Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas Past #2

Part two of Christmas past, Christmas 1997
It was our 4 Christmas as a married couple and our 2nd Christmas as parents.
Princess was 23 months that Christmas and just as cute as a button, she could talk and carry on full conversation(she was an early talker) she was just so darn smart and didn't seem anything like what I would have though a almost two year old would be like.

This is her Christmas pic from that year she was 22 months in this.
I'm trying to think what she got for Christmas that year but i don't remember, I know i could go dig out the photo album from that year and tell ya, but I don't have timeLOL
I many not remember what she got for Christmas that year but I do remember She had 2 Christmas dresses that year because mommy couldn't make up her mind, One was the green velvet one you saw in the picture of her and the other I have a pic of that one also but I don't know where it is off hand to scan it, but it was a Burgundy velvet top with a cream lace bottom, it was my favorite of the two..
This was the very 1st year that Princess was in the Church Christmas program. She was in the 2 year old Sunday school class even though she wasn't two, i was the asst. teacher so I brought her up in there when she turned 18 months and she paid better attention then most of the 2 and 3 years old, Man if i could get Little Man to sit still like that LOL) the Christmas program was Sunday night Dec 21 1997. Oh and she wore the Burgundy and cream dress to that,
On Dec 23rd We took Princess over to my Grandma and grandpa house(my mom's parents) and we had a little dinner and opening of gifts with them at that time. Mom's side of the family was all getting together for the big holiday thing on Christmas eve but DH and I were going to be with DH's family on Christmas eve so we went to see grandma and grandpa the 23rd. both of those grandparents are gone now and i miss them so much.
On Christmas eve 1997 we had our traditional Christmas eve with my in laws. in 1997 the people at the Christmas eve party was my mother in law, father in law, DH older brother and his wife B, and there 4 children(C had just turned 10, J1 was about to be 8, E1 was 18 months old and J2 was 2 months old) then there was also DH younger brother who was a senior in high school at the time. BTW she wore the green dress to this party

One of my favorite Christmas memories as a mommy happened on Christmas morning. This was the 1st year Princess was old enough to sort of understand the whole Santa thing. That morning she woke up saw all the gifts under the tree, her face lite up, BUT she didn't run to the gifts, she ran over to the fire place, bent over and stuck her head inside the fireplace to look up the chimney. It was the cutest thing ever and we caught it all on tape. She looked up and then looked at the tree, then looked back up the chimney.. After all the excitement at home that morning, we got all dressed and went to my other grandparents house for my dad's side Christmas party. That year at the party, was my Grandma, my grandpa, my mom, my dad, my dad's brother, My sister and her soon to be hubby, my brother, DH, Princess and Myself. (Princess wore the Burgundy dress for that)

Besides all the craziness of Christmas, this was the Year my sister got married. My sister lived in TX and meet her hubby there, but they were getting married in our home town, so the whole wedding was planned over the phone with my mom and I doing alot of the leg work. My sister flew home on the Dec 21 and her soon to be hubby on the 24 and there wedding was December 27,1997.
Both Princess and I were in the Wedding. I was the maitronofhonor and Princess was the flower girl she wasn't even two yet and she did a wonderful job.

The 26 was the rehearsal and dinner
the 27 the wedding and reception at a hotel so we got a room that night and before bed we took Princess swimming and in the morning she was in the pool again she loved the water
on the 28 the whole wedding party and family went out to breakfast(even though the newlyweds were on there honeymoon)
the 29 was my dads birthday party
The 31st new years eve and we took Princess out to eat and to her 1st movie theater to see The Little Mermaid

Then on Jan 1, 1998 Princess and I had our picture taken for daddy and here is one of the poses from that

there you have my busy Christmas 1997

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