Wednesday, December 13, 2006

christmas past #1

The 1st year I got to play Santa was Christmas 1996. Princess had made DH and I 1st time parents on January 18, 1996.. So come Dec 1996 Santa was coming to town.

Things i remember from this Christmas about Princess.

She loved to touch the bulbs on the Christmas tree but just with one finger she never took anything off the tree. She loved to open up and look at the Christmas cards, She was not afraid of Santa at all and sat on his lap with no crying she just turned towards him and was studying him. She was talking a bit but couldn't say Santa, So she called him TA.

Here is the Picture that went out in our Christmas cards that year.

This was the 1st go round with the whole tickle me Elmo doll, and we had bought her one early in Oct to give to her at Christmas. In Dec when we saw there were people paying over $100 for the silly doll DH put an add in the paper that we had one for sale.. A week before Christmas we got a phone call from a man wanting to buy the Tickle Me Elmo doll from us for $150 @@ DH was ready to sell it too him.. but me being an emotional crazy 1st time mom told the man we changed our minds and was going to give it to our little girl for Christmas.

I think she played with it for about two days and then never saw play time again LOL...

Now 10 years I'm shaking my head wondering what came over me, why didn't i take that $150 and went and got my sweet little girl a baby doll or something and pocket the extra LOL.. I mean she was 11 months old and didn't have a clue what Tickle Me Elmo was anyways.. OH well live and learn i guess..


Fantastagirl said...

Your lights outside are awesome!
What a cute pictures - your kids are so adorable...very beautiful.

What where you thinking? You should have sold it! Just kidding. I would have kept it as well.

KC said...

awwwwwwwww Thank you. I think all keep all 4 of them ;) LOL

oh that silly elmo.. about 2 weeks after christmas i was kicking myself.. Really I could have had $150 for the silly thing.. but no it was Princess 1st christmas and she was going to get the hottest selling toy of that year. I tried for weeks to get her to take to playing with that Elmo and she just tossed it to the side and played with her bathtub noahs arc thing we got her and a babydoll and didn't give a 2nd thought to poor Tickle me Elmo