Saturday, December 30, 2006

Sunday Six(12/31/06)

I'm doing my Sunday six a day early tomorrow we have church and a cookout at my grandparents and then a new years party of sorts to go to so this might be my only chance to get this posted. here is what Kelly had for us this week.
Sunday, December 31 - "New Year"
1. Why do we start the new year on January 1?
2. What is a New Year's Resolution?
3. What do you do to celebrate the New Year?
4. Do you think you can stay up all night to greet the New Year at Midnight?
5. What will you miss most from the old year?
6. What do you want to do this year?
(and bonus - tell us your wish for Jack on his 6th Birthday - he is a New Year's Baby!)

Mr Man (age 7 years 1 month old)
1)because they wanted too
2) something your trying to do that year
3)go to the rec center
5) the earth will get older and the days go shorter which means we won't get to have fun anymore
6)go to the rec center
bonus) who is Jack, I don't know what would he like, how about a real pet monkey.

Sweet Pea (age 4 years 11 months old)
1)cuz it's Christmas
2)opening presents
(think she is still stuck in christmas)
3)go to the rec center
5) Christmas
6)get more presents
bonus) i wish he gets to watch fireworks

Princess(age 10 years 11 months old)
1)I don't know, because
2)do something different to help improve you or something like that.
3)have friends over, go out and do something, i don't know watch the ball drop
4)duh, YEAH!!!!!!!
6)have fun
bonus) I don't know have a good birthday whatever.
Little man(age 19 months)
1) Car(holding up a hot wheel car to me)
2) No (shaking his head no)
3)screams at me and runs away.
4)Yes(sounds more like S and then he throws the hot wheel car at me)
5)Throws himself down on the floor with his face laying in the carpet and starts to cry
6)Looks up at me screams again and then places his face back into the carpet to cry some more, (guess it must be nap time for him. )
Happy New Year and don't forget to let Kelly(Sunday six) and I know if you played.


Bluepaintred said...

what? no bonus crying for little man? i have oodles of sunday six answers typed that same crying way LOL

we played...(finally LOL)

Brooklyn Frank said...

muchos kudos

Mama C said...

I love how he won't have any more fun this year and how she will miss Pluto. What does that mean?

Very cute,

KC said...

Mama C. I have no clue why he won't have anymore fun this year maybe cuz the year is over I dont know.. but She was just being a smart butt about Pluto not being a planet anymore. :)