Wednesday, November 29, 2006


This week for Way Back Wednesday The Kept Women had this for us.
It's just nature...primal if you will. Even the animals do it. NO, not that...the process of beautification. Walk us through your beauty rituals as you primp...shaving? brushing hair? putting on lipstick?

This wasn't extreamly way back.. I knew if i was at my parents house i would have been able to find some good ones with me blow drying my hair or doing make-up but I haven't been there and mom has been busy from just getting home from there trip tha she didn't have time to go though the photo albums for me.. I did have this lovely pic of me getting ready to leave the house, here in my albums. This was 2 or 3 years ago. I'm thinking it was around Feb or March of 2003 but it might have been 2004 i just dont remember.

Let me know if you played so i can go check out your beauty rituals, and don't forget to let The Kept Women know you played also.

Happy Wednesday All


Mainline Mom said...

I love the look of concentration. I know that face well.

The Kept Woman said...

OK. I think I can't like you anymore.

LOOK at that hair!!! You have like the most beautiful thick hair!!!!

Am jealous. Very.