Saturday, December 16, 2006

Christmas Past #3

Christmas 1998. This Christmas Princess was 2 years 11 months old. It was also the year that DH was working 2 jobs and I myself was working 2 jobs. One of my jobs was at sears taking pictures. I think Princess had 12 different Christmas shots of herself that year in different dresses and with her hair done differently.. I really did enjoy the days of working at Sears I had the kids in there getting doing there pics like once a month.. I stopped working when Sweet Pea was born and had to start paying to have the kids pics done again.

Christmas pic #1 This was my favorite of Princess that year we had curled her hair and pulled her bangs back

# 2 same dress still with bangs back but hair not curled

And then #3 this was my mother in laws favorite because she said it looked more like Princess because of her hair being the way she would wear it on most days.. but #1 was still my favorite and i think it was after getting that pic that I started curling her hair and pulling her bangs back alot more.

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