still have alot that needs done around here so I need to end this now, just didn't want my birthday to go by with out a post LOL.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Student Of The Month.

Mr Man came home last week with the Student of The Month of award for the month of October.
this is the note that came home with him that day

Mr Man always does his best work. He follows directions the first time that they are given, and is respectful to his classmates. Mr Man always brings his homework to school and checks over his work before handing it in. He uses first grade writing and makdes great first grade choices. Great Job Mr Man!

Then this came from his principal in the mail.

To The Parents of Mr Man,
I would like to take this opportunity to personally congratulate both you and your son, Mr Man on his nominatin as Student Of the Month.
Students are selected by their classroom teachers based on leadership abilities, improvement in academic areas, cooperation with staff and students and for their positive attitude. In short, the student chosen serves as a role model for others in the class to admire and emulate.
I thank you for raising such a fine child. As a parents myself, I am well aware that this is no easy task. It is an honor to have your child with us here at (mr man's school name)
Mr Man's picture will be mounted on our "student of the Month" recongition board. He will also be presented with a certificate of Achievement, a kids's meal coupon(for a resturant in our town), a student of the month certificate for a small pizza(from a pizza place in our town), a student of the month pencil, (his school) static sticker, and a bike helmet.
In Closing, thank you again for the obvious love, interest and support that you have shown in raising your child. Your child is very fortunate to have you as a parent.

(his principal name)

Mr Man is very excited to get this honor again, he got it in Sept of his kindergarten year, the only thing he is not happy with is that you can only get it onces a year LOL

Friday, November 03, 2006

"Oh cool"

these are the words out of Princess mouth when her basketball coach called all excited and pumped to let Princess know she made the team.

Princess had try outs for the 5th grade traveling basketball team on Mon & Wed night this week, ONLY she badly sprained her pinkie finger on her right hand on saturday night(thanks to some silly boy being mean and stepping on her hand while at a halloween party of a friends). Princess didn't want to miss out on playing traveling basketball so she tried out monday with a splint on her finger and on by wed the doctor had taken the splint off and buddied splinted it so wed she had a little more better movement in her finger.
Wed night at 8:15pm she got the call saying she made the team, i could hear her coach talking all excited like(Princess was on the phone the coach was just talking loud) telling her she made the team and even though Princess was excited she acted all cool like it was no big deal and said "Oh cool thanks" LOL oh my goodness then she hung up the phone and started jumping up and down all excited.. silly girl.

Now My Princess is playing travel fastpitch softball and travel fastpitch tournament fastpitch softball, travel cheerleading, and travel basketball.
mommy might be getting a little sick of this traveling stuff LOL, but it is all fun and more entertaining then rec league here in town.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Forgotten Blog

Yeap that would be my blog.
Sorry dear blog that I have forgot you this week, but life has been just a little busy. Nothing too major, just the normal sick kids, trips to the ER, trick or treat and party planning for Mr Man's 7th birthday coming up. I will promiss to tell you all about this stuff some day, but right now I don't have time. Please don't think i don't like you anymore, I do i really really do, but sometimes I have to put the family 1st, you understand dontcha? Got to go now, try not to be too sad while i'm away. See ya later