Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Way Back Wednesday

WOW I almost forgot about WBW today.. bad bad me.. but I spent most of my day trying to christmas shop.. so forgive me will ya? :)?

This week The Kept Women had this assingment for us.
REject Christmas Card Attempts- My dad felt the need to keep the 28 photos it took to get The One that we would use...let's see all those less than desireable family shots.
Once again i didn't get into my moms photo albums so my WBW are coming from my old albums.
This 1st one was Christmas of 2002, it was Sweet Pea's 1st christmas.. I thought how cool would it be to do the kids with santa as the christmas card pic.. ONLY Sweet Pea wasn't too found of Santa.
In this shot Shot Princess was a month away from turning 7 years old, she was a 1st grader(pretty much the same age Mr man is now) Mr Man had just turned 3 years old a few weeks befor the trip to see Santa, and Sweet Pea was 10 1/2 months old.
jump forward one year.. and as you can tell not a one of them were too thrilled.. It was at this point I stopped trying for the christmas card shot with santa LOL.. I still take them and i still get pics with santa but I gave up getting them dressed up and trying for the perfect shot.
Dec 2003, Princess was a month away from turning 8 years old.. LOOK at her eyes.. this was the year she learned the truth about santa, but mommy made her get the pic anyways, you know trying to get the perfect card photo. Mr Man had just turned 4 years old and Sweet Pea was 22 1/2 months old.
BTW.. I have never got a pic with santa yet that Sweet Pea isn't crying in.. Shoot last year she started crying while standing in line waiting, so she wasn't even in the photo.
We haven't seen santa yet this year. BUT she told me she would go and get a picture with him, IF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Princess did too. LOL.. Thankfully Princess is willing to play along and said she would, So i might get a group shot of the 4 of them with santa this year..
BUT it's not my card shot... Starting in 2003, I started doing my card shot infront of our fireplace :)


The Kept Woman said...

At least you got Sweet Pea in his lap! The Duckling stayed a safe distance away tucked up in her daddy's arms...

Tutu said...

What kid doesn't cry seeing Santa? Cute though and when they grow up they wall want to know why you put them through the torture. I played too but it isn't way back.

Heather said...

We haven't attempted Santa with Natalie yet, curious to see her reaction, I am sure it will be similar. My kids are easily influenced by the fact that he will bring them gifts, they'll snuggle up and smile with anyone who gives them gifts;)