Saturday, December 16, 2006

A few funnies

A few things worth mentioning from yesterdays shopping trip.

Little man and Sweet Pea got to talk to Santa, not on his lap or anything planned but Santa was walking thought the Mall to go start his shift and he passed us and Sweet Pea wanted to say hi, so we walked over to him and he said hello to the kids, Sweet pea said hi. Then Santa bent down to say hello to Little Man who was in the stroller. OH MY Goodness Little Man went bonkers he was trying his hardest to get out of that stroller so he could get away from that freak in red. Then as I was pushing him away from Santa he kept looking back over the back of the stroller to make sure that man wasn't following us. Tonight when we take the kids to really see Santa and get a picture it should be really interesting. :)

On the topic of seeing Santa, we always take the kids to this nice light display downtown in a town near ours. There they have this gingerbread house like thing that is Santa's house. So I told Sweet pea we will be seeing Santa tomorrow at his house. She said, "OHHHHHHH I know which place, Wow mom it's so funny Santa's house is soooooooooo little and he doesn't even have a bed" LOL LOL..

Then as we were driving home we were talking about her Christmas list in which she put she wanted a 2 pieces bathing suit with the little mermaid on it, and I told her, that Santa doesn't make bathing suits he makes toys.. To which she said, "well he can just buy one" I said He lives in the North Pole, they don't need bathing suits there it is too cold" she said "well then he can just buy it at the mall, he is there today anyways" SNORT.... That conversation ended and things were quite in the van for about 10 minuts then she said " wouldn't it just be easier for Santa to shop at toys r us then to have to make all the toys" LOL LOL

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