Wednesday, December 20, 2006

WBW(sleeping shots)

Here is what TKW had for us this week
Sleeping: the holidays bring out the urge to strangle stupid people and take a nap in me (Fa la la la la)...the first theme might incriminate some of you so let us sleep...calling all pictures of sleeping beauties...

This top photo is of me and my dad and my teddy bear, i guess i wouldn't sleep without the bear for the 1st two years of my life. from the looks of me I wouldn't say i was any older then 6 months old so I'm guessing this was in early 1973(i was born 11/9/1972)

This last one is of me and my grandma(my dad's mom) Christmas 1975 I was 3 years old. You can't make it out very well but that is holly hobby on my nightgown.

Did you play, let me know so i can go check your sleeping pics out. don't forget to stop by and let TKW know you played also.

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The Kept Woman said...

I love the shot of you and your dad. That is darling!