Saturday, December 02, 2006

So So Sad.

my sister and i have been talking alot over the last few weeks. One of her bestfriends lost there little girl at 31 weeks along. I was going to type out the story to you guys but thought I would just copy and paste part of my sisters and my IM. which explains what happend. Allie is the baby. Nicole is the mom(My sisters friend)

Not only is this poor family having to deal with the lost of there little girl, there insurance just came back and told them none of there medical bills is going to be paid for because His insurance didn't cover PG. They are fighting it because most of the bills they have was due to a medical problem you will read below about, but insurance is saying it was PG, leaving them with over 30 thousand in medical bills. My heart is breaking for this family, dealing with the lose of there little girl and now the medical bills and christmas time..~sigh~
My sister just got there permission to set up a memorial fund for Allie Rose to help them cover the medical cost of this.

The stuff below is my sisters part of our IM the other night.
she was due last week of december. however her bags had been packed since 27 week. we found out end of aug that allies heart rate went up to 200+. medication brought it down and then allie started retaining alot of fluid. ends up the thyroid nicole had radiated a few years ago was still producing antibodies
this passed the plaicenta wall and caused allie to be hypo thyroid while nicole was hyper.
1st case in medical history and it took nearly 2 months of testing to discover the problem.
they finally set the delievery date of nov 8. however at the oct 30th appointment they realized allie had not survived the night. this was a monday and they were 31 wks along. sadly nicole considered going to the er on the 29th sunday b/c she wasn't feeling much movement.
she had 4 different ob's and many other specialist over the corse of trying to figure all of this out.
She is an oncology nurse - works with dying cancer patients. not full time anymore, but lots of training and consulting. They were afraid at first that maybe she had been exposed to something, but this is not the case. He owns his own landscaping business - hence the crapy insurance.

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sari said...

This is sad.

I'm saying a prayer for them.