Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Mr Man's 7th Birthday Party

On November 15, 2006 Mr Man turned 7 years old. On November 10th he had his birthday party. He invited every boy in his class plus 3 boys not in his class and it just wasn't an all boy birthday party it was a SLEEP OVER... Everyone told me I was crazy or that i have lost my mind.. But it wasn't to bad, Not too bad at all.

I was worried there for a while, though out the morning and afternoon on the day of the party I got more calls from moms saying there sons were coming to Mr Man's party(one called at 5pm the party was at 6:30pm) So I thought i was going to have 13 boys, then all my friends words of how crazy i was started to sink in and I admit I was a bit fearful of the unknown LOL. Then I really started to freak a bit when at the start of the party 2 boys showed up who didn't RSVP.. Which meant i was going to have 15 out of the 16 boys he invited. ONLY Then 3 of the ones who RSVPed saying yes they will be here didn't show up. So I only had 12 boys and 2 of those went home at 9:30pm so only 10 of them spending the night. That is a good number of boys.. There is no way in the world i could do a party with 25 to 30 boys like Princess did with the girls LOL. The 1st 3 hours of the party i was thinking it was going to be one heck of a long night.. These boys were doing like boys do running, yelling screaming, bouncing off the walls,the only time they were still is if we were doing an organized activities, which during the 1st 3 hours i did have stuff planned. Started the party at 6:30pm by 7pm they were eating pizza, by 7:20pm walking the plank, 7:40 opening gifts by 8pm we were outside doing the pinata, at 8:15pm I figured these boys needed to run and yell so I took them into the side yard and set them free, OH MY POOR NEIGHBORS LOL. AT 8:30pm we were doing cake and Ice cream at 9pm pin the eye patch on the skeleton with the cross bones, and at 9:30pm 2 of the boys went home and 2 of the boys had to take there night time ADHD meds(30 mins after that life was good LOL) At 9:30pm everyone got changed and brushed there teeth and laid there sleeping bags out, at 10pm they were in there sleeping bags and i started the movie and all of them were sound asleep before it ended. The last boy fell asleep at 11:45pm. AT 7:30am i woke them up feed them breakfast, they then got dressed and got there sleeping bags, cloths and pillows together and by 8:30am the party was over. Though two of the boys moms didn't pick them up till 9am and 9:10am(the same two who didn't RSVP) Good Thing was Princess was still sick so wasn't going to her volleyball game which started at 9am or i would have been a bit upset with these moms who didn't pick there kids up, if i would have had to miss Princess volleyball game. Not a one of these boys had ever spent the night any place but at there grandmas and not a one of them had any trouble at all. Over all the Party was good and Mr man had a blast and that is all that matters.

here is the link to all the pictures from that night.

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Mama C said...

You are a brave one. I can barely handle my one boy, much less 10!

Love the pirate theme.