Thursday, December 21, 2006

Trip to See Santa 2006

Last Saturday night was our yearly trip to a near by town to see Santa and all the fun lights and stuff they have set up down town.
With the lighting being poor and my camera that hasn't been working worth a darn these have to be the worst pictures i have ever seen, but they are what i have for this year, so I'm going to blog with them anyways.

this was an interesting trip with Santa.. All i wanted was a photo of all 4 of my kids with Santa.. (Well I got it but like i said before it is awful.)
Princess hasn't done the Santa thing in a long time now she learned the truth back around the time of Christmas 2003. So I had to talk her into going to see Santa and standing next to him so I could get my pic. She was will to do this for me last year too(when i was trying to get the same thing i wanted this year a shot of all 4 of them) ONLY Sweet Pea is a moody child, you never know what sort of mood you might find her in. If she is happy she is the easiest child but if she is in her mood you aren't going to get her to do anything. Last Year we went shopping for hours before heading over to see Santa and she had fallen asleep on the way there, so there was no getting a pic with her in it, i couldn't even get her to let go of my neck when i tried to just stand her in front of Santa and it wasn't pretty screaming and crying and big old tears.. so we didn't bother, we got Mr Man with Santa and then put Little man in Santa's arms and got his 1st pic with Santa.
Well This year Sweet Pea was more then happy to get her pic taken with the jolly old elf, if she didn't have to talk to him LOL and if Princess would do it too.
My one who took his turn at crying was Little Man he was afraid of Santa and when we walked up into the little house he started trying to climb out of my arms the whole time yelling in fear "Santa clause, Santa clause" put me in shock, i had thought i heard him say that once before, but this time he was repeating it over and over and was clear as could be, and here i thought he couldn't talk much LOL.

He stopped freaking out when he saw his big brother climb up into Santa's lap and tell Santa how he wanted a Razor motor bike, and the hot wheel criss cross crash track, and a roboraptor (what he wanted to ask Santa for was a hamster but i had the little Santa doesn't bring live animals he only bring toys talk LOL)

After Mr Man was done with his what do you want for Christmas the girls stepped in for a photo and i placed Little man in his arms and he didn't cry he just looked a little worried. (not that you can see his face in my photo, ~sigh~ i am going to have to get a new camera soon)
Anyways here are a few (bad)shots from that night.

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