Thursday, November 30, 2006

Mr Man's 7 year check up.

Mr Man's 7 year check up was today. He isn't my little little boy, NOW he is my big big boy LOL
when he was born he was 6 pounds 2 oz and 20 inches long. As he grew he grew really slowly.. staying between the 5% and the 10% until he was 5 years old when he shot up to the 75% for both.. he has stayed in the 75% to the 80% until this year..

Today at his 7 year check up he was 72 pound and 51 1/2 inches tall putting him between the 90% and the 95% for both height and weight..

And to think when he was 4 years old and just a short little thing with a body frame that looked like twigs with skin on them, that he was going to end up with my short height and be a little stick man for his whole life LOL. NOPE now he is build more like a football player.

he is healthy and nothing wrong with him, all his test came out fine, the doctor jokenly said to him(after having him pee in a cup and testing it) "you have perfect pee" OMG did Mr Man ever get a kick out of that and he is going around telling everyone he sees "I have perfect pee" SNORT..

He didn't take to well to the finger poke but he is over it now, just a nice loud scream and a few tears, but he sniffed up his flu vacs like a pro..

Since i had sweet pea with us I went ahead and had her flu shot done(she wasn't too thrilled that she wasn't old enough to just sniff it up her nose). She did well with it though, she knew that her baby brother had his shot on saturday and didn't cry or even make a noise So neither did she.. Later while talking to her i asked did it hurt because both her and Little man didn't cry at all with it. She said "YES!!!! it hurt" I said "but you didn't cry or anything" to which she responed "DUH... if a baby didn't cry for it, i sure wasn't going to, but it hurt alot" LOL.. silly girl.

Now only one left for the flu vac this year is Princess.. would have had it done to day while i was there but she wasn't with us.

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