Tuesday, December 12, 2006

My husbands work of art.

Every year I do the decorating of the inside and DH does the outside. We have gone colored lights(which i was not a fan of) we have done all white, which at the time i loved, another few years we did all blue light which all the old ladies in the area kept commenting that they just adored it but i was not a fan, Last year he did the outlining of the house, garage and fences all in red. Then did all the trees and bushes in the yard(front,sides and back) in red and white..
This year he changed it up again, but since the green and red lights were new from last year he kept the red, white and green theme going.

My camera sucks so i can't take pics of Christmas lights they just don't turn out at all, they are blurry and all the colors look white. BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my mother was here with her new digital camera on Sunday and she took a few shots of the yard for me. None of these does the place like it looks with a human eye.. but you will get an idea.. She only took pics of the front yard house and bushes, she didn't get the pitches of our 3 big trees in the front yard one of the trees are done in white, one in red and one in green. She also didn't get the fences that runs around our yard, or our garage(which are all done in white lights) Mom also got pics of our one side of the house, but not the other and she got some shots of the back of the house but not one that shows the whole back yard.. but I'm happy i have any shots of it at all.. Now for your viewing pleasure.. My outside Christmas lights 2006

The Front of my house

Looking at the front of my house on the left side
That white line of lights you see running though the red isn't really on the red it is my side yard fences lights.
Looking at the front of the house to the right.
another shot of that before turning the corner onto the side of the house.
Standing in the back looking up towards the front at the side of the house(we live on a coner this is the little side road side of the house) and these are also my rose bushes all decked out for Christmas LOL
coming around the corner into the back of the house ok looking at the back of the house this would be the left side

back of the house right side

another shot of the right side.
and those are the photos my mom took Sunday night for me..
I love the yard all lite up..
Thanks Hubby for working so hard to get them all up :)