Thursday, November 09, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me!!!!!

34 years ago today I was born.
So Happy Birthday to me LOL.

I have been so busy this week.. really the last few weeks. I don't even know where to start and post about it all.

Today I spent my birthday cleaning the whole house because Mr Man is having his 7th birthday party here tomorrow. It's a sleep over and he invited 15 of his friends(6 and 7 year old boys) 10 of them have RSVPed yes they are coming 2 of those 10 are coming to the party part but will not beable to spend the night. I asked for RSVP's either way coming or not coming but I haven't heard from 5 of the kids yet. So i don't know if i should plan on them to show up or not.

I still have alot that needs done around here so I need to end this now, just didn't want my birthday to go by with out a post LOL.


Mama C said...

I hate RSVP. They never work and we end up stressing about having enough food, party favors, etc.

Good luck with your party and happy birthday.

Kelly said...

Ah, so young!

Happy Be-lated Birthday!

sari said...

Happy Birthday!

Sorry I'm late!! I hope you had a great day.